Subject: Demon Destruction
Name: Eric 
Deck Name: Demon Destruction
Location: Card Haus, Seattle WA
Date: August 4, 2002 
Number of Player 8-10
When the tournament started no body new the prize. Not even the owner. 
And he didnt even know how to play. And when we wanted to ask questions
about Yu-Gi-Oh we had to ask other player. 
The way to win the tournament is who has the most wins. It lasted about
2-3 hours. Because most people didn't know the rules. Anyways heres 
my deck. 
Monsters: 26
3x Summoned Skull
3x 7 Colored Fish
3x La Jinn
3x Neo 
3x Dark Elf
3x Wall of Illusions
3x Man Eater Bugs
2x Witch of the Black Forest
2x Big Eye
Magician of Faith  
Magic/Traps: 26
3x Fissure
Sword of Revealing Light 
Heavy Storm
Pot of Greed
Paralyzing Potion
Sword of Deep-Seated 
Dark Energy
Sword of Dark Destruction
Monster Reborn
Dark Hole 
Change of Heart 
Soul Exchange
3x Waboku
3x Trap Hole
2x Reinforcements
2x Reverse Trap
Robbin' Goblin
Total: 52 Cards
At first I checked out everyones deck & most of them were just all 
Metal Raider cards. Not that many starter deck cards. The only person
that had a very strong deck was another guy named Eric. He based his deck 
around Gate Guardian. He had another deck based on Exodia but he played 
with his Gate G. deck. 
Most of the duels were pretty ez. So I couldnt remember them that 
well exspet one duel. And thats with Eric. Because of his deck. I didnt have 
that must experince with decks with Gate G. in them. So I didnt know what to 
expect. He had mostly all the cards that were printed in english. So here it is.
Eric VS. Eric
I put down a Wall of Illusions on my first turn. He put down a La Jinn. Attacked it 
he lost 50 LP. It was my turn I played down a Summoned Skull and equiped it with a 
Sword of Deep-Seated. Then I attacked. So he now has 4950 LP and I still had 8000. 
He played a card down, then it was my turn. I played my 7 colored fish down and attacked
with my 7 colored fish. It was a Hane-Hane. He sent back my Summoned Skull. And then 
it was his turn he Card Destructioned. And played his La Jinn. He said it was my turn now.
I played down Reinforcements to destroy his La Jinn. But he had Mirror Force so he destroyed 
my Fish. It was his turn. He attacked me, then I had 6200 LP he had 4950 LP. I got out an
La Jinn I also equiped Sword of Deep Seated. And monster Reborned my Summoned Skull. I attacked 
his La Jinn with my La Jinn he lost 500 LP and anther 2500 LP. So he has 1950 LP. He played 
a Riageki. Then played Monster Reborn on his Kazejin that he Card Destructed before. He attacked
me but I used a Waboku. I used a Fissure to destroy it. Then played a Witch of Black Forest in
Defence Mode faced down. It was his turn he drawed no monster. So I had a big chance of winning.
I wanted to win fast. So I flipped up my Witch and played a Reinforcements and Sword of Deep Seated.
Note: This may not have all the moves I did. So this is the closest I could come too.
I won the tornement. The grand prize was 8 japanese packs. 2nd was 4 booster, 3rd 2 boosters. 
The tournement wasnt that good because of the $5 dollar entry fee. But I got some good cards 
from tradeing like Barrel Dragon. The only good cards I got from the boosters was a Death Message 
So thats all for me. You can email me at if you have any questions.