this tournament took place in National City near downtown San Diego.  This an official Duelist King Tournament that took place 8/24.  I was very nervous because it was my first official tournament and it was elimination.  I knew the best people at my store from seeing them at Wizards of the Coast, Billy, Jason, and their friends. Entry fee was $5 and first place walked away with a tourney pack and 40 bucks store credit. 2nd got twenty, 3rd ten, 4th 5, and fifth I don't know. So every duelist entered their deck list and BTW there were about 60 ppl. This is my deck
                                         Shadow Magic 46 Cards

MONSTERS                                                                    M/T

3 Summoned Skulls                                            1 Mirror Force

3 La Jinns                                                            2 Solemn Judgments

3 7 colored Fish                                                  2 Magic Jammers           

2 Barrel Dragons                                                 2 Seven Tools

1 Time Wizard                                                    2 Trap Holes

2 Dark Elfs                                                           2 Wabokus

2 Magician of Faith                                              1 Change of Heart

2 Witch's                                                              1 Raigeki

1 Mask of Darkness                                              1 Swords of Revealing Light

2 Wall of Illusions                                                1 Heavy Storm

2 Man-Eater Bugs                                                 1  Tribute to the Doomed

                                                                            1 Card Destruction

                                                                            2 Soul Exchange

                                                                            1 Dark Hole

                                                                            1 Pot of Greed

                                                                            1 Monster Reborn

                                                                            1 Fissure


  So Anyway...The store owner told everyone to step outside. The line was huge, going from the store door to the street.  The manager came out and paired 30 people up for the first round after about 25 minutes. Everyone else waited outside.  I was part of the first group.  I was matched up with a Filipino guy named Dennis or DJ for short.  We were ushered to take a seat and wait.  We played a practice round and he won.  I was kinda holding back on him to throw him off.  He was still pretty good though.

1st Round vs. Dennis

   This was it, I could never forgive myself if I lost to this guy in the first round, remember it is elimination. So we started 2 out of 3. I don't really remember the first duel that much but I won fairly easily...

The second duel was a bit tougher though. We were both taking advantage of eachother when we could and it was going to be a win for him until I drew Dark Hole. And with nothing to counter it, his Summoned Skull, La jinn and any set monsters he had were destroyed. The heart of the cards really helped out there. We had about 5 turns of Magic and Trap draws. By that time I think he was winning me:1900 and him 2100. I finally drew a witch and set it. He set a card. My turn, I drew a Change of Heart, used it, and without flipping I tributed it for summoned skull, that was game. 2-0

  I was pretty relieved after that duel. It seemed like forever waiting for the other 30 kids to play. After about 45 minutes the 2nd round began.  I was up against some guy named Phong. I new nothing about him except that he was the best duelist in the store. This is it I thought

2nd Round vs. Phong

Are you scared he asked me as I sat down. "No" I lied. I really was scared. The best duelist in the store vs. a 1st timer. The first duel was tough, Solemn Judgment nearly killed him though.  In the end it was me 1500 and him 200. He had out SS, La Jinn, and a Jirai Gumo, and two M/T facedown. I had nothing except a seven tools of the bandit and magic jammer. It was my last hopeless turn. I drew a card, my eyes widened. Dark Elf. I threw it down, I attack La Jinn, bringing me down to 500 LP. He flipped over 2 Reinforcements and that was the end. The second duel was a slaughter. I died, I lost, I won a booster for participating and I went home disappointed. The booster had a White Magical Hat, ughhhhh. But the next day I heard that one of the guys who I could beat most of the time, Jason, won first place. I went onto Upperdecks tournament website to look at rankings. I couldn't believe my eyes!!! Phong is the #1 duelist in the country. I then didn't have any reason to feel bad. So i'll definitely go next week

Props to all the people at Comic Odysee (sp?) and the store manager for the tournament AND to Upperdeck for making such a great card game.

Slops to the idiots at WOTC who aren't really interested in Yu-Gi-Oh and just go to spoil other people's fun. Slops to my WOTC for canceling the tournament and not giving out good prizes.

I had a lot of fun!! I will probably be in the top five next time you hear from me. I might make it to the final 7th round. Ya never know. Happy Dueling