Ying Yang Deck(mostly light and dark)

Ken C.

CardHaus, Seattle Wa



3 7 Colored Fish

2 Man Eater Bug

2 Dark Elf

2 Wall Of Illusion

2 Ryu Kishin Powered

2 Magician Of Faith

2 Trap Master

1 Mystical Elf

1 Sangan

1 Sanga Of Thunder

1 La Jinn

1 Summoned Skull

1 Mask Of Darkness

1 Witch Of The Black Forest

1 Witch's Apprentice

1 Hane Hane

1 Prevent Rat

1 Neo The Magic Swordsman

1 Big Eye

1 Giant Soldier Of Stone

1 Shadow Ghoul

1 Armored Lizard (I keep this card because it saved me more then once)

1 Dream Clown

1 Barrel Dragon

1 Rogue Doll

1 Hoshiningen

1 Castle Of Dark Illusion




3 Fissure

3 Tribute To The Doom (TTTD)

2 Card Destruction

2 Despell

1 Dark Hole

1 Ookazi

1 Sword Of Deep Seated

1 Shield And Sword

1 Change Of Heart

1 Heavy Storm

1 Monster Reborn

1 Remove Trap

1 Soul Exchange



3 Trap Holes

2 Waboku

2 Reinforcements

1 Mirror Force

1 Seven Tools

1 Solemn Judgement

1 Just Desserts

1 Robin Goblin


Finally done wit my cards and now to the tournt report n i kno everybody thinks my decks is

alot but 15 of it is in my side deck i accidentally mixed it all into one deck on my way

home. This is also a official tournament so it will go into the leagues. Tournaments packs

would have been in this tournament but they didnt recieve their shipment.


Duel 1


Ken(Me) Vs Sum lil kid wit good kards but does not know how to use it well


Well this was my first tournament and I thought it was hard since most of them seemed to have

a lot of good cards. I went first and put 2 trap holes tttd and armored lizard onto the field.

On his turn I killed it with trap hole and brought out 7 colored fish n attacked with both

monsters and from there on I kept killing his monsters that steps onto the field and this

happened for both rounds but the only thing different was that he only hit me once in the

first round


1 win-0 loss


Duel 2


Ken Vs Corell(I think)


This dude's girl friend kicked my friends a$$ and I thought this dude was more harder.

He let me go first and i put my mirror force down tttd and trap hole. i also brought out my

dream clown in atk mode. He tried to use his la jinn but i trap holed it. Then it was my

turn and i used my hane hane in atk mode jus for the fun of it and made both atk his lp.

he used soul exchange and killed my dream clown and brought out a shadow ghoul. i used tttd

and discarded my fissur and brought neo and atk his lp. He lost for the rest of the round

because he couldn't bring out any monsters.




Duel 3 (Semis)


Ken Vs. Curry(a friend that help me get started into yugioh)


All of my friends were hoping not to duel me until the finals and unfortunately he had to

go up against me. I didn't want to duel any of my friends till the finals but most of them

lost to others already. This was my longest duel because we know each others deck by heart

and knew what combos we had. I let him go first since i usually win when we duel. Well he put

la jinn in atk mode and ended his turn. i drew my tttd and used it on his la jinn and i discarded

my armored lizard. I brought out prevent rat face down in defense mode. He put one monster card

down in defense. I used soul exchange and tributed mines also for sanga of thunder. He killed

it with fissure and reborned it. He attacked my lp. I tried to put monsters out but he killed

with tttd and other monster cards. I was down to 800 lp and he was at 3400. I thought I was

about to lose until I drew a change of heart. I used change of heart and tributed my

sanga of thunder for summoned skull. I then used monster reborn and brought back my sanga

of thunder and fissured his only monster. I also used heavy storm just to make sure he couldn't

save himself from annilation. On the second round I lost to him because I made one mistake

and that was tributing my monster for a summoned skull when i had no other monster or traps to

save my lp. On the 3rd round I went all out and atk him with all i could. He basically died

when I used tttd on his only monster which had 2000 defense and my monsters had less then

1000 atk points.




Duel 4 (Finals of the 2 Undefeated)


Ken Vs. Sum Punk that takes losing too seriously


I heard he was very good and had mad cards. I thought i was gonna lose this duel. He went

first and brought out his ryu kishin powered. i drew my card and put tttd 2 trap holes and

7 tools face down and my prevent rat in defense. i also used card destruction. He got pissed

because I killed his pot of greed. For the rest of round 1 i kept using all my magic and trap

cards killing his monsters leavin him open. Then on round 2 i used my big eye's effect and

put my despell on the top. On his turn he used Sword Of Revealing Light on me. He thought he

had me there but when i drew my despell i killed it and tried to atk wit my barrel dragon and

summon skull but he activated his mirror force and i activated my 7 tools. And after the he

lost the duel




I won the tournament and got 4 metal raiders and 1 1st edition lob but to me this wasn't really good because i believe no one matched up to

my skills there. The only thing good was solemn judgement. I was hoping everybody was very skilled and good. Well im gonna go again next

week when they will finally arrive with tournament packs and i hope to get one. I'm

hoping to get the rare kard machine chaser because its far beyond secret rare and its 1:108

chances of getting it. its 4 stars with 1850 atk. its pretty good and i wouldnt mind havin

one of these in my deck.



me for winning and editin my deck with my side deck

my friends that also went in the tournament

the people who didn't get pissed after losing

for the kid that traded me some good cards he didn't care about

friend's dad that drove us there



shawn(friend) for not meeting me in the finals

the punk that lost 2 me in the finals because he was talkin s#$% about me wen he left the place

me for buyin too much metal raiders and ending up with nothin i like


if anybody have questions email me

Ken C.