The tourney was on august 17 at Mavericks cards and comics in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I named this deck Superfly Superfluous because there is no use playing against it, it never loses =)  16 people, single elimination,  5$ entrance fee split the pot for the winner.

Creatures (25):
3 Cannon Soldier
3 Giant Soldier of Stone
3 Mystical Elf
3 Prevent Rat
3 Wall of Illusion
3 Man Eater Bug
2 Sangan
2 Witch of the Black Forest

Magic (12):
3 Last Will
3 Tremendous Fire
3 Ookazi
3 Final Flame

Trap (3):
3 Magic Jammer

1st Duel: Me vs. Couldn't BEATDOWN a Fly

       I drew last will, cannon soldier, Magic Jammer, Mystical Elf, and Ookazi.  He played 3 magic/trap face down and fliped up an Ultimate Offering to play Ryu-Kishin and then a summoned skull (ooo, scary!)  Then, my turn.  I played my entire hand except magic jammer and activated last will.  Then I activated Cannon Soldiers ability and sac'ed my elf to do 500 damage, got out a giant soldier of stone, so on and so forth.

2nd duel Me vs. What I believed to be a beatdown deck

       I drew cannon soldier, and last will, and prevent rat.  etc., etc.  I win easily

3rd duel Me vs. Dragon Destruction

First I played first, drew my six.  last will, witch of the black forest and some burners, not to mention magic jammer.  I played that, played witch of the black forest.  He tries to use flute of summoning dragon to get out TWO BEWD but I magic jammer'ed and drew cannon soldier my next turn, I win =).

4th and Final Duel Me vs. Exodia

Quick duel, he couldnt do anything except sit there and wait for me to draw my cannon soldier.  I think at the end he had 4 of 5 pieces in his hand but I got cannon soldier.  To bad for him, I win =)

I got alot more cards and am working on a dragon deck in addition to my Beatdown and Superfly =)