John Sheng
Hurricane Collectibles
Forest Hills, New York
7/28/02 3:00 PM
32 Participants
3 Summoned Skull
3 La Jinn the Mystical Genie
3 7 Colored Fish
3 The Bistro Butcher

3 Magician of Faith
2 Dark Elf
2 Witch of the Black Forest
2 White Magical Hat
1 Raigeki
1 Dark Hole
1 Change of Heart
1 Monster Reborn
1 Pot of Greed
2 Card Destruction
2 Heavy Storm
3 Sword of Deep-Seated
1 Mirror Force
1 Horn of Heaven
1 Seven Tools of the Bandit
2 Magic Jammer

Side Deck
3 Fissure
3 Tribute to the Doomed
3 Trap Hole
3 Catapult Turtle
3 Jirai Gumo
Actually, this tournament was easy for me. Really everyone that was there had $#!+ @$$ decks with no main theme. The toughest deck there was a Barrel Dragon deck. It caused me some problems, especially with him using White Magical Hat/Robbin' Goblin combos.
There aren't many tournaments at Hurricane, once every 2 months at the best, but sometimes once every month. Usually 2 times every 3 months and I lucked into this one.
Since there weren't many tournaments around here, and usually don't have this many participants, the prices were extremely hefty. There were prizes for the top 4. Everyone got a $5 store credit as a consolation prize. That means 1st place would get +5 dollars of store credit.
1st Place: 1st Edition LOB, MRD and reserved Magic Ruler boxes + $50 store credit
2nd Place: 2 Unlimited Boxes of choice + $25 store credit
3rd Place: 1 Unlimited Box of choice + $15 store credit
4th Place: 10 Unlimited Boosters of choice + $10 store credit
We played 1 game win. That meant Exodia decks would fare best around here. However, in the semis/finals, it would be best of 3.
Round 1
John vs. Andrew (Dragon Beatdown)
This deck was pretty good. He had 3 Lord of D, 3 Flutes, 3 Blue Eyes, 1 Tri-Horned and 2 Red Eyes. It was pretty tough. I found out that Lord of D. decks are slow and I realized he couldn't play anything. He had few Level 4 cards and that was his flaw. So I used Dark Elf and stuck with it. In 4 turns, he was gone. He summoned Lord of D. and two dragons once, but I fissured his LoD and cleared the field. I repeated with that and he was long gone.
Round 2
John vs. Zachary (Defensive Exodia)
IN: 2 Robbin' Goblin
OUT: 1 7 Tools/1 Horn of Heaven
White Magical Hat helped me here. We had just begun the game, and I had destroyed 2 Sangans already, so I used Robbin' Goblin and summoned 2 White Magical Hats, cleared the field and attacked his LP w/ 2 Hats. Four cards discarded from his hand at random. He had lost 2 out of 3 Exodia pieces. Sweet...
Round 3
John vs. Mark (Defensive Direct Damage)
IN: 3 Stop Defense
OUT: 1 Horn of Heaven/2 White Magical Hat
OUT: 3 Summoned Skull
This was pretty easy. I mean, he had a card face down. I used Stop Defense and I saw it was Man-Eater Bug and I summoned BEWD, destroyed it for 2550 damage. It also worked on Sangan, and I attacked for 2000 damage. That was basically it.
Round 4-Semi Finals
John vs. Steven (Fusion Deck)
IN: 2 Horn of Heaven
OUT: 1 Seven Tools/1 Card Destruction
He had 1 Twin Headed Thunder Dragon and 2 Black Skull Dragons. The first duel he took. He got out Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon 2nd turn and attacked for 2800 damage. His arsenal was further supported with B. Skull Dragon.
He tried the same thing in Game 2 and 3, but Horn of Heaven prevented him from doing so. And Magic Jammer prevented him from using Polymerization. I made a comeback.
Round 5-Finals
John vs. Patrick (Barrel Dragon Deck)
I had problems with this deck. I stuck with my changes from the Fusion Deck battle. I guessed the only way to prevent against Barrel Dragon was to use Horn of Heaven to stop it from being summoned. It worked in the first game and I took it.
He took the second game, by using 7 Tools against Horn of Heaven. He also attacked my LP with White Magical Hat/Robbin' Goblin. This is what I used against the Exodia deck I faced. Field control/Hand disruption = I don't want to go there.
The next game ended in five turns. Here we go:
ME: Dark Elf
HIM: Barrel Dragon attack
ME: Mirror Force, attack directly
HIM: La Jinn + Sword of Dark Destruction
ME: Fissure, attack directly
HIM: Wall of Illusion face down
ME: Trap Hole, attack directly
HIM: Dark Elf + Sword of Dark Destruction, destroy Dark Elf
ME: Tribute to the Doomed, Summoned Skull, attack directly
I win;
Here are the standings:
1. John
2. Patrick
3. Steven (Winner of 3rd Place Game)
4. Nihal (Loser of 3rd Place Game)
1st Place
Good sportsmanship.
My mom's birthday is July 28th, so props to her
Go Yankees!
John Sheng