Hey, new way to do the Tourney, reports, neat.
50+ participants (maybe 64, I'm not sure, but everybody would could play, did, and there were some people who came a little too late to play, cause we were full, so it could have been 64)
Tourney's Location: Wizard's Tower, Kanata
No real prize, but sanctioned and with the tourney boosters.  *Which always come in about a week late*
August 18th, Sunday 12:00-3:30
Creatures = 24
2 Summoned Skull
3 Jirai Gumos
2 Dark Elf
3 La Jinn
3 7 Coloured fishes
1 Cannon Soldiers
1 White Magical Hat
2 Masked Sorcerer
2 Sangans
2 Witch of the Black Forest
3 Man-Eater Bugs
Magics = 15
1 Raigeki
1 Dark Hole
1 Change of Heart
1 Monster Reborn
1 Pot of Greed
3 Fissure
2 Card Destruction
2 Heavy Storm
2 Tribute To The Doomed
1 Swords of Revealing Light (Through it back in)
Traps = 5
3 Trap Hole
1 Mirror Force
1 Solemn Judgment
Creatures to Magic/traps ratio:  24:20
Okay, a bit different then before, fiddling with it, I also through back in two Masked Sorcerer and removed one White Magical Hat. 
Now, this is going to be really a fun tourney report.  Today was a blast.
I get there early, and start talking a bit with all the duelists who come early.  Well, not all, but many of the regulars.  Note: I had sleep the previous afternoon, so was a little strange.  But Dave arrived, and opened up the place early.
Anyways, I registered, and I am in the first page of four pages.  I recieved the two tourney packs I was owed, and my little brothers pack.  Upperdeck is basically able to send us the tournament packs a week late, but WT has a list of everyone that gets one, and you just have to drop by and it will be there for you later on in the week.
I ended up watching the trade table for a bit, and then the tournament started.  Note, One little guy bought a Robbin' Goblin, when his brother wanted him to get a Star Boy to help pump up his Suijin.  I think the little kid had a better choice then his older brother. 
Anyways, my first opponent was Ernesto.
Jacob vs. Ernesto
Duel One
Ernesto = 8000 - 7400 - 6000 - 3200 - 0
Jacob/SW(me) = 8000 - 6200
This went fairly quickly.  I can't remember how itstarted off, but remember there was some creature removal exchanged on both sides.  But my speed eventually won out here.  Not really remembering what happened for this duel.
Duel two
Ernesto = 8000 - 5700 - 1900 - 0
Jacob/SW(me) = 8000 - 7000
So Dark Elf was present here, and then Jirai Gumo if I am not mistaken.  Ernesto has a quick deck, although it needs some tuning (like every deck out there, tuning is part of the fun though).
Myself vs. Ernesto's brother Chan
Duel One
Chan = 8000 - 6000 - 200 - 100 - 0
Jacob/SW(me) = 8000 - 7000 - 5000 - 3300
Double dark Elf works with a La Jinn, but then he takes them all out with a Riageki or Dark Hole, and is at 200 lifepoints (not really sure which one he used).  But, I then killed his Neo with my La Jinn, and he was dead my following turn.
Duel Two
Chan = 8000 - 7500 - 6500 - 6000 - 3800
Jacob/SW(me) = 8000 - 7200 - 6200 - 4750 - 3750 - 2750 - 1250 - 525 - 0
Man, Dark Elf and Jirai Gumo can really eat away at your lifepoints.  I can't remember what he killed me with, but it was after I got myself fairly low.
Duel Three
Chan = 8000 - 5200 - 4100 - 800 - 0
Jacob = 8000 - 4000 - 2600
This was more of a fairly good draw, with Dark Hole, Swords, among other things.  And I solemn Judgemented a La Jinn, right when he played Robbin' Goblin as well.  I managed to get a Heavy Storm the very next turn.  (sometimes, that is the way luck is, but, unfortunately, that was the only thing Heavy Storm could take out.  But otherwise, a good opponent.  Although, with these two brothers, they both had Wall of Illusion, man that card can be a bit annoying at times.
Now, for one of the best matches I have ever played in.
Corey = 8000 - 6000 - 3000 - 1500
Jacob/SW(me) = 8000 - 7000 - 6200 - 6000 - 200 - 0
Duel One, well, it went back and forth, but, he ended up having 1500 lifepoints while I was at 200 (5800 he done to me in one hit).  Anyways, he had the three creatures.  I set a Fissure, and then Card Destruct.  Place Mirror Force on the Field, and a Sangan face down (if I remember correctly) and Fissure one of his 1800s.  All I needed was him to attack, I didn't care about the face-down card, I just wanted to Mirror Force him, what does he do, he gets an Ookazi on his next card.  So, I'm dead in Duel one.  (waiting iwth a La Jinn, and him at 1500 points, this was one of the oddest things that has happened in that, I have been at this low of lifepoints before, but, then I didn't go below it.)
Duel Two
Well, this one was definitely interesting, and yet, followed the last game almost to a tee.  He was at 1650, he couldn;t attack, and would be dead on my next turn.  He got Ookazi.
Corey = 8000 - 5200 - 4750 - 4300 - 2050 - 1650
Jacob/SW(me) = 8000 - 3600 - 3550 - 1775 - 475 - 0
So, after weeks and weeks, a new kid from across town (although he plays at Kool Kards Heaven which will be sanctioned soon) beat me.  And, you know what, I was and still am, the happiest person there.  I don't know why, but losing, like that, didn't phase me in the slightest like that.  I don't think there was a happier person there.  And everyone was dumbfounded or the closest reaction.
And, seriously, I was the happiest person there when I lost.  I went around talking to everyone, and they were wondering how.  But, it was at the right moment both times that he got Ookazi.  It was quite funny, especially when chatting with Kyle gain later on, who had Daniel ly down to 12.5 (actually 13 since you must round up, but who cares) and died at 300.  But, usually, the hardest thing to do, against me, is dealing me that last 500 or less damage. 
It was one of thee best matches I have ever had.  Serious props to Corey.  That was too cool. 
For a quick rundown of the last bit of what happened at the tourney.
Corey had to face Chris Wright and his Exodia deck.  I lent him two Ultimate Offerings and my three Summoned Skulls.  Unfortunately, he lost.
So, the final four where Chris Wright, Daniel Ly, Ben Baird, and Chris Fortin. 
It ended up again that Daniel and Chris Fortin faced eachother for first, and, Chris's deck (to quote Chris) did its famous curse on giving the worst draw in the deciding final match.
Me and Corey talked, and he gave me a Dark Elf, and so I gave him two Ultimate Offerings.  He is a really cool guy.
Now, as there is a big, 200+ tournament next week at the Super-Ex, I'll see if I can give an overview of some of the players here.  As Wizard's Tower is the one holding it, there will be many a player from here going.
Chris Fortin, plays a weird, more disrupting speed deck.  5 weeks in a row at second, so, that should say something. 
Chris Wright, plays Exodia, and I think I just helped him out a bit today.  Matches with him are always going to be long, and he is tough.  He can win with his Summoned Skulls as well, but, the more unpredictable one is Exodia.
Daniel Ly, he has moved from his Dragon/lord of D. deck almost completely I think now, and plays a vairant of mine (you will see that I have influenced enough people at the tournament with my style, like Kyle Gain, Chris fortin, Daniel, Sothy, and more are figuring out more of my beatdown style, and using it for themselves in other ways.).  (and before I came to the tournament, Daniel was the number one player, and had many tournament victories.  He knows what he is doing.  Although, he is afraid of taking damage via Jirai Gumo.
Sothy, is unpredictable.  He is one of those people that everyone must watch, and although he hasn't had as many strong finishes as others, he is decidingly deadly.  He is someone that must always be watched out for, cause even though he is not as well known, he is always a challenge.
Jason, is 10 years old, and is always mistaken for being a girl.  He is like Sothy, a wildcard.  He hasn't gotten any top finishes, but he will give anyone a run for their money, and had beaten a variety of opponents, and has won at least a duel against them.  If not a match.  Oh, and he can go any way.  He has all of Exodia, and he has defensive cards and offensive cards.
Shane, is about 12, yet tough.  not as wild as Sothy and Jason, but, he is more up there for higher finishes. 
Cole Shaver is a judge, so no defensive deck to go about in here.
Adam Charboneau is new to the tournaments, but is getting better with each one.  He is beatdown, and is more working on getting the last few cards he needs. 
Aldin, is like Adam.  (you can also put in the two brothers I faced today first in here).  They moreso need to get the rest of the good cards to help out their deck, and find their own unique style.  But they all have a more beatdown variety.
Bill Cross, he seems to be a tough opponent, but, I really no clue as to his style.  I ahve never played him.  He is one of the few people higher up that I have never faced.  Or the only one.
OKay, that is just the quickest rundown I can do, their are others.  Like Chris Fortin's cousin, who I think Chris had to play.  He is only 8 years old, but, his deck can be a pain. 
My little brother, basically needs to know more on how to play the game, but has a nice deck, and is only 9, but, can be a pain as well.
there is a lot of tough competition. 
Next week, I'll try my best in seeing how much I can cover.  It'll end up going to the top 64, and personally, I want to get as much of that 64 for my report as possible.
I'll see if I can get some other people to do tournament reports as well. 
But, basically, for anyone who might be going, there will be enough variants of my deck, with different combinations.  There will be some slower, defensive decks, with many walls, and some Exodia decks. 
But, at this point, a more all-around deck, or a beatdown deck, is what the majority will be in the top 64.
Now, as for my deck, it is now time for a totaly revamping again.  Although, I think I know what I need, and will go for.  How fun this next tourney will be, It has some many variables and unexpected turns.
Now, in conclusion, since I usually post what I can from yugioh-card.com I won't do that today.
It is basically like this.  Wizards Tower, well, Kathy, had to fix enouh of the scores, and is going to put everything back in, but, right now, everything has been deleted.  I am not sure of all the things about it.  But, hopefully, I will have a score by late this week.  Lets hope for the next tourney report.
And, last things first, Congratulations to Corey, he has brightened my day.  I'm not sure of all the reasons, partly to the loss of pressure from my shoulders, partly for another big reason.
Who ever thought that losing would feel this good. 
Also, gotta thank Pojo, for having the site. 
And, there are many more cool people to give praise to.  But mainly Kathy, above and beyond, she has been so cool at the tournaments, and she has been working on getting the tournaments totally right.
Oh, and for anyone who wonders, me and Corey had a friendly match after he was eliminated, and I won 2-0.  Personally, thats just for everyone else, it doesn't matter to me and Corey.  He beat me in the tournament, it was close both times, but, the fact is, he got the cursed Ookazi.  That is the one thing that beatdown decks really have to fear, is some direct damage.  (Note: if you play with a bit of direct damage, usually, should save them for the killing blow, otherwise, they can go to a waste).
For example, using an Ookazi right off the bat against me, really isn't that bad, if I go down some first with direct damage, that means my Jirai's won't take as much.
Direct Damage decks, aren't as playable, but, the thing is, that against the more faster decks, they can hurt more.  But, otherwise, Direct Damage will usually fail.  More all-Around or defensive decks can go after them.
Anyways, as its 5 in the morning, I think this tourney report is probably done.  I kinda passed out as soon as I got home, and started this at twelve, while chatting with some people.
Good luck to everyone, keep your manners, and have fun.
Jacob Woloshin
and my email addy is jatw82@hotmail.com
write to me with comments or if you just wanna chat or what not.
Laters, JW/SW

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