Subject: Tournament Beatdown Deck, St. Louis, MO
It's me again, Mr. Inpenetrable.  I'm here with a beatdown deck this time.  My neighborhood has a tournament every 5 days because this guy that lives near me works for a place that has Tournaments every 5 days.  He gets us in for free!
Note: Plrases in brackets [] are pure sarcasm.

Now for my deck:

Monsters (18):

3x Lajinn
2x Harpie's Brother
2x Seven Colored Fish
3x Summoned Skull
2x Red Eyes Black Dragon
2x Man Eater Bug
2x Magician of Faith
2x Witch of the Black Forest

Magic Cards (11):

1x Raigeki
1x Reborn the Monster
2x Megamorph
1x Dark Hole
1x Change of Heart
1x Card Destruction
1x Pot of Greed
2x Swords of Revealing Light
1x Heavy Storm

Trap Cards (14):

1x Mirror Force
1x Mirror Wall
3x Waboku
3x Seven Tools of the Bandit
3x Magic Jammer
3x Shadow of Eyes (A must for any beatdown deck)
2x Solomon's Lawbook

Next, the tournament.

Round 1: VS My 8 year old sister A.K.A. Leslie (Yugi Starter deck with a Barrel Dragon I gave her)
All I had to do was pull out REBD, Megamorph, and Shadow of Eyes after letting her Dark Magician attack my life points.  I activated my Shadow of Eyes when she played her Magician of Faith, so I attacked it, doing 4,500 damage.  Since then I had higher life points, so I played Mirror Wall to decrease my lp's by 2000.  I played Raigeki and blew her away. 

Quarterfinals:  VS Michae (Machine deck)
I got my rematch with her.  She wanted it after I beat her 5 days ago.  I pulled Summoned Skull and Shadow of Eyes early, but she played 7 completed on Barrel Dragon and attacked.  She then played Change of Heart on my Lajinn and used Barrel Dragon's effect to destroy my other Lajinn and attack my life points directly.  I then pulled Reborn the Monster.  I Ko'd her monsters with Raigeki, Reborned her Berrel Dragon, attached a Megamorph, played Mirror Wall, and blasted her to smitherines with her own monster turned against her. 

Semifinals:  VS Lizzie (Female Monsters + Relinquished)
Lizzie got her rematch too.  She pulled Relinquished on turn one and absorbed my Lajinn.  Jeez!  I played Card Destruction with Red Eyes in my hand, then Reborned it.  She never got the chance to attack with Relinquished after she absorbed Red Eyes after I destroyed Lajinn because I played Mirror Force on her attack.  I played all my Magicians of Faith and Reborned both her Relinquished and my Red Eyes with the Monster Reborn my Magicians had retrieved twice.  Then, after a lucky Raigeki and an absorbed Red Archery Girl for my Relinquished, I beat her.

Finals:  VS Katrina (Toon deck)
This girl was 7 years old, younger than my sister, but she was a master.  Her deck was inspired by her love of Bugs Bunny.  ([Who would've guessed!?])  She pulled 3 Blue Eyes Toon Dragons.  She could spare the lp's because her 3 Nimble Momongas and 2 Dian Ketos.  She played Magic Jammer on my Heavy Storm, and 7 Tools of the Bandit on my Mirror Force.  I played Waboku to save my butt temporarily.  I flipped my Magician of Faith, bring back Heavy Storm, destroying Toon World and all her Dragons.  I attacked with Summoned Skull and won the tournament.

Props and Slops:


To Katrina, for putting up a darned good fight.
To Michae and Lizzie, for giving me a rematch.
To my sister, for losing.

No slops today, folks.

Thanks, Pojo.