My Worser Beatdown Deck

Cardhaus, Seattle Wa

Ken C.




3 7 Colored Fish

3 Man Eater Bug

3 Wall Of Illusion

2 Magician Of Faith

2 Trap Master

2 Mask Of Darkness

2 Mystical Elf

3 La Jinn

3 Summoned Skull

2 Hane Hane

1 Barrel Dragon

2 Witch Of The Black Forest




3 Fissure

3 Tribute To The Doom (TTTD)

2 Soul Exchange

1 Card Destruction

1 Dark Hole

1 Change Of Heart (Holo)

1 Heavy Storm

1 Monster Reborn

1 Raigeki

1 Pot Of Greed



3 Trap Holes

3 Waboku

1 Mirror Force

1 Seven Tools

1 Solemn Judgement


About 17 people participated in dis tourny.


Well this is my third tournament and i really didnt do well this time. i messed up alot and made my deck more worser then before somehow. Before the tourny started i traded one of my kuriboh for a summon skull and pot greed.


1st Duel

Meah Vs. Sum lil beginner


well since he told me he wuz a beginner n wit basically both starter decks mixed together i knew this wuz gonna b a fast round. i wanted 2 giv him a chance n tell him basically almost all the basic rules but i kouldnt. he didnt put anything down to attack me with since he put all of his 5 stars and higher monsters without tributing.


1 win - 0 loss


2nd Duel

Meah Vs. Corell??? forgot his name  but he was at this tourny last week n i beat him last tym


Well this was pretty easy too but i dink hes pretty koo. hes not lyke sum peeps that take losing pretty bad. Well in this first duel we both had a pretty good hand. I sort of remembered his cards he had against me last tym. Well anyways i drew a summon skull soul exchange witch of the black forest tribute to the doom fissure and change of heart. i went second so i had a really good first turn. i drew and got pot of greed i used it and drew my heavy storm and monster reborn. i used heavy storm n wiped out his 2 traps n 2 wabokus. i used change of heart and tributed it for summon skull and attacked him. meah 8000 lp him 5500 lp. he put down a monster and fissured my summon skull. On my turn i drew another summon skull and used monster reborn 2 bring bak my summon skull and used soul exchange on his monster 2 bring my summon skull from my hand. He couldnt do anything so he put one monster face down. i drew solemn judgement and  put it face down. i put my witch of the black forest face down too. he put one magic or trap face down n tributed his monster for a summon skull he thought i had my mirror force or waboku so he didnt dare 2 attack any of my summon skulls so he attacked my witch and i brought another summon skull in my hand. i drew a magician of faith and put it face down. on his turn he one magic or trap face down. he attacked my magician of faith n i got my change of heart bak. i drew 7 tools n put it face down. i used change of heart on his summon skull and tributed it for my summon skull now i got three hehe and then i attacked wit full force 7500lp direct damage but he tried 2 use waboku but i used 7 tools and it was game. Second round he brought out his blue eyes really fast but i killed it wit fissure n monster reborned and wipe out his lp from then on. well i lyked that duel because he wasnt complainin or anything but i remembered he said he was too ashame 2 go up and tell them that he lost.


2 win - 0 loss


Practice Round


I asked to duel horomone(sumthin i 4got his name). He said ok and we went off to duel. All I remember was that we both had very good hands n played very skillfully. He knew i gotten new cards and gotten better. I knew he still has da same deck too. He jus beat my friend Curry and i knew he kept bringin out his black skull dragon. I know his combo and he alwayz waits untils he draw red eyes n summon skull together. we both had very low lifepoints left and we didnt want 2 attack because we will jus keep trap holin each otha. Well wen he finally drew out red eyes he tried 2 fuse them together and bring out black skull dragon wen i had no monsters n kould of died but i activated my solemn judgement. It destroyed his b skull dragon n i wuz lucky. After that i kept drawing monsters n attacked him.


3rd Duel

Meah Vs. Horomone(or sumthin i got bad memory but he was in da finalz wit meah last week)


well this wasnt an easy duel i barely won da last one. Before we officially dueled we were duelin each other in a practice round and i beat him 2-1. And wen they called up our name they said we were to face each other right after we jus that wuz gay. well i drew a good hand and he drew sum pretty good ones. I can't really remember dis one because it was pretty hard and too many moves to remember. All i know was one the first round he kouldnt bring out his good monsters. i won the first duel. On the second i remembered i made a dumb move n caused myself da match. I felt pretty stupid but i realized i kould of done nothing anyways since he had other things 2 counter my traps. On the third round this was pretty fast. All i could draw were my la jins and 7 colored fishes while he had summon skulls. i kouldnt do anything but b on the run. after he finally took out my entire defense he went in for the kill and i lost.


2 wins - 1 loss


i still kant believe i lost...i think i took that loss seriously but its ok wit meah. i still didnt understand why i kan win a practice round n lose da official one. o wellz. after i lost i kno i kan only go for third.


4th Duel

Meah Vs. a aite dood(forgot his name too)


i went up against this dood and he had a lord of d. combo lyke last tym. he was in da semis wit meah last week. this duel was pretty easy in both rounds i kept breakin down his defense and combos in his head. i destroyed his combo with solemn judgement and mirror force. After that the first round was mine his lp wuz damaged by his own blu eyes and summon skull. Second round he died da same way and basically no difference except that i killed him wit michael.......i mean hane hane haha. Hane hane reminds meah of this dood kuz it looked lyke him.


3 wins1 loss


5th Duel (finals for third place)

Meah Vs. sum lil kid 


I heard he had a mad a$$ deck. Everybody came because this was da last official duel.  It beat mah friend Curry's Deck. Well in this first round i used solemn judgement on his change of heart n took him out wit my 5 monster full force. On the second round he made a comebak. I drew the worst hand ever i kept drawing mah high hittin monsters while he drew combos. he took me out in bout 4 turns. and on the third round he took me out in bout 10 turns i drew nothin but weak cards and i didnt kno wut 2 do....i koudlnt make a comebak.


3 wins 2 losses.


i wuz really feelin down on dis one buts its all koo its not really big anyways i got next week too.

well im gonna edit my deck n hope 2 win next week c ya and thanx for reading



friend's dad for drivin us dere

Shawn for winning the tournament

duelers dat dun take losin seriously krew if they post dis up



me for losin badly n buildin da worse deck

me for takin one loss badly

duelers that take losin seriously


Ken C.

Aim: aziaonickenny

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