Name: Gavin Corey, Age 14
Deck Name: Revival of Red-Eyes Black Deck
Tournament: Sports and More Yu-Go-Oh! Tournament
City: Danvers, Massachusetts
Date: August 17, 2002

(Yes, I have REBD, but NOT in my deck.)

My third tourney. The last one was team duels. I teamed up with my friend Pete. We got 4th (I used Dark Hole when he had a Man Eater Bug, La Jinn, and Mystical Elf on the field. I 4got we had team duels. If I didn't do that, we would've been tied for first. :-( ) Well, we really tied for second with 3 other people. But time was running out so we rolled a 20 sided dice. Wouldn't you know it; Pete rolled a 1. But its allright, I messed up, too. Anyway, my NEW deck:

23 Monsters:
Blue-Eyes White Dragon
7 Colored Fish
2 La Jinn
3 Prevent Rat
2 Witch of the Black Forest
3 Man Eater Bug
Wall of Illusion
Shadow Ghoul
Princess of Tsurgi
Mask of Darkness
3 Summoned Skull
Giant Soldier of Stone
2 Mystical Elf
Big Eye

11 Magic:
2 Fissure
Card Destruction
Monster Reborn
Soul Exchange
Change of Heart (holo from MRD)
Tribute to the Doomed
Pot of Greed
Dark Hole
Heavy Storm

10 Trap:
Mirror Force
2 Waboku
Robbin' Goblin
3 Trap Hole
Horn of Heaven
Magic Jammer
7 Tools of the Bandit

23 Monsterr : 21 M/T  44 total

(Yes, its a stall deck...but it serves well)

First Round: Me vs. Random Loud-Mouthed Guy With Yugi Deck.
     Wow. Straight out of the box Yugi deck. Need I say more? Not a bad deck, but definetly NOT a tournament deck. He threw down a Winged Guardian of the La Jinn beat it into a pulp, inflicting 400 points of direct damage. He kept saying loud annoying things like "HAHAHA! MY HARPIE LADY HAS BOOBIES!". I didn't catch his name...but I swept, 2-0.

Second Round: Me vs. Philip
Allright. Finally, a challenge. This dude was about 25, and had a HUGE deck, literally. It was a foot tall. Ah, now i see. Up close, he had huge plastic protectors on his cards. He had 43. Not bad. Anyway, he had alot of good cards. First it was slow. We got a feel for what each other did. The first duel he took because he used a Raigeki, then Heavy Storm. Then attacked me beyond belief. Next duel, he used Card Destruction and brought Barrell Dragon (Too bad I couldn't trap hole it, I had two on the field ;_;). He flipped the coin. WHY DO I HAVE BAD LUCK WITH THINGS THAT NEED LUCK?! (Like the Dice last tournament, and COIN FLIPS NEVER GO MY WAY). Anyway, he destroyed my Man-Eater Bug. Attacked with 2600 damage. No wait, WABOKU! Thank God! Well, I drew Change of Heart, and I had Monster Reborn in my hand. So I Change of Hearted. tributed, put in Summoned Skull (He Trap Holed, but i used 7 Tools of the Bandit). Then I used Monster Reborn on his Barrell Dragon and slapped him around with it. Finally, 1-1. The third duel was quick. I just pulverized him with Raigeki, and La Jinn. It was really insane, it was like, 7 turns and he was down. I won. :-D

Round Three: Me vs. Dragon Deck.
     This dude was all-out dragon. I moved 2 Dragon Capture Jars into my deck in place of Heavy Storm and Robbin' Goblin. He threw down all dragons, then Lord of D. He used the Flute, brought out BEWD and Tri-Horned Dragon. I Fissured his Lord of D, then used the allmighty Dragon Capture Jar. OK, not allmighty, but let's not go there. Basiclly it was like an ever lasting SoRL, combined with Block Attack the WHOLE DUEL. I won it, then pulled the same exact move again. I'm 3-0 now. Yay!

Round 4 Semi-Finals: Me vs. (forget his name).
     This dude was good. The first duel was long. It relied on cards at the end. He won it (darn Card Destruction). The second duel was really quick. I used Card Destruction, brought back a BEWD, then pounded him. The last duel. Long again. We each had 1500 LP left. He used Monster Reborn, which I countered with the Horn of Heaven, and offered my Witch of the Black Forest (I had another card in defense). Then he got in another BEWD and beat me. :'(. Darn. Oh well, I lost to someone really good. So onto the battle for third place!

Round 5: Battle for Third Place: Me vs. ANNOYING KID
RRRRRRR! >:o. This kid was so annoying. Like it wasnt bad enough he kept touching my cards. ("I attack this card."*Flips MY card*. "OK, i loose 300. Got any traps. *Goes through my trap area*. "No, no Mirror Force. Your turn!" I WANTED TO STRANGLE HIM! I told him I'm capable of flipping my own cards, but he didn't listen.), BUT on his first draw, he gets SoRL! DARN IT! Flipped my Bug, which got all confused and destroyed itself (is it really possible in real life for it to eat itself? Oh well). Then he threw down a Neo, which I Trap Holed. I got a few monsters in defense. Finally, 3 turns over. DARN IT, HE DREW HIS OTHER SoRL! Another three pain full turns. No wait, another 6. He flipped his MoF! >:o. RRR THIS KID IS ANNOYING! Well, he won that duel. The second duel I came back. I Card Destructioned, beat him down with his own Blue Eyes, then got in my Blue Eyes. Now, 1-1. The battle for third. This wasn't very hard. All i did was Magic Jammer his Monster Reborn he was planning to use on MY Summoned Skull. That cost him alot. He attacked with La Jinn, Neo, and Battle Ox. I used mirror force, left him wide open. I went in for the kill with 7 Colored Fish (I used 7 tools to stop a trap hole).

I won third place, and I got $20 store credit. I just bought two LoBEWD packs. I would've bought Barrell Dragon, but it was 30. Oh well, maybe next week I'll do better. POJO RULES!

Keep Dueling Dudes and Dudettes

Gavin Corey, XxLiL

PS-Yes, I know I preformed an illegal move the last report I did by change of hearting, attacking, tributing, then attacking with the tributed. I was tired from dueling all day, and so was the dude I was facing. So stop sending me e-mails saying things like "You s*ck, you don't know how to play". I completly forgot, we all make mistakes.