Brendan Braaten
Shot of Luck
Underground Games
Charlotte, NC
Aug. 18
Underground's largest tourney w/ 47 people!

Hey everyone, my name is Brendan and I am a Yugioh beginner. I went to Underground to get experience and have fun. It was single elimination, and if you lost, you can get back into the game. The entry fee was $5 and the prizes were pretty big. Here's the deck
Short of Luck (42)
1 Blue-eyes
2 Summoned Skull
3 7 colored fish
2 Battle Ox
2 Witch of Black Forest
1 Prevent Rat
1 Giant soldier of stone
1 Dark elf
1 Mystical Elf
1 Man-eater bug
1 Hane-Hane
1 Magician of Faith
1 Jirai Gumo
1 Neo the Magic Swordsman
1 Wall of Illusion

2 Fissure
1 Monster Reborn
1 Change of Heart
1 Tribute to the doomed
1 Card Destruction
1 Dark Hole
1 Sword of Dark Destruction
1 Sword of Deep Seated
1 Paralyzing Potion
1 Germ Infection
1 Soul Exchange
1 Block Attack
1 Stim Pack
1 Dian Keto

2 Trap Hole
2 Robbin' Goblin
1 Just Desserts
1 Waboku
1 Horn of Heaven

Round 1 -Stroke of Luck vs. Kevin
Ok, this round started out ok, I quickly got out Summoned Skull and destroyed his Bistro Butchers and Ryu-Kishin Powereds, the other round was similar but I got out 2 Summoned Skull instead of 1

Round 2- Stroke of Luck vs. Brandon
Hey, this guy sat next to me during round 1 and I think he was a little nervous because of the cards I played, I had also watched his cards and he played Lord of D., Flute of Summoning Dragon, Curse of Dragon and others that are common in the Starter Decks. I would say we were evenly matched. We played the 1st game and I got the worst hand of all w/ just useless magic and traps. When I did get a card out, he usually used fissure on it. In the end I had a   
Battle Ox out vs. Curse of Dragon and Lord of D. and he used Change of Heart and used B. Ox against me taking out my lifepoints. The second game was, unfortunately similar, because he had a good hand and I didn't. I lost both and now I was on the loser bracket. I learned from this duel that the most annoying card to play against, Fissure!

Round 3 vs. Kid with 60 card deck
This was a nice kid but he announced his strategies a little too much. I played alott of good cards and defeated him in the first game. He played Time Wizard and flipped wrong destroying all his monsters. In the second game, I had a summoned skull out w/ a man-eater bug and wall of illusion both in face-down defense mode, he played his monster and trapped holed it, he then laughed at his next draw for he believed the game was now in his favore. He played Reborn the Monster to bring back his discarded Blue-eyes White Dragon, I quickly played my trap card, Horn of Heaven and sacrificed my Man-eater bug. I won.

Round 4 vs. Matt
I went first and got 2 seven colored fish out. He put a paralyzing potion on 1 and played cards like Giant Soldier of Stone,( which I lost 300 pt.s for attacking w/ Battle Ox) ,La Jinn and 7 colored fish. He played Blue eyes, I trapped holed it and I won the first one. The second game was a battle between my summoned skull and whatever got in the way.I won the match

Top 8 Round 5 vs. a very skilled player.
Let me start by saying that this guy had the best sportsmanship and was really cool. I had a decent hand but nothing I played could withstand his deck, he kept on playing Swords of Revealing Light and brought them back with Magician of Faith. The best move I made was Reborn the Monster to bring back his Barrel Dragon( whick I got tails 2 turns in a row) to kill somethings. He quickly killed it and  I didn't win either battle and he went on to the top 4 which were all grown ups/ older teens w/ decks containing Raigeki, Magic Jammers, 7 tools, Heavy Storms, SoRL,
thousand dragon, and, you get the point.

I had a great time and I'm still improving my deck, talk to me, Brendan Braaten,, thanks for listening, bye!