Subject: Beatdown Devastation Mike Berman Bigfoot Comics and Cards, Shoreline, WA

Mike Berman


“Beatdown Devastation”


Bigfoot Comics and Cards, Shoreline, WA


Date: 10/26/02


# of players: 6


Pharaoh’s Servant was allowed.


Monsters (18)

3xSummoned Skull

3xHarpie’s Brother(lvl.4,1800)

3xLa Jinn

2xDark Elf


1xCyber Jar




Magic (14)

Pot of Greed

Change of Heart

Monster Reborn

Dark Hole


Premature Burial


3xAxe of Despair

Tribute to the Doomed



Trap (8)

2xMagic Jammer

Mirror Force

2xSeven Tools

Solemn Judgement

2xShadow of Eyes


Let the tourney begin!!


Round One: Me versus Toon/Zombie Deck


I was pretty nervous since this was my first tourney, but I held on strong. I started out playing Witch in defense mode and wait for his attack. He puts out Armored Zombie and destroys it, allowing me to search for a Skull. I draw and place a man-eater bug face down and solemn judgement, waboku, and trap hole down. He places a mon in defense and then passes. I flip the bug and then sacrifice it for my Skull. I then attach an Axe to him and attack directly. On his next turn, he plays a SORL and I pass for the next three turns. After that faded, he put out a messenger of pease to stall me for awhile. Meanwhile, I revive his crass clown and summon wall of illusion in attack to wipe out his remaining life points.




Round Two: Me versus kid with a seventy card deck


I was a bit skeptical of this kids dueling skill when he such a huge deck. I start by playing a La Jinn and attack his defense mon. I turns out to be a ceremonial bell, and my hand is shown to him for awhile. I then use confiscation to take out his baby dragon, which the only lvl. 4 mon in his hand. On his next turn, he gets out a battle ox with invigoration equipped and wipes out my la jinn. However, when he sacrifices his bell for a swordstalker, I trap hole it. I then play tribute to the doomed on his battle ox and send out a skull to end the match.




Break: While the last pairing was dueling, I took the time to refuel my dueling tank with some Skittles….


Final Round: Me versus Beatdown


this round started once again with a la jinn with an axe attached. He passes and I attacked directly. He changed of heart my genie and hit me for the same amount. However, I got out a skull and ended the game.




Winner: Me!!!


the prize was 2 Pharaoh’s servant first edition boosters and a tourney pack.




to being undefeated in my first tourney


to bigfoot comics and cards for holding a good tourney


to the kid with the seventy card deck who pulled a jinzo out of his booster



to me for not getting the jinzo…


to two of my opponents, who tried to trap hole me without setting the card first.






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