Monster Controller:Tim Robertson: Tion: Temecula: CA: August 5th 2002

Ladies and Gentleman,
Another report brought to you by Matt Brown, although this one NOT in my favor. For our first official tournament here in Temecula, it was held at Tion (inside the Promenade Mall) on August 5th. We had a turnout of 16 people. This was an OFFICIAL tournament with all tournament rules in play. The draw was done by picking numbers out of a hat, Tim and I drew the same side of the ladder, and the 2 brothers that came with built decks on the other side of the ladder. In the semi-finals, Tim and I came together and the 2 brothers did the same. The results of Tim and I duel went as follows:

Duel 1:
A long and lengthy duel, back and forth for a while. Tim never lost any life points, but i couldnt get any of my combos through with my draws. At the end of the duel I still only had 3 pieces of Exodia. Whereas Tim had a well established line of attack.

Duel 2:
I ended up getting a good beater draw with La jinn's and 7 colored fish's. Then combo'ed with Robbin Goblin, I never gave him a chance. It ended quickly with me up 8000.

Duel 3:
Same as the first, bad pulls by myself, and Tim's deck is set up perfect for taking advantage of a bad situation. His multiple angles that his deck covers just loves to screw you over. You will see why later on.

As far as the 2 brothers, I understand the younger one whomped the older one, but, as we found out later, was to be expected. The younger went 2-0 in that duel.

For the final, Tim and the younger brother dueled,

Duel 1:
Tim pulled this one out with a Time Wizard flip and turned things around for him. Pulling out a 3800-0 victory.

Duel 2:
Tim was drawn down to 2700 lp and managed to get things turned around when his opponent change of heart'ed his Blue Eyes White Dragon and double KO'ed his La Jinn with a 7 colored fish and took the victory.

Duel 3:
This duel ended quickly, the younger brother got a great draw and had things set up, but Tim countered and ended up with 4 monsters and a 4200-0 lp victory.

Tim's Deck: Monster Controller:

25 Monsters
2 Man Eater Bugs
1 Battle Ox
1 7 Colored Fish
1 Neo the Magic Swordsman
2 Wall of Illusion's
2 Big Eye's
3 La Jinn the Mystical Genie's
2 Time Wizard's
2 Magician of Faith's
2 Summoned Skull's
2 Sangan's
1 Shadow Ghoul
1 Suijin
1 Kazejin
1 Blue Eyes White Dragon
1 Barrel Dragon

13 Magic
1 Monster Reborn
1 Dark Hole
1 Raigeki
1Change of Heart
1 Pot of Greed
2 Soul Exchange's
3 Fissure's
1 Sword's of Revealing Light
2 Heavy Storm's

7 Traps
3 Trap Hole's
1 Magic Jammer
2 Robbin Goblin's
1 7 Tools of the Bandit

For the 3rd place ranking, I dueled the older of the 2 brothers. I won 2-1. I never pulled Exodia, go figure, playing a 49 card Exodia doesnt work. Note to all, a deck is at its best when you know how to work the deck. Just because you just have a starter deck, doesn't mean you can't beat anyone, it means you need to make the most of what you've got. And it also means you need to make sure you know how to play whatever deck it is you are playing.

A quick mention about Comicon:
I would again like to thank all of the people at upperdeck for the AWESOME stage and setup. Kevin, Jim, Mike, and of course the hot chicks they staffed. Three days of nonstop dueling, I was in heaven. And I would like to mention that I was the only one to OFFICIALLY defeat the gold deck, I won by concession, but in all honesty I do believe I had the rightful victory. Kevin, I'll be waiting for my rematch!  That was the only loss the deck suffered all weekend. Anyone there knows the true strength of that deck.

Contact Information:
Tim can be reached at his email:
I can be reached at my email:
   Or by AOL instant Message at sign name: Duelist4life

Thanks again pojo for all your support and talk to ya next week.