Subject: Tornado Extreme Deck by Melissa Hebra
                                                    Tornado Extreme
                                                      Melissa Hebra
                                                       Dragon's Lair
                                                      August 10, 2002
                                                      About 14 people

Hey everyone! This was my first ever sanctioned tournament, and i was excited about it. Before the tourney started i did a couple of practice rounds to warm up. There was a $3.00 entry fee, and 1st place got 3 1st ed. MRD packs, 2nd place got 2 1st ed. MRD packs, and 3rd place got 1 1st ed. MRD pack. The tournament allowed japanese cards that have come out in english, we even had a deck check on round 3. Now here's my deck!

Monsters 21

2 la jinn mystical jenie of the lamp
3 7 colored fish
2 giant soldier of stone
2 wall of illuson
2 magician of faith
2 man eater bug
2 jirai gumo
1 big eye
1 spirit of the harp
3 summoned skull
1 barrel dragon

Magic 14

3 stim pack
2 fissure
2 tribute to the doomed
1 monster reborn
1 change of heart
1 raigeki
1 pot of greed
1 dark hole
1 heavy storm
1 card destruction

Traps 7

3 trap holes
2 solemn judgement
1 mirror force
1 magic jammer

1st round: Me against JC

Duel one: I start out with a pretty nice hand. For most of the game i kept out his monsters with my trap holes and fissures. Most of my damage was done by my solemn judgement and my jirai gumos.

Duel two: Pretty much almost the same as the first one, except i got to use some of my better cards, like monster reborn to bring back some of my tough monsters like my skulls. I also got out an early mirror force which helped a lot against his la jinn.

2nd round: Me against kid with a green and white sleeves deck.

Duel one: Well this was a short one. I used my monster reborn getting back his summoned skull, then tributing to play my own summoned skull, dealing an early 5000 direct damage. It went downhill from then.

Duel two: I got a nice hand, spirit of the harp, la jinn 2 wallof illusion and a la jinn, and to draw, another monster. I stalled out until i got my good monsters out. I got barrel dragon out, and barrel dragons flip effect didint work 3/4 the time.

3rd round: Me against JC again

Duel one: I had a practice round with him before. He has a nice deck, except he never got his good cards out, like his solemn judgement. I did a lot of early damage to his life points with my monsters, even my spirit of the harp.

Duel two: Pretty much, almost like the first duel, except he got some monsters out like neo, and even a steel scorpion on my summoned skull, but i tributed it for my barrel dragon.

4th round: Me against Nick(i think that was his name)

Duel one: He had mostly a dragon deck. He used tribute to the doomed on my monsters, and had a lot of lord of Ds on defense, which i killed early. He used SORL, which he used MOF to bring back. He wanted to tribute for his tri horned but i had a trap hole waiting. I just got skull and barrel dragon out early for some direct fire.

Duel two: Well i got a hard to remember hand. I got 3 trap holes 1 solemn judgement and 1skull in my beginning hand! I lay them all down except for skull and wait. He played a battle ox but i trap holed it. He then tried playing heavy strom, which i solemn judgemented. He tried playing monsters like la jinn, but i trap holed away until i get a monster, a spirit of the harp. From then on the monsters just kept coming, and i got out my barrels and skulls till it was over.

Last round: Me against Jason.

Duel one: He was currently the best one there, and i had a practice duel with him, in which i lost.
I kept his monsters away with my raigeki and man eater bug. He also kept using SORL to stop my attacks. I got barrel dragon out, but he soon fissured it. When i knew i could attack him with no problems i used my la jinns, fissures and my tribute to the doomed to keep his life points down.

Duel two: This was bad. He used his SORL two times, then used magician of faith to bring it back. The last time he used it, heavy stormed it. I played my skull, but he activated trap hole, and i activated solemn judgement, loosing 4000 life points. It was worth it. After that, i just attacked with full power until he was down to about 1000 life points, in which i took out easily.

Yay i won the tourney! And i got.......3 packs.... For all that hard work i think the prize should have been a little bigger, like a box maybe. I opened those packs to get myself a kazejin, witchs apprentice, and little chimera. Now time for the pros and cons!

My dad for taking me.
Me getting 1st place!
The nice people there
Te kazejin, which i can now sell

The prize for being ONLY 3 packs
A 5 round tourney taking 3 hours to finish
The 30 minutes drive home.

Thanks for reading!

Melissa Hebra