My deck: "ultimate dragons. My name: Vincent Lin. The store: Elizabeth center #2. the state: NY date: OCtober 31, halloween special

Monsters(21 cards)
2x lord of D.
2x Blue Eyes white dragon
1x tri-horned dragon
1x red eyes b. dragon
1x Man-Eater
1x Hane-Hane
1x witch of the black forest
2x 7 colored fish
2x Harpie's brother(1800 atk, level 4)
1x Mystical Elf
1x Wall of Illusion
1x 4-starred ladybug of doom(flip. destroys all of your opponent's level 4 mons on the field)
1x Magician of Faith
1x goblin's atk force(level 4, 2300 atk, ur, turns to defense at end of your turn)
2x summoned skull
1x princess of tsurgi
Magic(21 cards)
1x pot of greed
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Raigeki
1x Swords of revealing light
2x fissure
2x flute of summoning d.
1x horn of the unicorn
1x Monster Reborn
1x dian keto the cure master
1x Ookazi
1x rush recklessly
1x reliable guardian
1x gravekeeper's servant
1x Heavy storm
1x Remove trap
1x card destruction
1x soul exchange
1x polymerisation
Trap cards(6 cards)
2x trap hole
1x mirror force
1xlight of intervation(your opponent cannot put mons in defense, sort of like continuous stop defense)
1x call of the haunted(i'm sure you know of it)
1x driving snow(destroys any magic/trap card)
Fusion cards(1 card)
1x b. skull dragon
Totall: 48 cards

       My strategy is to get my dragon combo out, any would do but my favorite dragon is b. skull dragon. this is what i normally do. lord of d, flute, bring out red eyes b. dragon, one of my other dragons. soul excahnge opponents monster for summoned skull polymerisize for b. kull dragon.

       big tournament. 16 participating. 1st place-1 of those tins that cost $20.00 and $10.00 in real money. 2nd place- one of those tins. 3rd place- $5.00. entry fee: $2.00
plus, my tournament place said one duel per round.

1st round(qualifing round): me(vincent) vs. my rival(tyler)
tyler is a tough dick, he bought like i think, every single kind of booster box for every single american yugioh version, his whole family's into yugioh. He has a gg(gate guardian deck) deck. at the begginning, he said he'd beat me with gg, i said hell no so the duel started.
duel one:
i went first. i drew a good hand: lord of d. light of intervation, b.eye, b. eye, flute, i cheated. I played my combo and light face-down, he then surpirsed me with his 3 ultimate offering! he brought out all 3 pieces of gg and summoned gg! he killed my b.eyes and yelled ha ha ha. everyone was looking now, no one had ever summoned gg. I was not at 7250 but i wasn't down. I kept my mons in atk and drew a megamorph, powered up blue eyes, killed gg, reborned gg, call of the haunted-blue eys and atk with all along with an ookazi and rush recklesslly for the game. though, i was quite surprised at his strategy!
2nd round(quarter finals) me vs. my cousin(stanfield)
he had a stupid deck, which consisted of all the cards in the started decks, but he almost killed me. heres the story. he went first, he played lord of d. flute and 2 b. eyes in one turn.(i figured he cheated cause he didn't let me cut his deckk but oh well.i cheated too) I countered, with fissure, and raigeki. i put down 2 trap hole set and call of the haunted. i then put down fish and atked him, he used trap hole. he used card destruction, i lost my 2 summoned skull plus red eyes and lord of d., he used another card destruction and i lost my blue eys and tri-horned, plus 2 harpie's brother. i just simply drew lord of d. polymersation, another fish, fissure. I was in a rage. he put down neo but i use trap hole. next turn, i said thanks and used call of the haunted, revived red eyes , put down lord of d, and boom direct him 3200, he was down to 4800, next turn, he put down a card in defense, i figured it was a man-eater cause he showed me. i drew and drew raigeki next turn. I revived summoned skull with call and used polymersation, and put atk him and he had 400 left, next turn i kill him.
duel 3(semifinals): me vs. kevin(cousin's friend who vowed to get revenge)
this kid died fast, he sent out his strongest card on his first turn: skull knight, using ancient brain, ultimate offering to get tainted wisdom from hand and polymersation. I revealed my own fusion monster: i played down call of the haunted down and mirror force, monster reborn  and polymersation. I played cd and drew mirror force which i played facedown. he laughted when at me and then revealed messenger of peace, it wasn't even his turn but who cares, i couldn'tl atk so i skipped my turn. he atked me with the knight plus a hitosu-me giant. i was 4150. next, i drew mystical space typhhon and killed his stupid card. i used call and reborn to get red eyes, my skull, and then polymersation. I atked his skull but he use waboku. next turn, he surprised me by sacrificing his hitosu-me giant to bring out relinquished! he used 3 sods to power up his knight but i revealed mr. lucky bastard, he put relinquished in defense. he had a monster face-down and i was afraid of it. I drew a card: heavy storm. i used it and killed his reinquished. he had no monsters next turn and in 2 turns, i had summoned skull and 7 colored fish out and i killed him.
round 4(finals) me vs. Melvin
Melvin is tough. i went first, i played 2 mystical typhhonns down plus waboku and played ookazi, dian keto, and neo. he used fissure and atked me with his dark elf.. I drew mirror force and played it face down.. next, he used 2ultimate offering, took out b. eyes, and a la jinn, atked me bringing me at 1200. he used his 2 ultimate offering agagain and brought his other 2 blue eyes out. he atked but i waboku. he was at 3200  life just when  i noticed. he atked . next, i used pot of greed, drew monster reborn and call of the haunted. also, i played   i played call face down and reborned my kurbioh in atk mode? he expected me to take blue eyes but i had a plan, mirror force. He atked and i used mirror force and atked with kuriboh, it was a risk but he was now at 2900, i was so sure he was depending on his ultimate offerings to bring out monsters so he used his ultimate offerings bringing his life at 1900, ookazi me bring me at 400 and i revealed my 2 mystical typhoons, making him sacrifice 1000 life for nothing. next, i drew trap hole and played it and i was pretty spooked because i couldnl't use call of the haunted with no mons in my grave and the only monster i drew for the whole game was my kuriboh. i atked him bringing him at 1600, next turn, he used time wizard and instead of atkking me, used it's effect, that fool! he called the wrong flip and lost 500 life, he has 1100, next turn, I drew megamorph adn played it increasing kuriboh's atk to 600 but he used magic jammer discarding the only card in his hand- shadow ghoul, fool! i atked him anyway bringing him at 800. next turn he played la jinn and thought he had me but i used trap hole. I prayed to the heart of the cards for a strong monster but i never drew one, instead i drew gravekeeper's servant which i played and i put kuriboh in defense, i was scared now, he atked with his 2nd la jinn. kuriboh and bam! his top card- which could have killed me, hintomama was discarded! i had to trust the heart of the cards now. I drew and bam! drew a gobin's atk force! i played call to get back kuriboh, used goblin's atk force atked bringing him at 300 and then, with kuriboh kicked his butt!

we shoke hands and i received $10.00, i chose the D. M. Yugi tin, i didnd't want the b. eyes cause i ahd the lob blue eys. melvin chose the red eyes. Inside i had good luck, out of my boosters, i got a time wizard, holo gaia, toon world, harpie lady sisters, and b. eyes toon! i sold all those booster cards for a total of $80.00, i kept the b. eyes toon because now i hav ethe three 000's out of the 4 american yugioh boosters. i want to collect all the 000's and i now have blue eyes toon, gg, and tri-horned, all this was for 2 bucks, now all i need is jinzo(pharoah's servant, also 000)
this was fun, got questions, email me at: or: