Deck Name: Blitzkrieg Deck
My Name: Alexei Yegorov
Store Name: Amazing Heroes
Location: Union, NJ
Date: Sunday, 08/18/02
Number of PArticipants: 20

My Deck: que the Drumroll...
Mon lvl 7-8

Mon lvl 5-6
3-Summoned Skull

Mon lvl 4 and below
3-La Jinn The...
3-7 Colored Fish
3-Man Eater Bug
2-Witch of the Black Forest
2-Jirai Gumo
2-Big Eye
1-Hane Hane
1-Dark Elf

Magic Cards
1-Tribute to the Doomed
2-Soul Exchange
1-Change of Heart
1-Reborn the Monster
1-Dark Hole
1-Sword of Deep-Seated

Trap Cards
3-Trap Hole
1-Mirror Force
1-7 Tools of the Bandit
1-Robbin' Goblin

This was my second tournament ever, and I was very excited since I won the first one. This time there was a managable number of people we played best out of 3 duels. In the first round I had to play an exoert duelist. The kid was really skilled, and I was quickly defeated in the first duel since in about 4 turns I was only able to get out 3 monsters. I then shuffled my deck very thoroughly and worked up a working strategy. I spent my first turn without any monsters in my hand. I thought I was done for, but then I drew a summoned skull out of my deck. I used soul Exchange and brought him out to do mass damage. I then quicklly finished that duel victorious. Our last duel was a long and drawn out one. we kept countering each others plays, whenever one of us came up with a brilliant combo, the other countered with one that was even more brilliant. When it finally ended, I was victorious. My next duels were pretty easy. I faced one noob, and I sent him packing in about 3 minutes. My next challenger halfed his chances of winning by using solem judgement his first turn to counter my trap hole, just to find out that I also had a Waboku on the field. He had good cards, but in two quick duels, he was outta there. In the quaterinal, I faced a good friend of mine, who was also a very skilled duelist with a deck similar to mine. First duel I won relatively quick because he was unable to get any monsters out. THe second duel was very close. in the beginning of the game he did a mas attack on my life points when he used Change of Heart. I was left with a mere 1500 life points. I though that I lost this one, but I quickly found myself workig a come back. I drew som evital cards, and reduced his life points to 400. I was left with a Dark Elf, a La Ginn, and 2 face down monsters on hi side of the field. I attacked with la Ginn and destroyed his sangan. I then used my Change of Heart and brought over his Man eater Bug to my side of the field. I flipped it and sent my very own dark elf to my side of the field. I then attacked with him to en the duel. The other semi finalist wasn't a very good duelist and I beat him very quickly. The kid that made it to the finals was NOT a deserving duelist. I beat him in less time then it takes me to play solitare. I removed his monsters from the field with magics and traps, and  then I assaulted his LP with high attack mons like Summoned Skull and BEWD. All in all I got first place to continnue my wining streak. God I hope I win my next tourney. I checked my stats this morning and I was 58th in the country. Pretty nice considering taht I don't spend all my money on cards. THe store owner didn't recieve tournament boosters that week, so I got 3 LOBWD boosters and 1 MR booster. I really want to get my tourney boosters though, just so I could get Mechanical Chaser.

Alexei Yegorov
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