Subject: Surprise Swords Deck, DuelingZombie, Books-a-Million, Beaumont, TX
Boy was this fun! Aside from my friend Gary, NO ONE was any match what so ever! They didn't even know about Tributes and Spell Speeds! Ha! Well, down to the report!
Prize-1st gets 3 Magic Ruler packs
        2nd gets 2 Magic Ruler packs
        3rd gets 1 Magic Ruler pack
        Everybody gets 1 Metal Raiders pack
Well, this was pretty easy. All opponents except for Gary were incredibly easy. This was a 1 Duel Tournament. There weren't Matches here. Oh yeah! My deck fix! Well, here's my lovely Surprise Swords Deck!

Surprise Swords Deck- 50 Cards

Monsters: (28)

3 Jirai Gumo
3 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp
3 Man-Eater Bug
3 7 Colored Fish
3 Masked Sorcerer
3 Flash Assailant
3 Catapult Turtle
3 Magician of Faith
3 Dark Elf
1 Cyber Jar

Magic: (18)

3 Fissure
3 Giant Trunade
2 Heavy Storm
2 Swords of Revealing Light
1 The Forceful Sentry
1 Confiscation
1 Delinquent Duo
1 Dark Hole
1 Raigeki
1 Monster Reborn
1 Change of Heart
1 Pot of Greed

Traps: (4)

3 Trap Hole
1 Mirror Force

Side Deck- 15 Cards

Monsters: (7)

3 Wall of Illusion
2 Karate Man
2 Witch of the Black Forest

Magic: (5)

2 Mystical Space Typhoon
2 Tribute to the Doomed
1 Painful Choice

Traps: (3)

3 Robbin' Goblin

Beautiful isn't it? I like it and it hasn't let me down!

1st match- Zombie VS. Rookie

Do I really have to explain this? Fine. This little doofus went first and played a Monster card face down. I then played a Change of Heart and it was a Metal Fish. I explained two things to him. 1. You must offer 1 monster as a Tribute to bring it out. 2. That card sucks. Either way, he didn't have any non-Tribute monsters so he couldn't play any monsters so I just keep attacking and win.

2nd match- Zombie VS. The Not Too Bad Rookie

This guy actually had a strategy. But, unfortunately, didn't know Spell Speeds so he got screwed over trying to play Remove Trap when I activated Mirror Force on his 7 Colored and La Jinn. Same with De-Spell and my Pot of Greed. Either way he actually got me down to 3500 by flipping Ultimate Offering and using Dark Hole before summoning the monsters. He then played (get this) 2 Masked Sorcerer and a face-down creature and attacked directly, drawing 2 cards. Next turn, I tried to play Jirai Gumo but then he activated Horn of Heaven and destroyed his face-down Hane-Hane. His turn, he played his last Masked Sorcerer (#$@*%) and attacked drawing 3 cards. He has 800 Life Points left with my 7 Colored and La Jinn attacks. This turn I played Pot of Greed (he tried De-Spell, remember?) and drew (Thank God!) Raigeki and Heavy Storm! I played both and then used Flash and 1600 damage was done! (Would have been 2000 but I had Catapult Turtle in my hand.) He did a nice little number though!

3rd match- Zombie VS. Shane

Shane was one of Gary's friends and I've dueled him before. He's not too bad. He drew a real bad hand here. At the end of the duel he said he drew only Black Pendant, High Tide Gyogin, Guardian of the Throne Room, Fissure, and Pot of Greed. Not too good. I went first and played a face-down creature and 2 Magic or Traps. He played High Tide Gyogin with Black Pendant. Then he used Pot of Greed and drew two cards. Then he played one of the two cards face-down in the Magic/Trap Card Zone. Then he attacked and it was my Man-Eater. I destroyed his Gyogin and he ended his turn. On my turn I used Giant Trunade to return his surprises, which made him mad. I then laid down my Jirai Gumo and called wrong after attacking. So now it's at Zombie-4000, Shane-5800. I played my Magic and Traps back down. On his next turn he used his Fissure and played his Neo, which I Trap Holed. He then flipped Ultimate Offering and summoned his Guardian of the Throne Room and his Battle Ox to the field. He's now at 4800. He then attacked so I activated Mirror Force. He laid down one Magic or Trap and let me go. On my turn, I played my Heavy Storm (ha-ha!) and destroyed my face-down Fissure (crap!) but I got his Trap Hole and Tribute to the Doomed! Next I played Confiscation so I'm at 3000 now. I chose his Summoned Skull over his Judge Man and then Monster Reborned it. Ha! I then played Pot of Greed and drew Dark Hole and 7 Colored Fish. I played my 7 Colored and they both attacked for 4300 damage. He's at 500 now and I'm the same. This turn he got REALLY lucky. He drew his Raigeki and destroyed my monsters! Still, he couldn't play a monster so he didn't do any damage. Next turn I drew (CRAP!) Fissure so I had to let him go. Next he played his Jirai and attacked, calling it right. (Like it would matter?) I'm now at 1800. If I didn't draw a monster this turn and he did his next turn, I would lose! I thought real hard for ANY monster aside from Man-Eater Bug. I then picked up the card to see that it was…Change of Heart! That'll do! I used it and attacked for the win. P.S. I lost that coin flip! I survived by a mere 900 Life Points.

4th match- Zombie VS. Another Zombie?!

Strange as this one may sound, this guy used Zombies! I love Zombies, but I'll admit that they stink! (Aside from Shadow Ghoul!) Well anyway, I won the coin flip so I went first. I drew a REALLY GOOD HAND!!! Raigeki, Heavy Storm, Magician of Faith, Pot of Greed, Jirai Gumo, AND Monster Reborn! I used Pot and drew 7 Colored and Man-Eater. First I played my Jirai in Attack Mode and ended my turn. He then went and played a face-down Magic or Trap and a Dragon Zombie in Attack. I thought something was weird because why in the world would he play Dragon Zombie in Attack against Jirai? Did he want me to attack so I might lose Life Points? Or did he have Mirror Force? If he uses Zombies, then he's got to be so much of a rookie to have Mirror Force! Right? Either way, I drew a Masked Sorcerer and played Heavy Storm and it was a Trap Hole all along! (Retarded rookie.) Then I played Masked Sorcerer in Attack and used Raigeki. Both Jirai and Masked Sorcerer attacked and I won the coin flip. The Life Points are at Zombie-8000, Zombie2-3900. I drew a Trap Hole from Masked Sorcerer and played it face-down. He went and strange enough didn't kill Masked Sorcerer. He instead played a face-down Monster along with 3 Magic or Traps. I drew and played my new card, The Forceful Sentry. He had a Shadow Ghoul and an Armored Zombie. I actually chose Armored Zombie instead because he may not have a playable monster next turn. I then played Magician face-down and attacked with Jirai, lost the coin flip and had it sent back to my hand because of Wall of Illusion. Still, I attacked with Masked Sorcerer and drew my Confiscation. Weird huh? Life points are now at Zombie-4000, Zombie2-3000. He went and (Thank God I sent Armored Zombie back instead of Shadow Ghoul!) didn't have a playable card! Whew! My turn I draw Fissure and flip Magician to bring back The Forceful Sentry. I use it and send back his new card, Castle of Dark Illusions, to his deck. MAN, that made him mad! Next, I might as well push his buttons some more! Confiscation! Adios Shadow Ghoul! Now I play Monster Reborn and brought back his Shadow Ghoul, even though I had no monsters in my Graveyard, and played Jirai. They all attacked and I lost my coin flip, but won anyway! My ending Life Points were at 1500. Interesting duel!

5th match- Zombie VS. Gary!

Uh-oh. I'm getting tired of typing so I'll just explain it really quick. I went first and played 2 Trap Holes down and put Man-Eater down. He went and played Heavy Storm (#@$*!) and played Dark Elf and attacked. He lost 1000 and destroyed Dark Elf. He then laid 2 Magic/Traps face-down. I drew and played Delinquent Duo. I got rid of his Monster Reborn (YES!!!) and he chose Flash Assailant. Then I played Giant Trunade and next Sword. Then, without any other cards in my hand played Flash and attacked. It's now Zombie-8000, Gary-5000. He draws and plays Dark Hole. Then a face-down monster. I go and lay my 7-Colored on the field and decide to attack. It was (of all the things!) Weather Report! He knows I love Swords so he uses that! Well Weather Report is dead, but then he plays Jirai and attacks twice with it! Not before he uses Fissure though! He lost only one coin flip. The Life points now are at Zombie-3600, Gary-2500. Crap! Now it was getting bad. I drew Pot of Greed and used it and drew Change of Heart and Catapult Turtle! Ha! I used Change of Heart, attacked with it for Direct Damage and won the coin flip! Then, I tributed it for Catapult Turtle and he launched himself to win! I won by 3600!

The End! It was my first and best tournament yet! In my packs, I got a Hiro's Shadow Scout, Snatch Steal, and Toon World. In my Metal Raiders I got a Kuiboh. Important commons I got were Jinzo #7, 2 Gravekeeper's Servant, and Molten Destruction. I'll send more reports by next Monday!