This was my second tournament. But it wasn't really like a tournament, it was actually a pre-league. I dueled one guy 3 times and won 2 out of the 3. Than i dueled another kid once and won. Here's the deck i used!
Mystical Elf-2
Harpie lady-2
Harpie Lady Sisters-2
Giant soldier of stone-2
Prevent Rat-2
Jirai Gumo-1
Man-Eater Bug-3
7 Colored Fish-3
La Jinn-1
Summoned Skull-2
Blue-Eyes White Dragon-1
Block Attack-2
Dian Keto-2
Elegant Egotist-2
Soul Exchange-2
Sword of deep seated-2
Change of heart-1
Tribute to the doomed-1
Dark hole-1
Pot of Greed-1
Monster Reborn-1
Trap Hole-2
Just Desserts-1
When i was at the pre-league harry potter tournaments were going on at the same time as the yugioh. I played 2 people. I don't know there names, but the kid i dueled 3 times help me out alot, he told me that at most you should have 5 tribute monsters in your deck. So I took out my 2 flame cerebrus's and put jirai gumo and another man-eater bug. I traded him my acid trap hole  and one of my trap holes for 2 dragon treasures and a tribute to the doomed. Than i dueled some other kid and trade him my seryui for his Suijin, and i traded some other kid my thousand dragon for his kazejin. I had fun and i'll be going back.
My name is D.j and you can contact me at