Gerald Decelian jr
                                              Maximum carnage  Zombie deck
                                                Animation Odyessy Tornament
                                                Tournament 1 july 7, 2002
                                                Record: Won 14 tournaments  lost 2

        This is my deck.  It relys on the castle of dark illusions and violet crystals.  Helps me win all the time.  Dont copy of this deck.  It can power zombies up to 4000-5000 attack so be careful.

Dark assassin x1
Big eye x 1
The 13th grave x 1
dragon zombie x3
castle of dark illussion x 3
armored zombie x3
magical ghost x 3
hane hane x 1 ( to put dark castle back in my hand )
pumking x 1
shodow ghoul x 1

Wasteland x 2
monster reborn x 1
heavy storm x 1
swords of revealing light x1
raigeki x 1
Dark hole x 1
 violet crystal x 2
sword of dark destruction x 3
fissure x 1
change of heart x 1

Trap hole x 2
robbin gobblin x 1
waboku x 2
ultijmate offering x 1
horn of heaven x 1
7 tools of bandit x 1


First round-  I won because I had a great hand.  I had 3 castles of dark illusions, swords of revealing light and ultimate offering.  I used the ultimate offering to put down all the cards on the second turn.  Pulled out a zombie, used aigeki on the 3rd turn and did lots of damage.

Second round-  Won easily.

Third round- Destroyed the player with so many traps and my zombies took him 6 feet under.

Fourth round-  Won the tournament by destroying his blue eyes with skull survant than powering up my dragon zombie to 4 thousand by using my hane hane to put my castle back in my hands.

Gerald Decelian Jr