Subject: Destruction Deck, Kwadwo Amanfoh,Carlotte N.C., Underground Games

Destruction Deck, Charlotte N.C., Underground Games

# of people that entered = 64 ( I'm not kidding)

Well Phaorhs Servant is out in my state but it's illigal anyway here it is

Monster 23=

x2 Giant Solder of Stones

x2 Bistro Butchers

x1 7 colored fish

x1 Summoned Skull

x1 La Jinn

x1 Mystical Elf

x2 Banisher of light

x1 Man-Eater Bug

x1 Suijin

x1 Gaia the Fierce Knight

x1 Dark Magician

x1 Harpie Lady Sister

x1 Lord of D.

x1 Weather Report

x1 Blue Eyes White Dragon

x1 Battle Ox

x1 Magician of Faith

x1 Hane Hane

x1 Trap Master

x1 Pale Beast

Magic 20=

x1 Card Destruction

x1 Gravekeepers Servent

x1 Soul Exchange

x1 Fissre

x1 Change of Heart

x1 Remove Trap

x1 Black Pendent

x1 Book of Secert Arts

x1 Stim Pack

x1 Horn of the Unicorn

x1 Dark hole

x1 Monster Reborn

x1 Curse of Fiend

x1 Flute of the Summuning Dragon

x1 Malevolent Nuzzler

x1 Soward of Deep Seated

x1 Eternal Rest

x1 Dian Keto

x1 De-Spell

x1 Last Will

Trap 6=

x3 Trap Hole

x1 Waboku

x1 Reverse Trap

x1 Fairy's Hand Mirror

I have 50 cards in my deck


Match1: Kwadwo v.s.Michel

Okay here's how it went frist me and him played monster in defense then I played Summond Skull and he had nothing so I beat him. In round 2 he got sireous I tried to play Gaia the Firece Knght but he traped holed it, then he tryed to play Gaia too but I too traped holed it, he brought me down to 2500 but I whiped him. He was very good. 1-0

Match 2: Kwadwo v.s. Alan Well I played my best in round 1 but I cept on drawing magic cards so i lost. Round 2 I brought him down 5500 but he beat me cause he played Swords of Reveling Light twice. 1-1

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