Bounce or destroy
Nathan suggs
Family Games Center
Little Rock, Ar
August 10 2002

Crass Clown#2
La Jinn #2
Magician of Faith #2
Masked Sorcerer #3
Man Eater bug #3
Hane-Hane #3
Witch of the black forest #2
7 Colored Fish #2
Mask of Darkness #2

Mirror Force
Trap hole #3
Waboku #3
Magic Jammer# 3
Dark hole
Last Will #3
Monster Reborn
Pot of Greed
Change of Heart

Side Deck:
Wall of Illusion#2
Heavy Storm #2
Dream Clown #2
Fissure #3
Armed Ninja #2
Card Destruction #2
Sword & Shield
Stop Defense

Round 1
I was playing this kid who had not played much before so he was easy pickens

Round 2
A beat down deck easy pickens for me. the poor fellow couldn't keep a creature out on the field. When he did attack me my waboku prevent me losing a lot of LP

Round 3
This kid different deck same result he used swords of revealing light a lot thanks to the Magician of Faith. But most of my mosters use effects so that didn't really help his no creature problem. with the help of waboku I was able to set up my "face down" creaters. So after the third turn I unleashed.

Round 4
Me vs. Exodia He beat me once before in a practice round so I was ready for him. Funny how Exodia is not stronger than "Card Destruction". Four Pieces of Exodia is in the graveyard. Thats it game one is mine. The second I got foolish and didn't play "Card Destruction" when I should have. Down to the third and final game. This would decide who would go to the finals. I couldn't draw "Card Destruction" to save my soul, but I was careful not to destroy any his monsters fearing that one those face down monters was a "sagan" of a "Witch of the black Forest". Luck me I had a lot of creatures that bounced his back to his hand. This ofcourse left his LP open for me to take him out.

Round 5
This it the finals. Boy it was rough. He started out with "swords of revaling light" He destroyed my monsters while I destroyed his. The turning point came when I used "change of heart" take his face down "Pricness of surgi" and flipped it to take 500 LP for each face down trap or magic card he had out. That was it game one was mine. Before game two I add heavy storm to deck to counter his magic cards. That little stunt won me the campionships.
I think I did pretty well for myself. It was a good test run for a new deck that beat out 32 people for the number one spot.

Nathan Suggs