J'sDeck,Jose Diaz,ForbiddenPlanet,E.14street,NewYork                                         Monsters                                                                                                               

2X man-eater bug                                                                                         

1X Shadow Ghoul                                                                                            

2X Big Eye                                                                                                       

1X Red eyes black dragon                                                                              

2X Blue eyes white dragon                                                                         

1X Battle ox                                                                                                    

1X Lord of D.                                                                                                

2X Magician of faith                                                                                   1X Pumpking                                                                                              

1X castle of dark illusions                                                                             1X Sangan                                                                                                     2X Hane-Hane                                                                                              

1X Wall of illusion                                                                                           

1X Mystical elf                                                                                                

1X Mask of darkness                                                                                         

2X Summoned skull                                                                                          

1X Neo the magic swordsman                                                                        

1X La jinn                                                                                                        

1X Rouge doll                                                                                                 

1X Mysterious puppeteer                                                                                 

1X Witch of the black forest                                                                           Magic                                                                                                              

1X card destruction                                                                                          

1X share the pain                                                                                              

1X monster reborn                                                                                           

2X soul exchange                                                                                              

1X Flute of summoning dragon                                                                        

1X swords of revealing light                                                                              

3X fissure                                                                                                         

1X sword of dark destruction                                                                            

1X remove trap                                                                                                 

1X change of heart                                                                                           

1X dark hole                                                                                                      

1X heavy storm                                                                                                 

2X de-spell                                                                                                       

1X block attack                                                                                                 

1X rageki                                                                                                          Traps                                                                                                                

1X Robbin' Goblin                                                                                              

3X trap hole                                                                                                      

1X mirror force                                                                                                   

1X waboku                                                                                                          

every wednsday at Forbidden Planet their is a tournament at 5pm. This was my second time entering a tornement and I have been collecting cards for a while but just recently started playing.                                                                         In this tornement i got picked to duel a seven-year old kid that had a eighty card deck. In the first duel she went first and hit me with two ookazi's and she summoned Neo,it was my turn i got two blue-eyes,Lord of D. and the flute of summoning dragon. I then used fissure on on her Neo then I heavy stormed her face down magic/traps then attacked for six thousand life points.Then she put a monster face down. I drew a sword of dark destruction and equipped to lord of D. since I didn't trust that face down card so I attacked with lord of D. and it was a man-eater bug but it could only kill lord of D. then I thought she would use waboku or mirror force but attacked any ways and destroyed her life points. The second duel she went first she didn't summon, then I went I played big-eye face down and put a trap hole face down. She then summoned battle ox and I activated trap hole and destoyed it. I drew a Summoned skull then used big-eyes effect and then used heavy storm then tributed big-eye to attack direct life points with summoned skull, she plays a monster face down then on my turn I use change of heart on her face down card I tribute it for my 2nd summoned skull then I reborn her battle ox and I finish off her life points.          In the second round I lost both duels in about 40 minutes to a a kid my age. then waiting for the 3rd round we played a friendly game and I won both duels. I had Lost my pot of greed and was very angry but I still had a good time. I felt sorry for the little girl I beat but she was an extreamly good sport. 

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