The Legend of the Shadows Deck
Matthew "The Shadow" Sita
Wizards of the Coast
Springfield, VA
August 3rd, 2002
About 24 participants

     What's up everyone?  The Shadow is back yet again with yet another Killer deck report.  All the people who saw Part 1 of Legend of the Shadows knew that I got 4th place while Kyle got 3rd, Brendon got 2nd, and Jeffery got 1st (again).  This time, I felt that I can do WAY better than I did before.  Well, just tellin everyone, the Shadow repair his deck again so let me introduce to you the new (and improved) Shadow deck:

Monsters (20):
2 Mask of Darkness (for my Mirror Force)
3 Man-Eater Bug (weak stats+good effect=0wnage)
3 7 Colored Fish (Fishie #1 now)
2 Wall of Illusion (high DEF+killer effect=unbreakable)
3 La Jinn (It's cool)
2 Magician of Faith (Like the Limp Bizkit song; gotta have the faith.)
3 Summoned Skull (What would u inspect?  It's has 0wnage written all over it)
2 Witch of the Black Forest (To get the Summoned Skull)

Magic (14):
1 Dark Hole (Everyone go down the hole)
1 Monster Reborn (tsk tsk tsk...shouldn't have discarded that Barrel Dragon)
2 Swords of Revealing Light (NO ATTACKING FOR YOU!)
1 Change of Heart (bad restrictions...BAD!)
2 Heavy Storm (I know he has a Raigeki, Mirror Force, and a Dark Hole in there [draws Heavy Storm] HA-HA!)
1 Raigeki (You go down the hole.)
2 Tribute to the Doomed (The Fissure that kills all.)
1 Pot of Greed (bad restrictions)
3 Fissure (Awnaw a sole Barrel Dragon...HA-HA)

Traps (10):
2 Magic Jammer (NO a Raigeki...I don't think so.)
3 Trap Hole (Take out that Summoned Skull)
2 Waboku (Thank goodness it's global)
2 7 Tools of the Bandit (NNNNOOOO!!  A Mirror Force...Ha-HA.)
1 Mirror Force (Why? Why are there 3 Barrel Dragons and 2 Summoned Skull...Sayonara monsters)

     This is my monster removal deck.  This deck lost only twice ever since I finished creating it.  Paul decided that since there were too many people in the last tournament (31-33), he made a fix amount.  Most of them were beginners, while others were hotshot duelists.  Well, let me tell you the story before I forget it.

1st Match
The Shadow vs Joel (a beginner deck)
Round 1: He didn't get a single life point off of me.  All i had to use was SoRL, Jinn, and Fishie 2 beat him.

Round 2: He got 100 Life points off of me...that's when I said "You mess with the deck, you go 2 heck." and brought out 2 Summoned Skulls to crush him.


During the 2 rounds, Paul said that if you lose the next match, you might have a second chance.  So I hoped for the better.

2nd Match
Shadow vs. Eric (White Magical Hat beatdown)
Round 1: He crushed me.  He brought out Summoned Skull and La Jinn on me and took out my life points.

Round 2: This was where I got revenge.  I was the one who got a good Skull when I Heavy Stormed, Change of Hearted his monster, and tributed for the Skull, brought out SoRL, and took out his life points.

Round 3: At first, he was winning.  I had 2800 Life points while he had 1300.  He reborned my Summoned Skull and attacked for 2500.  I was down to 300 Life Points.  I drew...Monster Reborn!!!  I Fissured, reborned my Skull, and attacked his Life Points.   Probably the hardest match I ever had.

During rounds 2 and 3, Paul did something VERY evil.  Since we had 7 people going on, Paul decided to have a drawing from all but one of the players that were going on. Those players would have to pick a index card with all the people that lost the second round's names at random.  The name on that card is eliminated.  Paul randomly chose from the "winners" pile and the first person that had to pick a name  At first I was like no I don't want to eliminate anyone, so Paul said either eliminate someone or I'll eliminate YOU, so I had to pick a card.  I was hoping to eliminate Jeffery since he lost the second round to Jimmy.  I randomly picked a card out of Paul's "loser" pile and I picked up...Blain. NNNNOOOO!  Not Blain!  The last person I wanted to pick up was Blain.  Well, Blain was eliminated, but so was Eric, Nicholas, one by one a person was eliminated until it was down to 2 Jeffery's card and Carlos's card.  The person drew and it was...JEFFERY!  Jeffery is eliminated and was not taking it well.  Anyways, all but 1 was eliminated and we continued.

Shadow vs. MAX?!?!  Max was a former champion of this tournament and now I have to face him?!  Dang.  Sucks to be me.  The winner of this goes on to the Semifinals

Round 1: This round was all Max.  He got out Summoned Skull out easily and obliterated me.

Round 2: This was when the tables turned.  I managed to bring out my defensive monsters and decked him out.

Round 3: This one was probly the easiest round I had the whole day. I had in my first hand a 2 SoRL, Magician of Faith, SS, and Trap Hole.  I managed to stun him for a total of 9 turns and the only damage I took was when I offered 1000 Life Points for 7 Tools.

Shadow vs. Jimmy (Barrel Dragon deck)

Round 1: Jimmy got me with his famous combo:TttD my face-down Witch (offering Barrel Dragon), reborned Barrel, Changed of Heart my La Jinn, offered it for the Skull and crushing me.

Round 2: I figured out Jimmy's weakness, if I can just stall with the right cards, I can deck him out.  That's what I just did with my Magic Jammers and 7 Tools, which caused him to deck out and run out of plans.

Round 3: Even though I knew his weakness, he knew that sometimes, I have VERY bad luck and that's what happened.  He beat me because of my card's bad sense of timing and did his famous combo again.

     Well, since I lost I still have to fight for 3rd & 4th place again.  Saul and Kyle were fighting to see who would face Jimmy.  Kyle won because of his "lack of skill."  So I had to face Saul.

Round 5
Shadow vs. Saul
Round 1: He couldn't get any good monsters out and I beat him.

Rounds 2 & 3: It went downhill for me for the next 2 rounds as he crushed me with HIS famous combo Masked Sorcerer & White Magical Hat and whenever I got a SoRL out, he Heavy Stormed it away.

I checked the match between Jimmy and Kyle and Jimmy crushed him singlehandly.  So Jimmy got $25 for being in 1st place, Kyle got 3 1st Edition Metal Raiders boosters, Saul got 2 and I got 1.  I got the Princess of Tsurugi in mine and Pal confessed that my booster was already opened and since I gave him my whole booster, he bought me a second one which I got a Witch of the Black Forest.  The best card that sum1 got was Kyle's Koriboh (that card's bad already(Thinks back to Part 1) stupid furball).  Well, time for Props & Slops

-to me for getting a awesome deck.
-to my mom for buying me a 2nd 7 Tools, Magic Jammer, & SoRL 2 help my deck (Thanks mom)
-to Paul for buying me another booster (Thanks Paul)
-to Eric for having to be one of the hardest duelist I had to face around here and for taking that lost easily.
-to Popeye's chicken for being the best chicken in VA again (this is goin 2 be a Prop 4ever.)
-to Jeffery & Saul for helping me make this deck.
-to the person who eliminated Jeffery (right on)

-to me for eliminating Blain (sorry Blain)
-to me for getting another Witch of the Black Forest (useless card)
-to Princess of Tsurugi for being an annoying card I keep on pulling out of boosters (stupid card)
-to Kyle for stacking (cheater)
-to anyone else I missed

     Well, there goes another legend in the making, but it's not over yet.  Its far from over.  If you want 2 contact me, e-mail me at or IM me at SpedyMatt.  Until Part 3, this is the Shadow saying I'm out.  As Mr. Myagi would say, Sayonara.