FireWall Deck (defensive burner) 42 Cards- Created by: Jonathan D.

Hello and welcome to my second tournament report! (sounds of cheering in the background) This was an unofficial tournament with no entry fee! HOORAY! Anyways, Pharoh's Servant was aloud, and the prizes were kinda crappy. Well lets get on to my deck, WEEEEEEE!
Monsters (14 cards):
Labyrinth Wall x2 (the wall in FireWall)
Summoned Skull x2 (for a little extra attack power)
Giant Soldier of Stone x3 (Quick defense)
Prevent Rat x3 (more Quick defense)
Aqua Madoor x1 (read prevent rat)
Mystical Elf x1 (read prevent rat)
La Jinn Mystical Genie of the Lamp x2 (Quick attack)
Effect Monsters (7 cards):
Cannon Soldier x1 (Quick direct damage)
Man-Eater Bug x1 (Get rid of tough monsters)
Big Eye x1 (know what I get next 5 turns)
Sangan x1 (get Labyrinth Wall)
Mask of Darkness x1 (Trap Reborn)
Magician of Faith x1 (Magic Reborn)
Kuriboh x1 (This thing has saved my but more than once)
Magic (15 cards):
Ookazi x3 (the fire in FireWall)
Tremendous Fire x3 (read Ookazi)
Soul Exchange x1 (get Labyrinth Wall or Summoned Skull on the field)
Shield and Sword x1 (turn Labyrinth Wall into a mega killer)
Toll x1 (Make them think twice before attacking)
Riageki x1 (clear field)
Monster Reborn x1 (Get monsters back)
Dark Hole x1 (good in a crisis)
Change of Heart x1 (What’s yours is mine, what’s mine is mine.)
Heavy Storm x2 (Dark Hole’s Cousin)
Traps (6 cards):
Just Deserts x3 (Coolest Direct damage card)
Mirror Force x1 (Raigeki’s Cousin)
Imperial Order x1 (Magic Jammer on steriods)
Trap Hole x1 (stop powerful monsters before they even get a chance)
Side Deck:
None (I don't really need side decks here since everyone else uses HUGE decks.)
Basically I defend until I draw a Direct Damage card and wipe out their life points. Another strategy I have that I haven’t used that often is to play labyrinth wall and toll.
Labyrinth Wall and other high defense monsters and sword and sheild.
Location: Readmore
Date: 11-16-02
Rules:Single elimination, 2 duels per match.
1st: 3 Metal Raiders Packs
2nd: 2 Metal Raiders Packs
3rd: ?????? (I never found out) (it was probably 1 Metal Raiders Pack)
Harpy's Brother for Confiscation
Something for Giant Trunade
Magic Jammer for Delinquent Duo
Tournament Matches:
1st Round:
Me vs. Jordan (last week's winner)
1st Duel: I really wasn't scared,even though he won last week. This match was really easy. I just used my direct damage cards until he was gone. Winner: Me
2nd Duel: Same as before. Winner: Me
Conclusion: I love to take out hot shots in the first round.

2nd Round:
Me vs. Jimmy (little kid who barely understood the rules.)
1st Duel: I felt sorry for this kid, I had to take him out when he made it this far. Ohh well, this was easy I just attacked his LP's directly, because he kept on trying to play high level monsters and I reminded him he had to sacrifice. Winner: Me
2nd Duel: Same as before. Winner: Me
Conclusion: Poor, poor, Jimmy.

3rd Round:
Me vs. Jonathan (slightly older kid than last, but understood the rules better)
1st Duel: Hey, this kid has the same name as me! Ohh well, this was a little harder than the last match, but it was still easy. Winner: Me
2nd Duel: Same as before Winner: Me
Conclusion: I'm not sure how he made it this far.


Me vs. Andy (a lot nicer than I thought he would be)
1st Duel: I had the upper hand in the beging thanks to my direct damage cards. But then, I STOP DRAWING MONSTER CARDS! ARRG! He got me with direct attacks, :( Winner: Andy.
2nd Duel: He had the upper hand until I pulled out the stops with my awsome cool move, I pulled Raigeki, and then Sword and Sheild, I already had Stone Soldier and Labyrinth Wall on the field, and well, I think you can figure out the rest. Winner: Me.
3rd Duel: Wow, this was a close duel. I don't remember too much about what happend, but lets put it this way, I ALMOST WON. He pulled a really, desperate move and won. :( Winner: Andy
Conclusion: Man that was a close game.
And now its time for (drum roll).................. PROPS AND SLOPS!!! HOORAY!

-To Andy for being cool and getting first.
-To me for getting second in my second tournament.
-To anyone who traded with me.
-To the store owners for having the tournament be COMPLETELY FREE!
-To water for being there when I'm thirsty
-To candy for being there when I'm hungry
-To Square Soft for making my favorite video games (any Final Fantasy game and Kingdom Hearts)
-To my mom for taking me
-To Jacob for watching my cards when I went to the bathroom (to much water I guess)
-To anyone who e-mails me (only positive please!)
-To you for reading this.
-To the tournament for being really fun!
-To Sam for getting grounded and not hanging out with me :(
-To the creepy kid with a skinny neck for beating me in a duel (non tournament)
-To this one little kid for having a anoying voice
-To James(the guy who runs the tournament) for telling people the wrong rules (Share the pain does not let you summon a tribute monster and you can not set and flip summon the same monster on the same turn).
-To anyone who hasn't read this yet.

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