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                           Mokuba deck
by steve and alexsandr
calgary AB
tournament location: calgary
total cards 55
Our deck:
Monsters (32)
Blue eyes white dragon
summoned skull (2)
dark magician
dark magician girl
gate gaurdian
sanga of the thunder
black skull dragon
barrel dragon
twin headed thunder dragon
thunder dragon
red eyes black dragon
horn of heaven
thousand dragon (2)
great moth (2)
catapult turtle
petit moth (3)
cuccon of evolution (3)
labrinth tank (2)
cannon soldier (3)
Magic and trap cards (23)
swords of revealling light (2)
dark hole (2)
trap hole (2)
fake trap
change of heart
monster reborn
pot of greed
magic jammer 
horn of heaven
solemn judgement
dragon capture jar
share the pain (3)
shield and sword (2)
Card destruction (2)
soul exchange
In round 1 of the tournament i won by 500 life points in an intense battle.
I do not know the name of my opponent but he was very good.
In the first turn he defeated my red eyes black dragon with his blue eyes white dragon.
then i summoned the gate gaurdian and destroyed his blue eyes white dragon. then he used baby dragon  and time wizard to make the thousand dragon. but it was destroyed by my summoned skull.
then he only had 500 life points left and I had 500
then i used monster reborn and revived my red eyes black dragon and it destroyed his thunder which finished the match and I won!!!!
Round 2
in round 2 again i did not know my opponent's name but i lost quite badly. I did not even take away any life points.
And that was the end of the tournament for me but i had a great time.