Josh's Bewd SmackDown Deck
Place: Big Apple Comics ,Texas
Hey people this was a pretty fun tournament of 3 people it was kinda hard tho. but any way heres my Deck!

Monsters (18)

3x Blue-Eyes White Dragon (LOB. 001)
1x Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon(Japanese)
3x Lajin The mystical Genie Of the Lamp
3x Dark Elf
3xWall of Illusion
2x summoned Skull
3x Seven Colored Fish

Magic Cards (11)
2x fissure
1x Change Of Heart
2x Polymerization
3x Sword of Deep Seated
1x mirror force
2x Germ Infection
Trap Cards(10)
3x Trap Hole
2x 7 Tools of The Bandit
1x Just Desserts
3x Waboku
1 Reinforcements

Match # 1 Me V.s Jake
He Forfitted

Match # 2 Me V.s (Some Girl)
She Had A nice Deck But any way i drew a nice i had my summond skull. That was the card i won with on this match but any way i placed a Lajinn in atk mode then she went she placed some monster in def mode so it was my turn i drew my change of heart thrn i sacraficed for my summond skull i use change of heart and won by attacking with Summond Skull
(all matches where 2000lp)

Final Round Me V.s Cameron
Well i have to admitt this was a hard Round! he Went first he placed his dark elf in atack mode now it was my turn i placed my wall of illusion in def mode face down then it was his turn he attack my wol and his mon went back 2 his han and my mon also died so then i drew my dark elf but i disnt know wat the magic/trap card was so i put it face down def mode so it was his turn he played his lajinn atk mode but didnt atk so it was my turn i played the monster reborn i just drew and got my wol but its was a good thing caus the magic/trap was a trap hole so he use it but then i flipped my dark elf in atk mode and atacked so then it was his turn he passed then i atacked anf won!!

HEy If u wanna talk 2 me about yu-gi-oh stuff or u need help with your deck send me a message my aol screen name is ALLABOUTME1127