Pojo Notes:

Okay, I'm not trying to be mean here ... but we ask people to follow some fairly simple rules when they submit reports.  I figured I'd use one report as an example:

Things wrong with this one:

1.  Didn't make the report an attachment to his email
2.  Didn't include email address
3.  Nothing in the Subject Line of the email.  It was blank.
4.  How Many People played?
5.  Didn't say what kind of decks he faced
6.  What state is this store in?
7.  Plus ... everyone should turn their spell checker on.  ;-)

A couple handfuls of people make the same report errors.  Let's all try to do follow the rules to make reports better for the readers (and the guys posting them.  ;-)


Subject: (no subject)
Exodia/Relinquished deck , (Name removed to protect the guilty  ;-), Sports Shack, Seaside"

       Tournement Results...
1st Match
1st Round
Me vs my friend Eric
I won, 6000 to 0000

2nd Round
I won, Again 7350 to 0000

2nd Match
1st round
me vs my other friend Roman
I won, 5000 to 0000

2nd Round
I lost, 0000 to 2050

3rd Round
I won, 8000 to 0000

Final Match
1st Round
Me vs Some man
I won, 4500 to 0000

2nd Round
I won, 7000 to 0000

Prize 2 Magic Ruler Packs 
Entrey Fee   $2.00

                               Exodia/Relinquished deck

3.La Jinn the mystical genie
3.7 colored fish
2.Witch of the Black Forest
1.Maha Vailo
1.Time Wizard
1.Curse of Dragon
1.King of Yamimakai
2.Summoned Skull

                                  Magic Cards

1.Monster Reborn
2.Change of Heart
1.Axe of Despair
1.Snatch Steal
1.Mirror Force
1.Horn of the Unicorn
1.Pot of Greed
1.Maleolvent Nuzzler
1.Tremendous Fire
2.Dian Keto the Cure Master
1.Giant Trunade
1.Black Pendent
1.Gravekeppers Servent
1.Black Illusion Ritual