Subject: Reaper's Deck of Shadows - Tourney Report
I played in a tournament in New York, New York at Hurricane Collectibles july 28. heres the deck:
Witch of Black Forest
Magician of Faith x3
7 Colored Fish x2
Hane Hane
Wall of Illusion x2
Unhappy Maiden
Lajinn x3
Man Eater Bug x 2
Jirai Gumo x2
Aqua Madoor
Summoned Skull x2
Barrel Dragon
Sanga of Thunder
Ryu Kishin x3
Shadow Ghoul
Total: 28
Reinforcements x2
Sword of Deep Seated x2
Robbin Goblin
Last Will
Trap Hole x3
Card Destruction x2
Soul Exchange x 2
Waboku x2
Dark energy x3
Tribute to the Doomed
Fissure x 3
Change of Heart
Yami x3
Sword of Dark Destruction x2
Monster Reborn
Total:30 :(
I want to keep it dark and have enough powerups
but i need to burn cards
5 people competed and everyone played each other twice (ex: i played every other contestant twice) and the 2 duelists with the highest record square off in the championship. Here's how it went......
Match 1: Me vs. Taylor
This kid was weak and how too many weak cards in his deck and had 3 remove trap and despells :(
Duel 1:Me:8000;7900
      Taylor:8000;6500, 4700, ???, 0
Ok, he started off ok w/ lajinn and jirai gumo while i only had 7 colored fish. however, he tried to send out a dark magician :( and i trap holed it. it happened 3 times that he tried sending out a high leveled monstesr and i trap holed them. then he managed to get blue eyes out but i had sanga of thunder face down :). he attacked it and last 2200 damge or something. i think i fissured it and he only had like 300 life left and i finished him off with magician of faith!!
Standings after 1 duel:
Paul 1-0
Gustavo 0-0
Taylor 0-1
Sebastian 0-1
Duel 2:
Ok, i did 8000 direct damage on 1 turn
had cannan soldier (from side deck), blue eyes, and change of hearted someone he had. i did 7000 damage attacking and launched them with canno soldier.
Match 2: Me vs. Sebastian
Duel 1
Sebastian:8000; 0
Again i pulled off the 8000 direct damage trick (cept this time it was like 8500)
Duel 2:
Me: 8000, 5500, 3000
Sebastian:8000, 5500, 2800, 1000, 0
Finally a duel that was sorta worth my time. He attacked me w/ a summoned skul on the second turn after i flipped his man eater bug during my first turn.i had no one on the field for 2 turns so he brought to 3000 quickly.but i change of hearted summoned skull and attacked him directly. next i played a monster and i was my magician of faith. he flipped it i got bak change of heart. played it and attcked w/ summoned sskull after playing man eater bug face down. he attacked it and died. i played lajinn and won.
Standings after 4 duels
Me 4-0
Paul 4-0
Gustavo 2-0
Sebastian 0-4
Taylor 0-4
Match 3 me vs paul
Duel 1
me 8,000, 3000, 500, 0
Paul 8000, 7800
he whooped me w/ his summoned skull and when i finally fissured it (i had 500 life left) he had a jinzo # 7 to kill my remianing life.
Duel 2
me 8000, 7500
paul 8000, 2900, 400, 0
I whooped him. got out summoned skull and barrel dragon early. cleared his field thanx to barrle dragon and attacked him down to 2900 he killed my barrel dragon w/ tttd played someone and i trap holed it. played i cannon soldier attacked w/ summoned skull then launched him.
Standings after 6 duels
Gustavo 4-0
Me 5-1
Paul 5-1     
Sebastian 0-4
Taylor 0-6
I had a bye this time around but the 2 worst played each other (taylor and sebastian) and taylor whooped seb both times. paul and gustavo split. so now the records r
Me 5-1
Gustavo 5-1
Paul 6-2
Taylor 2-6
Sebastian 0-8
Final Match Me vs /gustavo
I dont remember this much xept for the fact that he didnt get ANY monsters thats right NONE. so the final standings are:
Me 7-1
Paul 6-2
Gustavo 5-3
Taylor 2-6
Sebastian 0-8
Championship - me vs paul in a 1 duel battle
ok he both started w/ jirai gumo
and BOTH got fissured
then we both had lajinn
it was crazy
at one points we both had 5 monsters on teh field still at 8000 life points each at like the 7th turn. i drew......
i got....
raigeki played it and flipped over all my cards which were, sanga ov thunder, aqua madoor, 2 ryu kishin (i had yami on teh field) and i think magician ov faith. ( i got raigeki bak but it didnt matter cuz my attack power was over 8000). i was so glad that he had alredy plaeyed his miror force in a similar situation. anyway i won
i won!! and got a gift certificate for a magic rulers box. (but i still havent receieved it) pleez give my some advice and try to keep it mostly fiend so i can use my powerups well