Deck: Doom Circus (40 Cards)
Duelist: Nick Barth
Tournament(August 3 & 11): Mission: Fun and Games/Edmonton, Alberta
16 Member / Elimination / I placed First
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3x Summoned Skull
2x Reaper Of The Cards
3x Dark Elf
2x Crass Clown
2x Witch Of The Black Forest
3x Wall Of Illusions
2x Sagan
3x Man-Eater Bug


1x Fissure
1x Pot Of Greed
1x Monster Reborn
1x Heavy Storm
1x Swords Of Revealing Light
2x Tribute To the Doomed
2x Card Destruction
3x Soul Exchange


2x Soulemn Judgement
3x Waboku
3x Trap Hole

The Monster To Magic & Trap Ratio 20:20

Battle were pretty easy and going second almost always let me easily pack down alot of damage often fisuring or tributing their monster making way for some pretty heavy damage by a Dark Elf 2000 and with Solemn Judgement (Which you really shouldn't do...Cards Like mirror force and reGeeki...But if your on a roll stick with it) And Trap Holes I kept Most of Their mosters off the feild. Yeah you come to lose a lot of life but it's a gamble... And almost and monster in my deck with waboku makes an awsome combo usually tributing and soul exchanging the waboku'ed monster for a summoned skull... Crass Clown just kinda Confused alot of people who did know my deck a little from playing and so they usually didn't attack with those fat juicy monsters (BEWD/PolyFreaks) for fear of Wall of Illusion or Man-Eater Bug. But in the end Their Moster takes the bite and their open For some heavy damage once more... It's a nice easy deck Hope you like it... If you want to edit it or whatever Submit yor changes to me at Note: I hate shadow Gouls...But Fake traps against a heavy storms is always sweat. Oh and my side deck is unexistant at the moment so if you want to help..^There I am^. Also Note If this Note is Screwed Up By Page Resizes Resize your Page...