Got Jinzo?

Ron Stoppable!

Discordia Games

Bremerton, WA

November 20th, 2002

Number of Duelists: 9 - single elimination

Prizes: 1st place received 3 packs of choice; Metal Raiders, Magic Ruler or Pharaoh's Servant. 2nd place received 2 packs and 3rd place received 1. Everyone who lost received 1 Season One tournament booster. This wasn't officially sanctioned since Dave, the owner, hadn't received any of the Season Two tournament boosters yet. Hopefully they'll be in soon.


Hello, in case you don't know me, my name's just above this paragraph. Welcome to my first tournament report on the my very first tournament participation ever! I've attended 3 tournaments prior to this one, 2 at our local Wizards of the Coast and an earlier one at Discordia. Great to watch all the heated competition, but I didn't want to even think about joining until my deck was all oh-so shiny and foily like everyone else's, hehehe.

    If you looked through the deck first, it's a lot similar to my friend, Ace's, Got Jinzo deck from the last batch of tournament reports. In fact it is his deck I used to compete in this tournament, a little modified since then (compare the lists to see all the changes). Less monster removal this time around, but still a contender. Anyway, let's move onto to the Duels! I'll also apologize in advance for lack of detail in the Duel reports due to my horrid memory skills.


Card count: 42

non-tribute monsters:

2       Witch of the Black Forest

2       La-Jinn

2       Magician of Faith

2       Wall of illusions

3       Man-Eater Bug

3       Harpie's Brother

2       Hayabusa Knight

1       Cyber Jar

1        Goblin Attack Force

Tribute Monsters:

2       Summoned Skull

1       Jinzo


Magic Cards:

1       Pot of Greed (The only card in this deck that actually belonged to me!)

1       Tribute to the doom

2       Swords of Revealing Light

2       Heavy Storms

2       Axe of Despair

1       Change of Heart

1       Snatch Steal

1       Dark Hole

1       Monster Reborn

1       Nobleman of Crossout


Trap Cards:

2       Trap Holes

2       Waboku

1       Michizure

1       Imperial Order

1       Call of the haunted

1       Magic Drain

1       Seven Tools of the Bandit


Match 1: Ron Stoppable! vs. Johnathan's sister -Basic Beatdown- (I think that's who she was...I forgot to ask her name!!)

After trading greetings, we began our duel for gold. I'm saddened to say it was mostly one sided in my favor since I had the better cards. Monster destruction all over the place. Black Hole this, Black Hole that, it was insanity. I also ended up playing Swords of Revealing Light three times in one of the duels. Man, that made me feel really bad. So, in the end, brute force won both of the duels as I swept for my first match.

Match 2: Ron Stoppable! vs. Jason -Exodia Deck!!-

Wow, this match had me scared. Since Jason dueled Ace before (owner of this deck) he knew what kind of heat I was packing. I could only fear what this deck contained (Painful Choice and Backup Soldier!! I'm dead!!), and I didn't think packing a Confiscation, Forceful Sentry or Card Destruction would be good enough (I should've side-decked my Soul Release!!) with his Backup Soldier waiting. First round we were trading blow for blow. Jason's defenses were excellent; Magic Jammers, Imperial Order, WotBF and Sangan's to search for Exodia pieces. For the first Duel he pieced together Exodia for the win. Second Duel, I faired a lot better, his draw wasn't that great and I ended up killing him with a Summoned Skull, MoF, Jinzo and his Sangan which I used Snatch Steal on. Third Duel was all downhill for me in the beginning. I had a pretty terrible draw (sorry, can't remember exactly what it was) and Jason managed to get Messenger of Peace out after I equipped Hayabusa Knight with a Malevolent Nuzzler. All I could do was wait hopelessly for a Heavy Storm while he was claiming Exodia pieces every other turn. Eventually, the Forbidden One was released allowing him to claim victory. Woe is me, fantastically played Duel though.

After that match I walked over to report my loss and Dave held out a fan of tournament packs to choose from. I lifted my hand, slipped my wrist around and took my choice. Of course, I wasn't expecting anything great, being in the tournament was fun enough. Opening the pack itself took, maybe a year or two. Geez, these things are tough when there's only three cards sitting in there. First card, Shining Friendship! hahaha! I saw this one on TV last week! Next, The Statue of Easter Island...? Yeah, moving on. Third card, "OH MY GOD!!! I GOT MECHANICALCHASER!!!" I yelled so loud the whole store heard me! Everyone bum-rushed me to see if I was telling the truth and they were as shocked as I was, this is unbelievable!! I also found out that I'm the first and only person who has pulled the Mechanicalchaser so far. Damn, kudos for me I guess, heh! There were so many great trade offers for it I didn't know what to do.

"I'll give you a Raigeki and a SoRL!"

"How bout; SoRL, Solemn Judgement, Mirror Force, Seven Tools and a Magic Jammer??"

"Gate Guardian set and Axe Raider!!"

Quite an experience really. I'm glad I took the time to check out the tournament today, and hopefully I'll be there again next to make up another report, till then!

Ron Stoppable