My name is Johnathan Jarreau , i use this deck at turnaments that we have at a place called Little Wars in Baton Rouge , Louisiana , u can reach me on my aol screen name , jjisbigpappa , if yea wanna duel , are ask me questions about duel monster , i know almost every translation , and have , im my opinon and every one else i know , the best all american direct damage deck .

Thanks for your time to read this


1=Time wizard
3=Sanga of the thunder
2=Catapult turtles
1=Cannon soldier
2=Princess of tsurugi
2=Mask of darkness
1=Magician of faith
3=Dark elf
3=Jirai Gumo
3=Cocoon of evolution


2=Card destruction
1=Soul exchange
1=Pot of greed
3=Sword of deep-seated
1=Monster reborn
1=Changeof heart
2=Last wills
1=Swords of reveling lights

1=Solemn judgment
1=Mirror force
3=Castle walls
2=Magic jammers
1=7 tools of the bandit