Deck Name: Supreme Beatdown
Duelist Name: Mason Bray
Tournament Location: Game Master, Rowlett Texas
5 dollar entry fee
Ending Rank: 1st (i finaly won one)
Participants: 15
Prize: points for ranking in tx and the U.S.
Date: August 16, 2002

This was my third official tournament for rankng i placed 2nd in the last two and finaly i won this one the majority of the people were age 14-16 but some were younger and older.

Supreme Beatdown
Monsters (25)

2 Blue Eyes White Dragon
1 Tri Horned Dragon
2 Summoned Skull
3 Neo the Magic Swordsman
2 La Jinn
2 Bistro Butcher
2 Lord of D
2 Wall of illusion
2 Battle Ox
1 7 Colored fish
3 Man Eater Bug
1 Kuriboh
2 Magician of Faith

Magic (18)
3 Fissure
3 De Spell
2 Flute of Summoning D
2 Sword of Deep Seated
1 Raigeki
1 Soul Exchange
1 Tribute to the Doomed
1 Monster Reborn
1 Heavy Storm
1 Block attack
1 Change of Heart
1 Stop Defence

Traps (6)
3 Trap Hole
1 Waboku
1 7 tools of the Bandit
1 magic Jammer

Ok this was my third tourney so i knew what some kids used. The First Guy i faced i had never seen before he wasnt even there for the tourney. He learned how to play earlier that day and didnt plan on entering but the judge gave him his deck and payed for his fee because he wanted another player

Me vs. Viper

This Guy called himself viper he was about twenty and was pretty good for a n00b. i got 2 neos on my first draw 2 fissures and a trap hole he went first and layed a monster in defense and some magic and trap i played my trap hole and attacked is defense monster it had 2000 def so i took 300 lp damage he layed down a monster and i trap holed it i got a maneater bug and layed it down i ended up killing him a few turns after that he got nothing else except magic cards i beat him easily
i won 2-0

2nd round  Me vs Nick

this kid was bragging about himself and had his little friends bragging about himself  before our match he kept on saying Another victim to his friends he played a deck that used a bunch of earth magic to equip on his ok eartyh monsters i stomped him into the ground. the second duel i drew nothing but magic an he beat me easily the third duel i drew my summoned skulls pretty close to the beginning and i used them he boosted the attack of  his earth monsters and i beat him w/ about 300lp left i barely won
i won 2-1
me vs David

ok ive faced this guy 3 times and we are about even duelists he got a bye because he was considered the 2nd best duelist in the tourney even though ive beaten him in every tourney ive facedhim except for one he used a beatdown/ stall deck w/ like 70 cards in it. i drew a bunch of monsters which were all strong  and he drew traps to stop them i was able to get a Summoned Skull out  and that was all she wrote i had like 7000 lp left in the next duel he got all magic again except for like 3 monsters i was able to bring out a Summoned Skull then a lord of D and Flue of Summoning D and brought out my BEWD and tri horned he tryed to use dark hole on his next turn but i used magic jammer i won on the next turn it took like 3 minutes for me to beat him i was in the finals and some of the first matches werent even done
i won 2-0

Finals Me vs Paul
evryone was like pauls the best at tournament the whole night so he everyone gave me no chance in the first duel i drew 2 magician of faith 1 trap hole 1 fissure and a Summoned Skull well i went second and played fissure on my first turn and layed down  magician of faith face down he played mechanical chaser a card from the tournament pack it had 1850 attack and was a 4 star he attacked th magician and i got back my fiisure i played fissure and drew a maneater bug i played that face down he played a another monster + monster reborn i trap holed his monster and let his mechanical chaser which he reborn get killed by the MEB i played the magician of faith and ended my turn he couldnt do anything so he let me go i flipped the magician and got the fissure back again i tributed for the summoned skull and attacked he was able toprotect himself for a few turns and i was able to get another Summoned skull out i killed one of his monsters and he used mirror force he couldnt do anything else so i won after about 20 turns i got crap the second game and ws killed quickly on the 3rd match i got a lord of d +flute of summoning d in my first turn i used a bistro to make hhime get and then have to discard because he had to many i got a SS and two BEWD out quickly and tyhats all she wrote

this was my third tourney there and  i won this one after getting second in the previous 2 i got 12 dollars in store credit and a bunch of points for ranking im second right now in points and i plan to win the rest of the tourneys im in

if anyone wants to email me my email address is my aol s/n is Gotenks2239 My name is mason Bray any info or questions my email is above