Subject: Harpie's Axe of Depair,Keith(The negro Magician),GetaGame.Com,N.Y.

       Yu-Gi-Oh! Tourney Report 11/02/02

-Subject:Harpie's Axe of Despair(The negro magician)(Keith) NewYork

-Deck Name:Harpie's Axe of Despair

-My Name:The Negro Magician(Keith)

-Location of Tournament, City and State of tournament 115-07
Atlantic Ave
Richmond Hill, NY   11418
Phone: 718-441-5005
Email: can also visit The stores

-Date:November 2, 2002

-Admission:5$(No japanese cards were allowed in this tournament)

-Over 40 people participated in this tournament-

Welcome to the first week of the awesome pharaos servant cards.As my friend Zealot says "There can only be one",But He's not here this week so ladies and gentlemen iam taking over.Well I won the last Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament in Getagame,So this week was kinda like me defending my title.In this tournament the winner got a whole box of tournament packs(Dont be jealous)and second place got a white hole from the tournament packs.Everyone who participated in the tournament got a free pack of tournament Packs.(Although there was a small and cheap fee of five bucks)The location of this tournament is located above,The tournament was designed so that the person who gets 2 out of
3 games wins,This was an official Upper deck tournament(As they all are)And points were at stake.

My deck is pretty much the same as last week but I had a few changes and this is what my Deck looked like...

7 colored fish X2
La jinn mystical jenie of the lamp X3
Harpie's Brother X3
Witch of the black forest X2
Cyber jar 1
Man-Eater Bug X2
Magician of Faith X3
Mask of Darkness X2
Wall of Illusion X2
Summoned Skull X2

-Magic and Traps:23
Trap Hole X2
Spell Binding circle 1
Monster Reborn 1
Darkhole 1
Change of heart 1
Axe of Despair X2
Snatch Steal 1
Mystical space typhoon 1
Swords of Reaveling light X2
Heavy storm 1
Fissure 1
Share the pain 1
Mirror force 1
Rageki 1
Pot of Greed 1
Seven tools of the bandit X2
Ultimate offering 1
Exchange 1
Tribute to the doomed 1

Round One:"Luck of the Luck"
-Well in Round one I had the luck Being the winner of last week and all the number of people were really uneven and I got a bye from the first round..
Round Two:"The best hand destroyed"
-But In Round two it was a little different a played somebody thats usually there on tournament days but I was a little cocky in my opening hand I pulled the ultimate hand Rageki,Ultimate offering,Lajinn,Harpies brother and Swords of Reaveling light.So I was pretty confident unfortunately the Kid won the flip and went first(Arggg Iam still not over it)He sat down two magic and traps He placed a monster in defense then used card destruction(Haaaa)(And thats how the best hand got destroyed),But Luckily I picked up Dark hole,Witch of the black forest,Man-Eater Bug,Trap hole,And Pot of Greed,Then its my go I draw Heavy storm,Then use Pot of greed I get Mystical space typhoon and Seven tools of the bandit,I used My Dark Hole and Heavy storm on Him then I began Picking Him Apart,I Beat him the first Game with 6200 Life points and the next with 8000 Swept him!.

Round Three:"Me Vs. A crazy Deck"
-In this Round I almost beat myself I played a kid with a bunch of High attack low level monsters like 7colored fish,La jinn,Dark zebra,Bystro Butcher,Neo,Dark fire soldier's one and two and he had a bunch of equip cards luckily he had no Axe of Despairs.The Duel started out Pretty fine I went first I had swords out and one monster in face down defense,But He de-spelled my swords used darkhole And placed Lajinn then used ultimate offering and brought out Neo he eqiupped them both with  Malevolent Nuzzler and one with a Black pendant that was alot of damage.But then it was my go Oh yeah to make a long story short that last attack he did to me was the his only attack throughout the whole the duel I swept him also!!!.

Round Four:"Pharaos servant took over"
-In this Round I played some one I can call a friend,Before this day I mostly bet him although he beat me also.In the first Game it was pretty even,But it was hard(This kid has all the good stuff from all sets of Yu-GI-Oh!He ended up beating me the first game,The second game It was all me i had him playing defense from the start there was no offense on his side of the field,And in the last match it was once again hard and close...And thats when pharaos servant took over he abused me with A combination Of Magician of Faith,Mask of Darkness,Monster Reborn,Call of the haunted,And Premature Burial(This Kidd all the great cards Jinzo,Fairys metor crush,Call of the haunted,Premature Burial and more)Well I lost to a bunch of special summoned Monster cards and the kids Skill,I give it to him he was the better duelist THAT DAY!But I will get a hold to those cards also Pharaos servant will belong to me also.

-As I said the winner got a whole Box The winner was A kid named daymeon(Dominator2Die)we call him church boy.He has a great deck Featuring Dream and class clowns along with messenger of piece,Although he won I give him his props and all but I did Eliminate him the two previous weeks in row so he was a little lucky he didnt have to face my harpie's Axe of Despair

-I give props to The kid who deafeted me from now on iam calling him pharaos servant,To daymeon(Dominator2die)For finally winning(Your lucky i wasnt in the finals!)

-My E-Mail address is

-And if your in New York or Just wanna duel any kids mentioned in this tournay report come on down to,Richmond Hill, NY   11418
Phone: 718-441-5005

P.S. if theres any stores in NewYork That's in to Yu-Gi-OH! Were issuing a challenge your top ten against ours Dont Be scared we'll go easy.You can Reach us by the information above.(Hey Hurricane were calling U! Out)

And P.S.s.
If you have any tips for my deck or wanna let me know anything E-Mail me at my E-Mail address above(I Need the Help)And Come down to the store You can sit down at a table and duel all day long its always busy and full of dueler's You can also get the hottest and newest Games(Yes Including Vice City!)