Subject: Eliminator Stormwatch Ottawa Ont. August 11
Well, I'm back, and it has been an interesting week.  My deck is stranger than usual.  But, there seems to be a lot of news buzzing around.
So, I am writing this report after sleeping a bit from the last tourney.  I got NO sleep Saturday night, so the tournament on Sunday was dead at times, or just plain hot.
Okay, 57 people (I think) for this sanctioned tournament.  So, I go up, and Register my Little brother who has also come along, my cousin, and help out some other kids with their registering forms.
Anyways, I think this will be a shorter report than some of the others.
Well, I did ask Edo for some Ideas to help cut my deck down to 40.
Creatures = 23
2 Summoned Skull
3 Jirai Gumos
2 Dark Elf
3 La Jinn
3 7 Coloured fishes
1 Cannon Soldiers
2 White Magical Hat
2 Sangans
2 Witch of the Black Forest
3 Man-Eater Bugs
Magics = 14
1 Raigeki
1 Dark Hole
1 Change of Heart
1 Monster Reborn
1 Pot of Greed
3 Fissure
2 Card Destruction
2 Heavy Storm
2 Tribute To The Doomed
Traps = 5
3 Trap Hole
1 Mirror Force
1 Solemn Judgment
Creatures to Magic/traps ratio:  23:19
Hmmm, well, this was weird.  It replaces me having extra cards and extra removal with the opponent having less choices.  The extra Tribute, the exclusion of Sword of revealing Light, and the removal of the Shield and Swords/Masked Sorcerer.  One Cannon Soldier and 2 White Magical Hats.
Well now.  After playtesting this deck.  It seems to be still good.  But, against a wall heavy deck, it is now somewhat slower against.  But ut having 42 cards was a bonus.
So, anyways, people are registering, and I hear I might get a bye in the first round.  Kathy, the lady incharge, didn't want as many younger folk taken out on the first round.
But, I ended up not getting a bye, which is fine by me.  I set my little brother up with his first opponent.  (I quickly made my little brother, Kevin, a deck this morning, which was somewhat weak for creatures, aka a lot of 1600s, but still fast, and a bit tricky.)
So, after a lot of running around, while other people were first starting their duels, I was ready to duel.
My deck was still needed to be sorted and shuffled before my first opponent as well.  (my deck was in pieces from the night before and the testing)
MATCH ONE vs. James
Duel One
James = 8000 - 5550 - 2000 - 0
Jacob/SW(me) = 8000 - 7000 - 6000
Well, he loses the coin toss, so I choose to go first.  And I have a Heavy Storm ready and place a Bug on the field.  He thens plays a bunch of Traps and Magic, and one creature he Sets.  So, it was bugged, and I used Heavy Storm, and through out Dark Elf.  This one did not take much time.
Duel Two
James = 8000 - 6450 - 1400 - 0
Jacob/SW(me) = 8000 - 7200
Well, it started off the same, with Heavy Storm and Bug.  He eventually killed my Sangan with a La Jinn.  But, this was another quick duel.
MATCH TWO vs. Aldin
Well, this guy is older, about my age, but is somewhat new.  He doesn't have all the great cards, but he has some cards. 
Duel One
Aldin = 8000 - 7000 - 5550 - 2300 - 0
Jacob/SW(me) = 8000
Yeah, I think White Magicla Hat came into play here.  And, its discard function can be nasty.
Duel Two
Aldin = 8000 - 5800 - 4500 - 1800 - 0
Jacob/SW(me) = 8000 - 7800 - 7600 - 6100 - 5300 - 4300
Well, this Duel took longer.  Not that long, but, it was a quick sparring contest, so to speak.  It was a "crossing of the T".  But, it was still pretty much controlled by me.  Although, Aldin, he needs some of the more rare cards to find, but thats about it.
Well, Now its break time.  Why?  Because, I have to face the winner of another Duel.  It was my little brother versus some kid.  Well, the kid is Curtis McCartney, but first I had to find him, and find his other, Match one opponent, and find out who won.  Then set those two up to duel.
So, when those two finally get to battling, I looked around.  Sothy had won against Daniel, but then had lost to Jason.  Sothy and Jason both can go far, they are two of the more tricky opponents.  Jason lost to Kyle Gain in the championships for their page.
So anyways.  My little brother won the first match, but lost to Curtis.  So I got to face Curtis.  (Note, I think my little brother could have won a duel against him, he just needs to learn more on how to play, but, live and learn.)
MATCH THREE vs. Curtis McCartney
Duel One
Curtis  = 8000 - 5750 - 3250 - 1050 - 0
Jacob/SW(me) = 8000
This one, I won all the Jirai Flips.  It was quick, and surprisingly painless for me.
Duel Two
Curtis = 8000 - 7800 -  6000
Jacob/SW(me) = 8000 - 7100 - 6500 - 4700 - 3700 - 1850 - 1650 - 825 - 0
I lost this one.  His walls really stopped my offensive.  The new additions to my deck, did not help out as much here.  Not only that, but a Huge creature draw, with little magic support, really hurt me here.
Duel Three
Curtis = 8000 - 6300 - 5300 - 3500 - 0
Jacob/SW(me) = 8000 - 7200 - 4700 - 3000
Well, this looked to almost start off the same way as the last one.  But, I got more removal, quickly dealt with his Skull, (by pulling a Bug through Sangan) and won.  Not sure how, but this started in his favour, then went my way.  It was tough though.
So, I have to wait for the other half of my sheet.  My cousin Tyler went up against Cole, and lost.  Cole then had to fight Chris Wright(who plays Exodia).  Cole won (after awhile though, since both play defensive decks, it took awhile to say the least).
Well, I seem to have lost my score sheet for this one.
Oh well.
Match FOUR Vs. Cole Shaver
I won, 2-0, although he attacked a bit with his Gaint Soldeirs of Stone, and flung creatures at me.  My summoned Skull though, came into play, and hurt him though.  It went back and forth, but, in the end, I won.  And, well, this win was for Katy.  (Cole had insulted her earlier, thinking she wasn't around when she was, and saying something, so I trounced him for a reason, even though he is my best friend, he can be somewhat mean and an idiot at times.
So, I am the champion of my page.  And there is Chris Fortin, David (a new player who is also somewhat older, but he seems allright), Kyle Gain, and Myself, squaring out in the Semi-Finals, as we have all won our own pages.
Me versus Kyle Gain.
White Magical Hat hurt him a bit.  But, my Jirai's came into play here.  As I seem to have lost this sheet as well.  But, this was the fastest match yet.  Now, I am not saying this was easy, but, we both had very offensive decks, but mine won.  The match took not much time becuase we both played extremely fast.  But, Kyle's deck has changed since the last time I saw it.  And he will be someone to watch.
David lost to Chris Fortin, although at times, it looked like he might win.  But his Sword of Deep-Seated Killed him.
So me versus Chris Fortin for the 4th time in a row in the FINALS.  Sheesh.  This is rather odd, not that I am complaining all that much though.

Duel One
Chris F. = 8000 - 6200
Jacob/SW(me) = 8000 - 6200 - 3800 - 1300 - 0
Well, drawing Trap Hole right after he plays summoned Skull didn't help.  He won this one, as do to my lack of magic and traps.  (A really bad draw)
Duel Two
Chris F. = 8000 - 6200 - 5900 - 4900 - 3900 - 1700 - 600 - 0
Jacob/SW(me)= 8000 - 6300 - 4600 - 3600 - 1600 - 900 - 450 - 225
Well, we first started exchanging blows, then it started to pull his way.  I recovered, and took him down.  Then I my offensive quickly became my Jirai's taking out his other creatures with my Witch hurting him.  (Note, White Magical Hat helped here.  Well, Chris has 3 Tribute to the Doomed.  And with those being used, plus my White Magical Hat, he didn't have much of a selection.)
BUT, alls he needed was one La Jinn or something to Kill my witch, and I would be dead.  He would have gotten it three or four turns after I killed him.
So Duel Three
Well, first off, I thought we need a new piece of paper, but then realised that the other side of the sheet was blank, so I used it.  (note, me and Chris did not get any sleep, so, we were both somewhat kooky)
Chris F. = 8000 - 5900 - 3700 - 1850 - 0
Jacob/SW(me) = 8000 - 7000
Well, I started with Two trap Holes.  THis was Chris's undoing.  I won all my Jirai flips while he didn't.  And I hurt myself with my Dark Elf.  A good match, but, this was more of me pulling more creatures AND removal then he did.
So, its done, and I'm champion again.  And I think I know why I haven't been totally happy after many of my championships.  Cole, after everytime I win, says that the only person I will accept to losing to, is him.  (okay, now, this pissed many people off.  Mainly Chris, myself, among to name a few.  Cole can be somewhat cocky, and his main claim at the tourney is that he has won two tournaments, and one of them, he beat me.)  (Note, Cole likes to toy with many of his opponent's, like Pegasus, but, is more like Bandit Ketih)
So, me and Chris were going to head outside for a break anyways, but now we really needed a break.  Chris was furious, which was understandable.  Cole is getting on his nerves.  Now, I didn't mind, as I can put up with Cole (Hey, I have patience, besides, I was pissed as well, but not as pissed)
But, anyways, me and Chris helped out Kathy with some of her work.  (we like to see our scores as quickly as possible, but that can be hard at times with how this system works.)
Basically, with all of those YU7363827847387283787282 codes to punch in, it can get taxing and just, well, boring.  That and you have to make sure everything is correct, and double check everything, besides.  With the site, and putting the stuff onto the site. You have to have a straight hour or so to put it on.  (like, no bathroom breaks or anything like that, cause, if you leave it idle, it will log you out, as even duelists have found out. 
But anyways, here is from
this is from last week.  It was finished at 5 am Sunday morning.
1 stormwatch jacob woloshin 1444 1492
2 bakura911 chris fortin 1342 1372
3 yu9094371 ben baird 1242 1258
4 yu1090015 daniel ly 1142 1150
5 yu1065287 chris wright 1142 1148
6 yu3028981 jason batten-carew 1092 1095
7 yu8084082 shane trowbridge 1092 1095
8 yu1040368 sothy phan 1092 1095
9 jarjarbinks39 zachary klym 1071 1074

Remember, that is from Last week, and not today.

Overall, I am

5 stormwatch jacob woloshin 1444 1492

So, I have to wait, and see how my litte brother did, and how I faired after this one.  But 5th (aka tied for 2nd) is not bad for one tournament.

And if you are wondering about how the Round Robis was calculated from last week.  Basically, there was several Byes needed in the final rounds, but, Chris got an extra 100 points and I got an extra 202.  So, for owners, of shops or whatnot, check my last tourney report, then check this one for the stats.  I can't remember how it was done, but that is how a Round Robin of three people are done.

Now, Onto my deck.  As I am extremely tired still, I'll make this brief. 

With the added benefit of the Discarding aspects, that helped my deck.  But what hindered my deck was not being able to as easily get over walls, which Shield and Sword easily did with Masked Sorcerer.  Well, Shield and Sword could make many things go over walls.  So, as always, I am going to make some more adjustments.

Well, I'll put this weeks results in next weeks report.

Hope you enjoyed reading this.

Jacob Woloshin

aka Stormwatch

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