Subject: Eliminator Stormwatch Wizard's Tower Ottawa
Well hello there folks,
here is the tourney at the Super-Ex
People participating 100 (I know it was expected at 200, but, there wasn't that much publicity for it, which was a bad thing, as Wizard's Tower was in the hole 1700 bucks by the end.  aka they didn't break out even)
Prize: hey, there was prizes today, but, there was many different tournaments.
Tournament A (the main one)
Tournament B & C (the two subsidary ones, for people who arrived a bit late, or got knocked out of A, or if in the C tourney, they got knocked out of both)
Sealed Deck Tournament
Pair Tournament (you chose a partner, and dueled in partners, not sure how this worked out)
Okay, Tournament A is the Big one, and nearly everyone started in that one, since it was the sanctioned one of the lot, and had the bigger prizes.  Box of Metal Raiders to the Winner, half box to second place, and a quarter box to third and fourth place and evidently fifth place)
This tourney was held at the super Ex, and definitely could have used some more publicity, but, was still really fun.
Anyways, without further ado, my deck.
Creatures = 22
2 Summoned Skull
3 Jirai Gumos
2 Dark Elf
3 La Jinn
3 7 Coloured fishes
2 Cannon Soldiers
2 Sangans
2 Witch of the Black Forest
3 Man-Eater Bugs
Magics = 13
1 Raigeki
1 Dark Hole
1 Change of Heart
1 Monster Reborn
1 Pot of Greed
3 Fissure
2 Card Destruction
2 Heavy Storm
1 Tribute To The Doomed
Traps = 6
3 Trap Hole
1 Mirror Force
2 Solemn Judgment
Creatures to Magic/traps ratio:  22:19
well now, different from before.  Took out the swords, and didn't mind too much.  It was a crutch that I used, although, it was a nice crutch.  added the Second Solemn and the Second Cannon Soldier, hmmm, a nice addition methinks.  Very helpful.  Only had one Tribute to the Doomed, which, although, it might have been a bit more useful with two, it could have hurt me more, I don't know.   Took out the Magical Hats and the Masked Sorcerer, didn't mind so much.  But, there isn't really a place to cut my deck down to forty cards.  there is however, a sideboard/sidedeck, that is always in constant flux.
So, I went, and sat around for a bit, talked with my kid brother, who I brought along, and got something to eat.  I didn't know they started registering, but even then, decided to register at a later time, to get more people up and playing.  I ended up on the fourth sheet.
Anyways, after eating my Poutine, and wandering around way too much, I finally get to Duel.  As this was a big enough tourney, there was many volunteers, I could have, but, Cole was the main judge, and, if he couldn't answer a ruling on cards, I could.   This was a good thing as Barry, my judge, doesn't play, but volunteered anyways.
First note, props to EVERYONE who volunteered.  You all did a great job.
Anyways, I am paired with Cameron.
Duel one
Cam = 8000 - 6450 - 4450 - 3050 - 2050 - 0
Jacob/SW(me) = 8000 - 7000 - 6000
Well, I know my Dark Elf attacked twice, but thats all I can really remember.  He played a Dark Hole on it, and his Magician of Faith, and then my next one came out right after it.
Duel Two
Cam = 8000 - 4200 - 0
Jacob/SW(me) = 8000 - 7000 - 6800 - 5800
He hit me with a Sangan here at some point, one of the thousand damages.  I also flushed out a Giant soldier of Stone with a La Jinn/7 Fishy (they are close to the same in my books) and fissured it.  the attacked him with the 1800, Dark Elf.  Next turn it was that and something else, which killed him, if I am not mistaken.  Note, this guy played Fusions, with a Dark Magician, and some Summoned Skulls.  Not sure of the rest, those were what I saw when he Card Destructed.
Well, that was done, then I had to wait for everyone else to finish, as the matches were all being timed, which I didn't mind.
MATCH TWO vs. Matt
Duel One
Matt = 8000 - 5100 - 800 - 0
Jacob/SW(me) = 8000 - 7800
I got hit with a sparks.  Okay, I had to explain to this lad about sacrificing for the amount of stars.  You know, 5 and 6 stars, sacrifice one, 7 and 8 stars, sacrifice two.  So I got hit with a Sparks.
Duel Two
Matt = 8000 - 6200 - 3000 - 0
Jacob/SW(me) = 8000 - 7500
I got hit with a Hinotoma, and, I killed a Mammoth Graveyard.  And this kid put Reaper of the Cards and Megami in set position, without sacrificng, oh boy.  I got hit with Hinotoma.  Shrugs.  I was done before nearly everyone else had started, or before one match on my sheet had started.  so, i had some time to kill.  I got a Pepsi and stepped outside (hey, I'm at the Super-ex, so there are plenty of people to talk to, and, if I had the urge, I would have gone on some of the rides between matches)
Anyways, after awhile, a long while, my next match had come up. 
Duel one
Mike = 8000 - 8500 - 5600 - 3800 - 0
Jacob/SW(me) = 8000 - 7000 - 6500
I attacked a wall with a Sangan, and then, somehow took 500 damage, not sure how.  Oh, and I figured it would have been a 2000 defender, but thought, oh hey, why not I got two fissures to back it up.  And, then, my creatures came into play.
Duel Two
Mike = 8000 - 6200 - 4200 - 0
Jacob/SW(me) = 8000 - 7000 - 6300 - 5300 - 4300 - 2800
Well, Mike played the Blue-Eyes combo, he also had Dragon Piper.  I know I dealt most of the damage to myself, and I trap Holed his Blue-Eyes, but, I am not sure If I reborned it or not.
Anyways, lets take a quick recap of everything that has transpired so far.  Daniel, was on the second sheet I think, and was knocked in the first round by Jeff and his Exodia.  Sothy beat out Kyle (I think anyways) and lost to Jeff in the finals.  Jeff is a guy that found my tourney reports, and is on my MSN list.  He wanted to play Exodia, and did a fair job of it, but I am still not sure how he got Exodia so fast.  And, I think the second time he beat Daniel, he needed to break up his Exodia.  Cause getting it like that fast, must have been either extra ordinary luck, or not breaking up Exodia.  Not breaking up Exodia also has another effect, if it happens to be near the bottom, it could take awhile for you to get the Sangan or Witch needed to pull it.
Aldin won his Sheet already, and Jason was waiting to take on the finals for his sheet, and Jeff won his sheet, so, there was two sheets left.
Now, me and David took awhile to get started, he played with his son, and then took his son to the bathroom, which I didn't mind at all.  Quality time for them, I won't interfere, we will duel soon, and I stepped outside to gather my thoughts.  Then I went to check on my little brother, he was doing allright.  Although, in my match with david, he suddenly became hungry, so I gave him some money to go buy himself something to eat and drink.
MATCH FOUR finals of the page vs. David
Duel One
David = 8000 - 6200 - 4400 - 2200 - 2100 - 0
Jacob/SW(me) = 8000 - 4000 - 2300
well, I attacked twice with an 1800.  Then a Jirai, then I had no creatures, and he attacked with a Battle Ox.  I attacked and killed it with a La Jinn, and then a Cannon came out the next turn to finish him off.
Duel Two
David = 8000 - 6000 - 4000 - 3500 - 1300 - 0
Jacob/SW(me) = 7000 - 6000 - 5100 - 2550 - 1225 - 613
Jirai did a lot of damage, and Dark Elf did the first couple of damages.  along with him hitting me with a Masked Sorcerer.  He pulled no Trap Holes both games, not good for him.  I also Solemn Judgmented something near the end.
So, I won my sheet, now, there are 5 sheet winners, this is where it gets really weird, and I really do NOT envy Kathy on having to figure out the scores for this.
OKay, well, it was all done like this, everyone rolled a twenty sided die, and whomever got the lowest number had a bye.  The next round, the other two have to figure out who was going to face the person with the bye.
So, Amanda rolls a 13, Mike a 16, me a 2, Aldin a 20, and Jeff a 6.  So i get the bye, how funny.  Luck is really strange sometimes.
So, Jeff and Mike face off, and Aldin and Amanda face off.  I am stepping in to do the scores for Amanda and Aldin, and also to act as a judge.  And then, the head Judge Cole, has to figure something out about the other tournaments, so I am in charge of the finalists and making sure everything stays sane and coherent.  Well, the second part I accomplished.  The first part, well, I probably would never had a chance of keeping things sane in any environment, I have to deal with me, and, I do not take myself as normal. 
Keep in mind that nobody is allowed to interfere.  This was made absolutely crystal clear, and the games can be watched, but, all specatators should not try to do or say anything, that could give one player an advantage.
Aldin Vs. Amanda
Something-Finals Part One
Duel One
Aldin = 8000 - 6900 - 3500 - 3300
Amanda = 8000 - 6900 - 6200 - 2600 - 0
Yeah, I can't remember what was done here.  I know Aldin was playing a beatdown deck, and Amanda won through luck and not the best of opponents except for Jason earlier.  Aldin won this one, and, well, before the tournament started, I tweaked his deck, to make it run more efficiently. 
Duel Two
Aldin = 8000 - 7500
Amanda = 8000 - 5500 - 3700 - 0
OKay, this Duel went by exceptionally fast.  Aldin won, Amanda needs to tighten up her deck, as it is very unpredictable, and that is not good.
Something-Finals Part Two
Jeff vs. Mike
Jeff won with his Exodia deck.  Not sure how many Duels, I just asked The head Judge to make sure it went okay while I stepped outside.
So, it was down to me Jeff and Aldin.  and one of them now needed a bye, for the Final match, while the other would face me.
Aldin got to face me, so Jeff watched, and I did the lifepoints, as always.  Note, the only match this tournament, was with David, where we both did the life points.  But I count down from 800, while he adds up damage.  We both understand are own way better, but I find myway is better for figuring out when you lose half you life points. 
So me vs. Aldin
Something-Finals Part Three
Duel One
Aldin = 8000 - 4400 - 3000 - 0
Jacob/SW(me) = 8000 - 6200 - 4400 - 2200
We both slugged blows at eachother, as typical as two beatdown decks do.  Its like a weird wresting match, when two beatdowns go at it.  Okay, now, I can't remember the exact sequence of events, as they are all jumbled up for the finals that I played in.  Nasically, when he was at 4400, I attacked a facedown crature with my Jirai, and then hit him with my Cannon Soldier.  My next turn, he might might have played something, I don't remember, but, he died on my next attack.  Probably in combination with another creature.
Duel Two
Aldin = 8000 - 6200 - 4200 - 2100 - 1050 - 0
Jacob/SW(me) = 8000 - 6200 - 4400 - 3400 - 2400 - 2000 - 1000
Okay, we started very similiar to the last game, both exchanging blows to eachother.  Then, my self damaging style took over, and really started putting pressure on him.  It got kinda weird their.  But, I countered something with my Solemn Judgment, and needed only to hit him once, with something.  At this time, you pray they don't have a Dark Hole.  Aldin didn't, so, my next turn, I think I killed him with Cannon Soldier, but not sure, I might have launched everything at him, or attacked.  But I am pretty sure it was with Cannon Soldier.
So, its now my Beatdown vs. Jeff's Exodia.  I know he has red my tourney reports, so he knows my deck.  He also knows that I pack two Card Destructions main deck.  Moreso for my own personal use, but against Exodia, they are handy as well.
Something-Finals Part Four, The Last Chapter
(oh hey, why not, needed something witty for this really oddball arrangement of finalists)
Duel One
Jeff = 8000 - 6200 - 4400 - 0
Jacob/SW(me) = 8000 - 7950 - 7900 - 3950 - 1975
Yeah, my beatdown was halted by two Walls of Illusions, they can be a pain, but, I was planning on using a Dark Elf, but they kept on getting Trap Holed.  But, I had a Jirai in my hand.  Although, I think I Dark Holed them, or he did, or something like that.  But, he got hit twice with 1800s.  But, he took 4400 in one shot, so, probably a double Jirai there, but not totally sure.  Oh, and I pulled a Card Destruction, but waited several turns, and then used it.  I nailed four pieces of Exodia.
Duel Two
Jeff = 8000 - 6650 - 4400 - 3400 - 600
Jacob/SW(me) = 8000 - 7950 - 7900 - 6800 - 4600 - 1450 - 900 - 0
Well, it started off with me having to deal with two Walls of Illusions, oh the joy.  and nearly everything else got bounced or killed.  It became really tight later on.  When I card Destructed and got one piece.  (all I need)  But, he ended up killing me with a Wall of Illusion.  Very close game though.
Duel Three
Jeff = 8000 - 5100 - 4000 - 1100 - 0
Jacob/SW(me) = 8000 - 6200 - 3100
Well, I can't remember the starting sequence, but I was told afterwards that he started with a piece of Exodia, Dark Hole, Raigeki, and Change of Heart, against me, and I went first.  Well, he changed of hearted my Fishy, and had his Witch kill my witch, so they both died, and we both got something, then he attacked me with my own Fishy.  I got my Fishy back, and played my Jirai, and attacked him for 4000, leaving him at 1100.  Then, he played something, and I killed it with my Jirai, after card Destructing of course.  I waited several turns again, and only got one Piece, but hey, I'll take whatever I can get, and I got his raigeki.  My witch killed him.  He was kinda dumbfounded, but, I explained that I had attacked with, first my Witch and my fish, to deal the first lot of damage.  2900, which equals 5100 left for him.  Then dealt 4000 in one turn, then 1100 with my Witch.  I love my Witch of the Black Forest.
and so, I won a ox of Metal Raiders, wowsers, I was kinda shocked that I got the prize.  First time I play for a prize at one of these tourneys.
Anyways, me and Jeff had to have our picture taken before and after the match, getting our prizes.  I am not sure how Jeff was feeling, but I know I must have been blushing like a maniac.  I will put the site up next week, in my tourney report, which should have the pictures in by then.
Unless of course, you want to go to my first tourney reports in July, as their is a link there.
Anyways, if you are curious as to what I got, it was a lot of silver writings, a Suijin, Sanga, Heavy Storm, Solemn Judgment, Harpy Lady sisters, Change of Heart, and a Thousand Dragon.  So, some useful cards, but many I can trade. 
Not really anything I need.  Although, getting another Shield and Sword is nice.  But, for me, the more useful cards I got where
Dark Elf, Solemn Judgment, Heavy Storm, Sangan, White Magical Hat, Robbin' Goblin, Masked Sorcerer, Magician of Faith, and a Shield and Sword.  The Silver writings can be very useful.  But, as I already got what I need or can use of these, its more of saving these for later, or, trading them off to others.
Anyways, now for my deck.  Well, I am liking how it is right now.  This deck, has very few problems to it.  The problems it can incounter, I need to sideboard to adjust to the circumstances.  But, not so much as you think, with a little luck at least.  This deck has to worry about breaking through defenses, as its taxing work.  Also, it could worry about Robbin Goblin, among other things, but Two heavy Storms Main deck are also good against that.  Card Destruction is for disruption on the enemies plans, getting a life saving card I need faster, or hurting Exodia.  Moreso the two first reasons, hence why I have two, cause, if you need something asap, a card Destruction is a fast way to get at it, although, it can help your opponent more than hinder.  Cannon Soldiers add that extra direct damage oomph to the opponent, and can do some killing blows.  Cannon Soldier also works with Change of Heart, and my Witches and Sangans, which people rarely want to kill off.
Anyways, that seems all for now, although, I think this is a weirder tourney report than normal, its been a weird day.  plus, the last two days I have been fighting my allergies, so its been really fun.
Props and Slops
All the Volunteers (wow, you guys did a great job)
nearly all the duelists at the tourney.
The top five finalists
Kathy (man, she has to do a ton of work for these things, before, after, and during, but, its always great chatting with her.)
Dave for hosting the event, even though ending up being 1700 buck short of breaking even.
My kid Brother Kevin, who had a ball, and even though he lost a lot, he just went their to have fun.  And he had a ball. 
Mike, for opening two extra Booster boxes and handing out the packages to people from Tournament B, when he should not have.
To the ill-mannered duelists who started cursing at the head judge.
And for their not being as much advertising as there should have been.  Big slop, make future not that this will be corrected.  (sorry, making a mental note of this)
And to Duelists who have the Rule Book, yet fail to read the rules.  Especially in Tributing monsters.
Now, since that is my second Props and Slops, I'll throw togethor some quick words of advice.
Anyone is beatable.
Always go into a match to win.   When you doubt yourself, you have to fight not only your opponent, but your own doubt, which can be really tough.
No deck is unbeatable.
Speed Kills (a biggie, whether its getting Exodia, setting up a defense, or using a fast offense, they all require a person to get set up and take control the fastest.)
And, the best thing, be respectful to everyone, and Have fun.
Jacob Woloshin
send feedback or whatever to
Happy Dueling

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