Deck Name: semi-beatdown deck

Date: Nov. 21

# of ppl participated: 8


Hi, everyone, this was my first tournament, but I always partice dueling my friends, so I am NOT a newbie at this game. Well here is the report: by the way, I got 3rd


This competition took place at Toronto, Ontario

The prizes were:

1st place: 2 packs of magic ruler

2nd place: 1 pack of magic ruler


The cost of the tournament is only $3!!!


Anyways, here’s my deck:




1x Summon Skull (Good attacking power with only 1 tribute)

2x Wall Of Illusion (only defense card)

1x Witch Of the Black Forest (getting monster)

2x Fishy (1800 attack)

2x La Jinn(1800 attack)

1x Sangan (getting Monster)

1x Harpie’s Brother (1800 attack)

3x Man eating Bug (kill one of their monster)

1x Cannon Solider (kill my man eater bug for damage)

2x Mask Of Darkness (get backs a trap card from my graveyard)

2x MoF (get backs a magic card from my graveyard:D)

1x Mask Sorcerer (draw a card)

1x Cyber Jar (a must for every deck)


Magic Cards


2x Fissure (kills a monster with the lowest attack)

1x Dark Hole (kills all the monster on the field)

1x Change Of Heart(get one of their monster0

2x Heavy Storm (kills all the trap/magic cards on the field)

1x The Forceful Sentry (peek at the opponents hand)

1x Tribute To the Doomed ( kills one of their monster0

1x monster reborn (I get your blue eyes:D)

1x Snatch Steal (take their monster forever)

1x Sword Of Revealing Light(protects me for 3 turns)

1x Raigeki (kill all the opponents monster)


Traps Cards


2x Trap Hole (kills their monster)

2x Wabouku (no damage to me:D)

1x Mirror Force (kill all their monster if they attacked me)

1x Robblin’ Goblin (kills exodia hands)

1x Magic Jammer (Stops their magic)

1x seven Tools Of the Bandit (stops their trap)


O.K, now to the report, this tournament were all really nice people:D. We played fairly, expectaly the judges, they know what they were doing:


1st Duel:

Me vs a blond hair kid:


This kid was not hard at all, on the first duel, I just use change of heart to take his MoF, flip, take back my change of heart and just kept doing that for 3 turns. I think I took all his MoF LOL. Then I just use my beat down monster to attack them to finish the game.


Winner: Me


2nd Duel:


About the same thing happen last duel, but this time I got out my summon skull to kill him


Winner: Me




I was up against a really good kid, he had a brother I think about 18 to help him his deck and stuff. He also was in the tournament. Those 2 brothers were really nice, they help fix everyone’s deck and stuff, including mine:D.


Me vs a 10 year old kid


Dun think that this kid is 10 year old, and he is really sucky. This kid KNOWS how to play the game, and plays with really well. He used the lord of d combo really effectively. The first he just creamed me badly. Using the lord of d combo, and blue eyes :’(.


Winner: Him


2nd Duel:


This guy used the lord of d combo again, I did a stupit mistake and forgot to use Jammer when he used the flute of the summoning dragon. I got him down to about 2000, then he killed me.


Winner: Him


My e-mails is, any comments for my deck is REALLY appreciated, also I take anything, like complains, etc. Thanks.