Mike Berman


“Return of the Beatdown”


Bigfoot Comics and Cards


Saturday November 16, 2002


# of players: 25


This was an Upper Deck Tourney, so no PSV this time…


Monsters (18)

3xSummoned Skull

3xLa Jinn

2xDark Elf

1xCyber Jar


3x7 Colored Fish



1xMaha Vailo(there for some major power from axes)


Magic (12)

Pot of Greed

Change of Heart


Dark Hole

Heavy Storm


3xAxe of Despair



Trap (10)

Mirror Force

2xMagic Jammer

2xSeven Tools

1xsolemn Judgement

2xTrap Hole



Let the dueling begin!


Round 1: Me versus 8 year old kid

I have to say that this match was very brief and not too much to explain. He put out weak defenses and I wiped him out with 7 colored fishes.




Round 2: Me versus another young kid

This match was, yet again, a quick match. I may have destroyed my first two opponents, but the hard duel was coming up next!




Break: Since I finished the last match quickly, I took the spare time to refuel my dueling engine with a meatball sub from the subway next door.


Round 3: Me versus lady with Barrel Dragon deck

This opponent was a woman whom with which I had some really good conversation with and had never had the chance to duel, except with a practice match that I beat her at. This duel was a real toughie, though. As soon as the duel started, we began removing each other’s cards again and again with trap holes and fissures. I finally managed to win the first duel when she didn’t get any monsters with her Cyber Jar and only got high-level monsters in her hand. Next duel she creamed me with Barrel dragon after change of hearting my monster. In the final duel, the Mystic Plasma zone that I traded for before the match saved my butt from sure destruction. I kept forgetting to add the power boost during calculation, even during the last play of the game when I thought my Skull had to wait one more turn. I them glimpsed the plasma zone and thanked the lord it was there. This match goes to me.




Round 4: Me versus that lady’s son

Believe me when I say that this kid was downright shaking so bad (since I beat his mom) that he could barely work the calculator that kept track of life points. This guy lost to my fishes and skull in the first duel and I heavy stormed his waboku to win the second. On to the final round!




Final Round 5: Me versus my Arch nemesis

The guy I was up against happened to be a guy who had taunted me after I eliminated him in the last tourney and he ran a beatdown deck similar to mine. The duels were practically the same except for one guy getting a mon at the right time to win. In the deciding duel however, I couldn’t draw any monsters and he beat me with a fish and a La Jinn. 2nd place isn’t bad, though!




Turns out that since tourney packs are low, the store is trying to get rid of the ones they have left in order to get more. This means there was no boosters in the prize. But I did get 4 tourney packs!



to two kids who had a Dark Hole and Steel Shell who traded for A LOT of good cards with a collector there who was looking for tourney rares.


to me for getting second, and for trading my Kwagar Hercules with the collector for an Imperial Order! (first edition!)


to me again for pulling a Goddess of the Third Eye from one of my packs!


to Bigfoots again for running a great tournament.



to the two kids I beat who BOTH tried to use Ameba with the false assumption that just having it face up on my turn made me lose 2000 life points. I told them the correct way to use it, and they complied.


to me for only getting a Raimei in my packs besides the Goddess.


to my Arch nemesis for sneering at me before the tourney and for spoiling my undefeated record.

Thanks for posting this Pojo! Anyone can email me at meb9000@yahoo .com if they have anything to say. (no flaming please.)