Ryan'sDeck Ryan All American Pensacola,FL

The whole point to my deck is to destroy opponent's monsters and to inflict direct damage to my opponent.

Entry Fee: $2
1st Place: Pack of Pharoah's Servant
2nd Place: Pack of Magic Ruler
3rd Place: Mystery Pack

My Deck:
3x Summoned Skull
3x La Jinn
3x Harpies Brother
2x Wall of Illusions
2x Man-Eater Bug
2x Princess of Tsurugi
2x Mask of Darkness
2x 7 Colored Fish
1x Labyrinth Wall
1x M of F
1x Judge Man
1x Cyber Jar

2x Fissure
1x Snatch Steal
1x C of H
1x Monster Recovery
1x Tribute to the Doomed
1x Deliquent Duo
1x Dark Hole
1x Pot of Greed
1x Soul Exchange
1x Confiscation
1x Heavy Storm
1x Monster Reborn
1x Rush Recklessly

2x Enchanted Javelin
2x Trap hole
2x Waboku
2x Magic Drain
1x Mirror Force
1x Michizure
1x Magic Jammer
1x Fake Trap

This is only my fourth tournament. All the best duelists were at this one. Charlie, the best, Adam, 2nd Best, and there were some other duelists at the tournament that are really good.
Today, I couldn't pay my two bucks so they let me play but I didn't get any league points.

First Duel: Me vs. Adam
I really didn't want to face Adam but i had no other so choice.
First  Match: First draw I got a decent hand and we traded licks till I beat him. (Winner: Me)
Second Match: Terrible hand, I just defended till he played giant trunade then attacked me for 5000. (Winner: Adam)
Third Match: Being my fourth tournament I didn't want to lose in the first round but didn't care if I did. I got an awesome hand though. He played MEB face down, my turn I play T to the D and destroy SS then I lay down La Jinn then I play pot of greed get SS and attack for direct damage. This continued till I beat him. (Winner: Me)
Prologue: Adam told my friend Josh, that works there, that he let me win. Joshes brother Zack told me that he watched the whole duel and that Adam didn't get anything good and didn't let me win. Just get over it that you lost to a amatuer.

Second Duel: Me vs. Zach
Not  Josh's brother but another Zach
First Duel: I've double dueled against him before and creamed him so I knew that I would win. First hand I get Harpies Brother, Tribute to the Doomed, SS, MR, and Heavy Storm.
I won this one easy.(Winner: Me)
Second Duel: Pretty Much the same except him actually did damage to me.(Winner: Me)

Third Duel: Me vs. T.J.
This kid did not know what he was doing he would try and destroy my monsters but I told him he couldn't because he already had 5 M/Tcards down. Basically, I beat him in the first match and he gave up. (Winner: Me

Fourth Duel: Me vs. Charlie
I did not want to face him at all. He had all the good Pharoah's Servant cards that i have never seen.
First Duel: This duel lasted a long time. No need to get into detail but I won because he didn't pay attention and played pot of greed with two cards left and on his next turn I won the Match (Winner: Me)
Second Duel: This one was also long but not that long. He got he relinquished but I dark holed it. He killed me with fairies metoer crush.(Winner: Charlie)
I was happy that I got this far so I didn't care if I beat him or not.
Third Duel: I mopped the floor with him. I pulled some wicked combos and finally killed him with a P of T. (Winner: Me)

Final Duel: Me vs. Forest
Charlie told me that If I could beat him I would definitely beat Forest.
First Duel: Crappy hand, he beat me but I got him down to 2300 life points. (Winner: Forest)
Second Duel: Same as with Charlie I darkholed 4 of his monsters and killed him with a P of T(Winner: Me)
Third Duel: This was a good one. He had the upper hand till i darkholed him and got out two SS. He fought back alittle but he lost. (Winner: Me)

I was so happy that I won in only my 4th tournament. In my Pharoahs Servant pack I got another enchanted javelin and a crappy rare. I traded the rare for another Magic Drain. An hour after the tournament was over, some guy that the owner knew walked in and asked who won the tournament. Mike pointed to me and said that I had won. This guy gave me 5 Magic Ruler packs and said GOOD JOB! I pull some crappy rares and a Black Illusionist Ritual. I didn't have a Relinquished so I traded it.

-Me for winning in only my 4th tournament
-That guy for giving me those packs
-Zack for trading someone for a Barrel Dragon, Premature Burial, and an Axe of Despair
-Me for beating Charlie

-Me for not getting that Barrel Dragon first
-Adam for being a sore loser
-That kid for being stupid
-The kid that gave up
-For not having $2 (that would have been 50 league points!

After the tournament Charlie challenged me again. We played three times and the first 2 times I won the last one I had all 3 SS in my hand and couldn't do anything. He won the last one but told me I should consider trying to get into the Pegasus Elite. Way to go Me!