Subject: Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament Report
Barrel Dragon Beatdown
William L.
Prarie Dog Comics

Players: 20
Prize: depends on how many people are there

My deck: 44 cards


3x: Barrel Dragon
2x: Summoned Skull
2x: La Jinn
3x: 7 Colored Fish
2x: Witch of the Black Forest
2x: Wall of Illusion
1x: Cyber Jar
1x: Trap Master
3x: Man-Eater Bug
3x: Magician of Faith


1x: Pot of Greed
1x: Raigeki
1x: Change of Heart
1x: Monster Reborn
1x: Dark Hole
2x: Swords of Revealing Light
2x: Heavy Storm
2x: Card Destruction
2x: Fissure
1x: tribute to the Doomed
1x: Axe of Despair


1x: Mirror Force
1x: Magic Jammer
3x: Trap Hole
1x: Waboku
1x: Reinforcements

To tell you the truth this tourney was a little easy.

Round 1:
me vs. toon deck
Match 1: I wasn't sure how this would turn out but i tried. First turn, he played toon world and summoned Toon Mermaid. I played heavy storm and attacked with 7 Colored Fish. He put a Man-Eater Bug down. I played Change of Heart and tribute for Summoned Skull. I started destroying his life points. I won

Match 2: Same has the other round. I won

Round 2:
me vs. kid with 100+ card deck
Match 1: I was pretty sure he was gonna lose, so I went easy on him. He played a Ground Attacker Bugroth in attack mode first turn. I don't want to get into the details but I won.

Match 2: Same has before.

Round 3:
me vs. kid with similar deck
Match 1: This was a good duel. We exchanged blows over and over. Attack after attack. He however didn't have a tribute to the doomed, so I used heavy storm. Then tribute to the doomed. i gave up my Barrel Dragon. Then monster reborned it. played a la jinn and attacked and won.

Match 2: For some reason his good monsters and magics were at the bottom. So he fold.

Final Round:
me vs. other undefeated kid
Match 1: I don't know why he was undefeated. He was challenging, but not that challenging. I won because he had no monsters out.

Match2: I did an awesome combo in this match. I used cyber jar. he summoned a 7 colored fish with a magician of faith. I played change of heart on his magician of faith and then flip it. Got change of heart and used it on his 7 colored fish and attacked. I won.

In the end, I was undefeated, never lost a round. I won $40. I bought 5 Magic Ruler and have couple bucks left over. I got stupid rares in the packs, except for spellbinding circle.

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