My Beatdown Deck

Zach Dionne

Cardrack, Yugi Night

Fredericton N.-B.

Cost: 5$

Prize: 1rst: 5 Pharaon's Servant Boosters

2ed: 4 Pharaon's Servant Boosters

3rd: 2 Pharaon's Servant Boosters

Everyone gets a magic ruler booster at entrey

Number of ppl: 24

This is my first tourney report. I got second. Not bad for my second tourney. (Last time i got 3rd) Well here's my deck. Oh yeah i got a tin also. :)


-=Monsters (23)=-

Battle Ox X3

La Jinn X2

Whip Tail Crow

Hane-Hane X2

Man-Eater Bug X2

Wall Of Illusion

Cannon Soldier X2

Summoned Skull X2

Time Wizard


Witch Of The Black Forest X2

Giant Soldier Of Stone X2

Dark Zebra

Maha Vailo


-=Magic (11)=-



Monster Reborn

Dark Hole

Snatch Steel

Heavy Storm X2

Malevolent Nuzzlers X2

Change Of Heart

Pot Of Greed

Swords Of Revealing Light


-=Traps (11)=-


Trap Hole X3

Waboku X3

Mirror Force

Magic Jammer

7 Tools Of The Bandit X2

Ultimat Offering


Well i dueled 4 times. (oh yeah its single elimenation):


Duel One: Me vs Max (Beat Down):


He didnt really know how to play so i called the judge and he got DQed


Duel Two: Me vs Jamie (Defencif deck)


He was pretty good but i mananged to beet him with my Maha (She always saves my butt) His deck was mostly composed or g. soldier of stones, prevent rat, etc...


Duel Three: Me vs Shawn (betadown/mix deck)


This guy has mostly trap, everyone one my turn he would flip a trap. I  won but i only had 1500lp left!


Duel number 4 (finals): Me vs Ricky (my best friend)


This guy is known at cardrack as the champion. He won with 5 different strategies (thats in his deck) this guy known yugioh card game. But i did manange to bring him down to 900lp.


Well i lost but i still got 4 booster+5 from the tin+ 1 from the entrey. I got a few good cards. A traded this little kid a Flame Swordsman for a Axe Of Despair and a another Maha. Well time for props and slops


Me getting second

For Maha Vailo

For Vanilla Coke

Me getting Axe and Maha, another SoRL, holo trap hole and my favorite...JINZO



For not getting first


Well if u want to contact me u can at See ya every1