Name:  Nuunsa (Matthew O.)

Deck:  Assault from the Sky (and then some other stuff)

Location:  Hit and Run in Lexington, MA, 02421

1st Prize:  $35

2nd Prize:  $17

3rd Prize:  (I forget)

"Loser Bracket" Prize:  1 pack of your choice

Entry Fee:  $10, and everyone gets a tournament pack upon entry.

Date:  November 3, 2002


Hi everyone.  Long time reader of pojo, but first time ever writing a review.  I just finished my first ever tournament today and boy was it a lot of fun.  I had spent all of the night before working on my deck, trying to find any weaknesses and I think I did a good job.  Be warned though, that this deck is a harpy deck, but it is missing things, such as Cyber Armor, Harpie's Feather Duster, Harpie's Pet Dragon *begins to drool* . . . anyway, this is my deck and how I did!


Monsters:  26


Harpie Lady Sisters

Girochin Kuwagata

2x Wall of Illusion

2x Giant Soldier of Stone

3x Harpie Lady


Magician of Faith

Princess of Tsurugi

Judge Man

Summoned Skull

Harpie's Brother

Mystical Elf

Flying Kamakiri #1

Labyrinth Wall

Sonic Bird

2x Man Eater Bug

Witch of the Black Forest

Big Eye

7 Colored Fish

2x La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp

Crass Clown


Magic:  16


Follow Wind

Dark Hole

3x Fissure


Change of Heart

2x Elegant Egotist

Dian Keto the Cure Master

Monster Reborn


2x Malevolent Nuzzler

Black Illusion Ritual

Mystical Space Typhoon


Trap:  9


3x Trap Hole

Shadow of Eyes

2x Waboku

Enchanted Javelin

Just Desserts



Total:  51


Okay, and now on with the tournament!


1st Match:  Assault from the Sky vs. Newbie Kid


Round 1:  I was very nervous this match and I thought I was going to get toasted.  Surprisingly enough however, I ended up creaming the kid.  He couldn't stop my onslaught of La Jinn, Harpie Lady and Harpie Lady Sisters.  He had nothing very strong, except for his Summoned Skull, which I Trap Holed.

Me = 8000 - 7200

Him = 8000 - 7000 - 6700 - 6600 - 4600 - 3800 - 1800 - 0


Round 2:  Pretty much the exact same, only I managed to do some damage with my Giruchin Kuwagata + Malevolent Nuzzler.  He had mostly starter deck cards, and I remember he kept putting cards into defense mode that had stats like 1400 / 1200 and 1500 / 1000, a lot of weak cards.

Me = 8000 - 7900 - 7100

Him = 8000 - 5850 - 4350 - 3050 - 550 - 1550 - 250 - 0


2nd Match:  Assault from the Sky vs. Beatdown with good cards but no strategy


Round 1:  Again, I was very nervous.  I was hoping I wouldn't have too big of a challenge, but I was also eager to see how my deck could do against a good duelist.  This kid had good beatdown cards, but he ultimately could not handle Monster Reborn on his Summoned Skull and Giruchin Kuwagata.  I believe this kid used a Swords of Revealing Light, but didn't get to take advantage of it.  He did some nasty damage to me with his Summoned Skull, but good ol' Enchanted Javelin brought me back up.  We had a good duel, although I think he didn't take full advantage of the strategies he could've done.

Me = 8000 - 6200 - 4700 - 7200

Him = 8000 - 7000 - 6300 - 5000 - 2500 - 0


Round 2:  This kid knew how to do damage to me, but not how to stop me.  He actually got me worried half way through when he kept attacking with his Summoned Skull and Neo, but fortunately I was able to overcome both of them thanks to my lovely Fissures =)  I can't really remember most of the details, because a) I was nervous, and b) I forgot to remember them.  I know though that my Princess of Tsurugi both hurt him with its ability and hit him at least once, and my harpy combo finished him off.

Me = 8000 - 7550 - 7650 - 5150 - 4650

Him = 8000 - 6100 - 5200 - 3900 - 0


In between 2nd and 3rd Match:   At this point, everyone else was going REALLY slow.  My friend had not even finished his 1st match, and I had already won two.  However, he was playing the best kid in the store, and he was almost even with him, until the best kid in the store (named Derek) ended up beating my friend.  I was really proud of my friend (named Stephen) because I was sort of his teacher and I taught him everything he knew, so to see him go almost equal with one of the best made me feel good inside.  Stephen went on to win in the "Loser's Bracket" and got a free pack of Magic Ruler, and got a Spell-Binding Circle (Lucky!).  Anyway, I met this nice kid named Sam, who seems like he hangs out there all the time.  He was really nice, and we talked about Magic The Gathering for awhile, and since I had time to spare, we played a game.  I ended up beating him, but that's beside the point.  I also checked out some of the other duels that were going on, and it turned out I was up against a kid who had every single Metal Raider card, and one heck of a good deck (named Daniel).  I was in for quite a match.


3rd Match(Semi-Finals):  Assault from the Sky vs. Super Awesomeness Deck (or Daniel's Deck)


Round 1:  Darnit, I didn't save the score sheet!  Oh well, I do remember that my Harpie combo overpowered his La Jinn and my Fissures took out everything in my path.  He played a Blue Eyes White Dragon and my Relinquished managed to eat it up and become Super Relinquished =)  He also played Swords of Revealing Light, but got nothing good.  Also, he played a Black Skull Dragon, but Fissure got rid of that too  *whew*

Me = win

Him = lose


Round 2:  This is where it turned ugly.  I couldn't get anything out, and on his first turn, he played Tribute to the Doomed, discarded his Barrel Dragon, got 2/3 heads and killed my Man Eater Bug, and he just finished me off with the Barrel Dragon from that point on.

Me = 8000 - 5400 - 2800 - 0

Him = 8000


Round 3:  Final round to decide if my deck is good or not.  Turns out though that it is very good. =)  He tried playing Black Skull Dragon, but he attacked my Wall of Illusions.  We traded blows every now and then, and I had somewhere around 3000 and he had 800.  I was starting to run out of ideas because most of my monsters were dead, but I managed to draw Ookazi (hey, who says the Heart of the Cards isn't there?)  and finished him off.  Good thing too, because his next card was Lord of D. and he had a Flute of Summoning Dragon and that Black Skull Dragon in his hand (but I would've been able to stop him anyway -_^).

Me = win

Him = lose


Between 3rd and 4th Match:  I had to drive my friend home because he needed to be home back 2:00 and it was 1:50.  I asked the guy who was running the tournament and he said I had 5 minutes.  Oh boy.  My friend  lives on the other side of town and it takes about 10 minutes just to get to his house.  So, in a frantic rush, I drove my friend across town, barrelling down the road at a good 45 mph and I dropped him off, after he wished me good luck (I needed it) and then bolted back to the store.  It was 2:10 when I got back but fortunately they didn't disqualify me *whew* and then the match started.


4th Match(Finals):  Assault from the Sky vs. REALLY good beatdown with lots of Pharoah's Servant cards.


Round 1:  Wow!  I couldn't believe I was actually in the finals.  I was hoping to get at least 4th, and I ended up getting to the finals.  Pretty good for a first tournament.  But anyway, he and I played a close match.  We traded blow for blow with 7 Colored Fish, La Jinn, Harpie's Brother and lots of Man Eater Bugs (and he had lots of Summoned Skulls) and lots of Trap Holes.  However, in the end, Harpie Lady Sisters and Harpie Lady finished the job. 

Me = win

Him = lose


Round 2:  Sooooooooo close to winning it all, but then the Heart of the Cards apparently left me.  I didn't get such good draws (Harpie's Brother, Elegant Egotist, Magician of Faith, Labyrinth Wall and Just Desserts) but he managed to keep me from getting more than one monster on the field.  In the end, I tried Monster Reborning his Summoned Skull and killing of his second one, but he played Mirror Force (d'oh!) and he toasted me.  He also used some Pharoah's Servant card that makes it so that you choose the name of a card, and as long as the PSV card is face up on the field, the card mentioned cannot be played by anyone, and he kept mentioning Malevolent Nuzzler. =/ 

Me = lose

Him = win


Round 3:  This was it.  The final round to decide the final match.   It was an okay duel, although he kicked my butt.  I lasted a long time, managing to hurt him a bit, but in the end, he just had more super cards than I did and outlasted me.  He brought out a bunch of powerful cards and I managed to kill them all, and then he brought out a bunch more, and there wasn't much I could do.  I do remember using Shadow of Eyes on his Man Eater Bug and attacking it with his Harpie's Brother, but he either Waboku-ed it or Mirror Force-ed it.  In the end though, it was an awesome duel and he told me that was one of the best duels he's ever had.  I had a lot of fun too, since he was probably the best person I've dueled up to that point.

Me = lose

Him = win


Well, that was it.  I ended up placing second out of about 16 kids.  The kid who beat me (Derek) got a 35 dollar gift certificate and I got a 17 dollar gift certificate.  He went and spent it all of Pharoah's Servant packs, and got some stuff I've never seen before, like Chain Destruction, which at the mention of the name, a flock of little kids swarmed him and begged to trade with him.  I on the other hand saved my gift certificate and will spend it later, maybe on a specific card, or just some packs.  Also, during the matches, I managed to form a gathering of little kids who followed me (why I don't know) and they all looked up to me as if I were some awesome duelist.  It made me feel good inside, ya know? -_^  Anyway, on with the props and slops:



For doing so well in my first tournament ever

For getting to the Finals

For meeting some really cool kids at the place

For getting a gift certificate

For getting an Axe Raider in my tournament pack

For seeing how good of a duelist my friend (Stephen) has become under my training



For losing in the Finals

For my friend (Stephen) losing in the first round

For me not being able to trade for a Swords of Revealing Light =/

For not getting lucky on my draws in the Finals

For having to rush to drop my friend off and come back to the tournament just barely on time


Okay folks, that's the story of my first tournament.  I really like this deck and hope it'll do good things, especially when they bring out Cyber Armor, Harpie's Feather Duster and Harpie's Pet Dragon.  So if someone says to you that Harpie decks don't work, tell them they obviously don't know how to play them correctly, because they can work, and as long as you're having fun with the deck, then you've got a winning combination . . . (okay, that was a pretty cheesy line, but it's still true ^^)  See ya later people!                                                                                                                                            -Nuunsa the Flaming Fish Man

                                                                                                                                                A.K.A. Matthew O.


name:  Matthew O.