Subject: Killer Deck Report, Card Haus, WA
Deck Name: Dark Destruction
Name: Eric I.
Location: Card Haus, Seattle WA
Players: 15-20

Hey everyone,
Anyone remember me from my last Tournament report. Any way this tournament was totaly differnt
becuase there were bigger and better people here then last time. The prize was english &asian booster
packs. They wouldnt get there shipment of tournament packs till next week. But people in the top
4 get tournament packs if they come the week after or ask Dan to ship them to us. So heres my deck.
Its alittle bit differnt from the last time.

Barrel Dragon
3x Summoned Skull
3x La Jinn
3x 7 Colored Fish
3x Bisto Butcher
3x Dark Elf
3x Wall of Illusion
3x Man Eater Bug
2x Witch of the Black Forest
Big Eye
Magician of Faith

Swords of Revealing Light
Heavy Storm
Change of Heart
Soul Exchange
Dark Hole
Monster Reborn
Pot of Greed
Sword of Deep-Seated
Paralyzing Potion
Sword of Dark Destruction
3x Fissure

Solemn Jugment
Robbin Goblin
Seven Tools of the Bandit
3x Trap Hole
3x Waboku
2x Reinforcements
2x Reverse Trap

There were about 5 or 6 duels. There werent that many good duels so ill only tell you guys the one that I thought were importent.

Eric I. (Me) VS. Eric H.
  This duel was very interesting becuase this guy had bout aton of booster boxs. So his deck was good very good. And I knew his fighting styles
and I knew his.
  I played down a Man Eater bug on my first turn. He played a card in defence. And a couple of Magic and trap cards.
I played 2 trap and 1 magic cards face down. It was my turn I flipped my Man Eater Bug up to destroy his
monster. It was a magician of faith. Then I tributed it for my summoned skull he played trap hole. But I used
Seven tools of the bandit. But he had a 7 tools too. then I activated my solemn jugment. And he used one too.
I didnt have any thing to counter it. So were both down at 3500 LP. He played a La Jinn on the fleid. And attacked
so I was down at 1700. Then I drawed a fissure. I fissured but he used magic jammer. So it was gone. It was
his turn he played a Wall of Illusion in attack and equiped it with a sword of deap seated and attacked with both monsters.
  That was my first lost. So my score was now 5 wins 1 loss (Now that means Ill come in 2nd or 3rd place
if I dont loss agian.)

Eric I. (Me) VS. Ken C.
  You may have herd of this guy from one of his last tournament reports. I wasnt at the last tournaments so
I didnt know what his fighting style was. This duel was the only one going on. So every one was croding
around us to see the duel. It was the final duel to find out whos in the top 4. I was wondering why top 4?
  Owell the duel began I layed down a Dark Elf will one magic it was a hevy storm face down. Then it was his turn
he only played one defence monster down. It was my turn agian drawed a man eater bug. Placed it down face down.
Then played a trap hole on the fleid face down. It was his turn he played a la jinn down. I trap holed. Then played
two magic or trap cards face down. Then it was my turn I drawed a Summoned Skull. I first hevey stormed. Then fliped
my man eater bug to destroy his face down monster it was a Mystical Elf it was destroyed. I tributed my
man eater bug for my summoned skull. And then equitped my Dark elf with sword of deep seated. I attacked him
5000 LP dirrectly. He didnt have any monster but he played down a magic or trap card. I played a Wall of Illusion
face down in defece in case he has mirror force. I attacked him he had mirror force but I used solemn jugment lost half my life points
to nageat Waboku I won. The duel

I came in 3rd place tied with the other Eric since we both had one loss. I got a English Metal Raiders pack got a magician of faith. And got
an asian Left Legg of Exodia. And ill get 2 tournament packs in the mail. Then later then I tought the owner Dan how to play Yu-Gi-Oh! The only reason I did that is becuase
ill get a free metal raiders booster pack. I tought him and got the pack only got a Harpies Ladys Sisters.


1. For my bro for going ez on me.
2. Me for winning 3rd place
3. For my Bro and friends who went to the tournament.
4. My parents who drove us there.
5. Ken C. and other people who traded me good cards.
6. The people who didnt get made after beating them.


1. My friend Eric H. for coming. I thought he wasnt till the morning. And that sucked!
2. People that wanted some of my cards but didnt have anything I wanted. Then start talking shit. 

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