What Are The Chances? Deck


                     Hayfield Secondary School Board and Trading Card Game Club

                                                    Alexandria, Virginia

                                                      October 30, 2002

                                                       16 Participants    





This is my 4th tournament report. This one took place in my school at an after-school club. Anyway, here it is:


Monsters: (22)
1x Dark Elf (Kills Wall of Illusion)
3x La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp (Beatdown Mon)
1x 7 Colored Fish (Beatdown Mon #2)
2x Witch of the Black Forest (Search for Mons)
3x Wall of Illusion (Protection)
2x White Magical Hat (opponents loses cards from their hand)
3x Masked Sorcerer (Draw cards = good)
1x Cyber Jar (destroys all monsters on the field)
3x Man-Eater Bug (destroys one of their monsters)
3x Magician of Faith (Bring back magics)
Magics: (16)
1x Raigeki (ownage)
1x Dark Hole (destroys all mons on the field)
1x Change of Heart (ownage)
1x Monster Reborn (bring back big monsters)
1x Snatch Steal (take one of their monsters)
1x Confiscation (opponent loses cards from their hand)
1x Delinquent Duo (opponent loses cards from their hand)
1x The Forceful Sentry (opponent shuffles back a card and no LP cost) 
1x Pot of Greed (draw cards = good) 
2x Heavy Storm (ownage) 
2x Swords of Revealing Light (protection) 
2x Fissure (destroys small mons) 
1x Premature Burial (Pay 800 Life Points. Select 1 Monster Card from your 
Graveyard, Special Summon it on the field in face-up Attack Position, and 
equip it with this card. When this card is destroyed, the monster is also 
1x Prohibition (When you play this card, declare the name of 1 card. As long 
as this card remains on the field, the declared card cannot be played. The cards which are already on the field before this card's activation are Excluded.)
Traps: (6)
1x Mirror Force (ownage)
2x Waboku (protection)
3x Trap Hole (this card belongs in all decks)
1x Shadow of Eyes
Total: 43
Side Deck: (15)
1x Sangan
2x Morphing Jar #2
1x Hiro's Shadow Scout
1x Spear Cretin
1x Card Destruction
2x Tremendous Fire
1x Rush Recklessly
1x Soul Release
1x Monster Recovery
1x Solemn Wishes
1x Appropriate
1x Minor Goblin Official
1x Enchanted Javelin
My strategy is to clear their field and use my beat-down monsters to 
Wipe out their life-points quickly and/or use my graveyard revival 
Cards (Monster Reborn, Premature Burial, Magician of Faith, etc) to bring back monsters and magics .Anyway, the tournament was 
Single - elimination. Winner got 1 pack of Pharaoh’s Servant, Second place got 1 Metal Raiders. Entry fee was $0 (yes, free). Anyway here’s how it went down.
1st Round – Number of people left in tournament: 16
Goat vs. Some Kid (semi-beatdown)
Duel 1: I just kept taking out his monsters (fissure, Raigeki, etc.).
It was over pretty fast.
Duel 2: Again I kept destroying his monsters and I beat him with 7 colored fish.
Overall: this kid was ok, but he didn’t have enough of the staple cards like Raigeki and Mirror Force.
2nd Round – Number of people left in tournament: 8
Goat vs. Alex (Blue-Eyes deck)
Duel 1: I got out white magical hat and attacked, killing his Blue-Eyes. Next turn he Monster Reborned it, and pummeled my White magical hat. Then I fissured it and ended up winning.
Duel 2: This one was pretty fast. I got out my Swords of Revealing Light to stall and wait for my beatdown monsters. Anyway, I got him down to 300, then I said “go.” Right after I said that, I activated Minor Goblin Official, doing 500 damage to his Life Points, and winning me the game.
Overall: This kid was good, but he had too many cards in his deck (something like 80 or so).I won fairly quick.
3rd Round – Number of people left in tournament: 4
Goat vs. A.C. (stall deck)
Duel 1: This round was pretty easy. I just kept bringing out my Lajinn and such, and I won.
Duel 2: I again got out my big monsters, as well as White Magical Hat, and again I won.
Overall: this kid was good but not that good. I won pretty quickly and pretty easily.6-0
4th Round – Number of people left in tournament: 2 (Finals)
Goat vs. Brandon C. (Megamorph Beatdown)
Duel 1:I had everything running this game. I brought out a lot of man-eater bugs and walls of Illusion, and that wiped out his beatdown monsters, winning me the game.
Duel 2: This was like a great duel for me.I got to Raigeki him 3 times because of Magician of Faith.I beat him down with my weaker monsters (White Magical Hat, Wall of Illusion, Masked Sorcerer).I ended up winning once again.
Overall: This kid is actually very good. Two days before, we were playing for fun, and he wiped the floor with me. This time though, I was determined to beat him, and I did.
Tournament Overall: My first time getting first!I felt so good.In the pack of Pharaoh’s Servant I won, I got Prohibition. I traded the Prohibition for another pack and got Backup Soldier! I felt so good for doing so good. Anyway, Props & Slops time:
-to Brandon for being my only competition
-Mr.Reynolds for holding the tournament
-to me for getting a Backup Soldier for my Exodia Deck
-Me for later that day getting a Graverobber in a pack.
-To Aj for coming to the club
-to Brandon for losing to me
-to the people there that tried to cheat and didn’t know the rules
-to the person who had stolen my other Mirror Force
-to me for not getting any Ultra Rares
-to Aj for not entering the tourney or the one after it
Thanks again for reading my tourney report.If you have any Questions, 
Comments, Compliments, Complaints, or whatever, feel free to E-mail me at 
Paranova303@hotmail.com or IM me at Loserkids303.
This is Goat saying stay in school and eat your spinach!
Where my East Coast Duela’s at ?!