Subject: Beat Down Type A

Nick Nguyen, Dallas Texas, Deck Name...Beat Down Type A

Hey heres my Beat down Deck


magician of faith(haha i get my magic card back)

sangan(get my flip monsters)

princess of tsurugi(hahah u have too many trap and magic cards)

morphing jar #2(haha i have only one monster on the field)

hane hane(lets see which flip monster i want back)

2x summon skull(haha great atk for 5 star)

hayabusa knight(i get to atk twice haha)

3x 7 colored fish(main attacker)

witch of the black forest(get any one of my monsters)

mask of darkness(haha i get a trap back)

2x man eater bugs(eat my little friend)

3x la jinn the mystical genie of the lamp(main attacker)

2x trap master(better than remove trap)

maha vailo(dam this is good)


pot of greed(haha i get two more)

2x gravekeepers servant(go ahead atk)

monster reborn(get back any monster)

monster recovery(great combo with soleum wishes)

change of heart(haha i get ur monster for a turn)

Dark hole(were they all go)

2x magic drain(haha destroy a magic from ur hand)

2x fissures(ur off to the grave weakling)

3x malevolent nuzzler(power up my monsters 700)


waboku(haha you fool)

2x just desserts(dang fool u had too many monsters on the field)

soleum wishes(i gain 500 and 500 and 500.......)

shadow of eyes(lets see what that was oh gosh man eater bug)

2x trap hole(haha by by bewd)

lightforce sword(haha ill just wait until your about to lay a card down)


I know i have 3 extra cards but i didnt know which ones i should take out... o well

well this is how the tourny turned out

First match i was aginst a guy named Brandon

He went first and lay a monster face down. I drew my cards and i got a change of heart, ss, malevolent nuzzler, magic drain just desserts, and a pot of greed. soo i change of heart his face down and tribute it for ss. then atched my malevolent nuzzler and atked his lp 3200 to him. And i lay the just dessert and magic drain face down, and played pot of  greed. and got 7 colored fish and another malevolent nuzzler. and then i ended my turn. he played a eternal rest thinking it was over for ss i fliped magic drain. he couldnt discard a magic soo it was negated. he had no monsters and then i atched the malevent  nuzzler to ss and put la jinn down in atk mode and atked his lp with both 3200 + 3900 + 1800 soo that was game.... second match i switched out a hane hane for megamorph i dont know why....... and it all payed out.... i went first the next time and i layed a monster in face down def mode. and drew mega morph, monster reborn, and maleovent nuzzler, la jinn, dark hole. soo then he  played a monster in def mode too. and i was affraid to atk soo i drew somthing and then i passed. then he played soul exchange and used my face down magician of faith i didnt have any magics soo i couldnt use the effect. then he played ookazi and the tribute for his bewd face up atk mode and then he passed to me. i then played dark hole then monster reborn atched to megamorph and mallevent nuzzler 7400 atk. then i atked his lp direct and that was pretty much it................

Tyler Danek was my next opp...... he was soo easy

I cant really remember what happened but it went soo fast

I then played a guy named nick Cortez he was kinda hard kinda not. he had sorl so i changed out for a weather report with megamorph. and when he played it i killed him simple. that was my first time using weather report soo i enjoyed it..... i cant really remember what happened then on... but i beat him...... and that was pretty much it......

The rest of the turney turned out mostly like that and i won 1st i got a lob pack, mrl pack, mrd, and a psv pack, i got a holo change of heart, toon world, monster recovery, and some other weak cards...... o well i had fun.

Thats pretty much it...... Heres my Email......... and my aim s/n is allegiancenick And my s/n for Yahoo is allegiance_nick