Deck Name: Red Eyes Black Deck (Lame name, I know...)
Name: Gavin
Tournament: Sports and More Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament
City: Danvers, Massachusettes
Date: Tuesday, August 4, 2002
People: 25

Deck (46 cards): I know I have more than 40...but incase I ever almost run out of cards...and Yes, I have a Red Eyes, and no, it is not in my deck

24 Monsters:

2 Summoned Skull
2 Witch of the Black Forest
Wall of illusion
3 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp
Shadow Ghoul
2 Neo the Magic Swordsman
Blue Eyes White Dragon
2 Battle Ox
2 Prevent Rat
2 Man-Eater Bug
3 7 Colored Fish
Sanga of the Thunder
Judge Man
Mystical Elf

14 Magic:

Tribute to the Doomed
Monster Reborn
Card Destruction
2 Fissure
Soul Exchange
Sword of Deep Seated
Change of Heart
Heavy Storm
Paralzing Potion
Dark Hole
Pot of Greed

8 Trap:

Mirror Force
7 Tools of the Bandit
Robbin' Goblin
3 Trap Hole
2 Waboku

This was my first tournament, so I was really scared. I never faced real experts, I always wrecked my friends when I played. There were 7 rounds. First, I played an expert guy. He was about 32, and he had a lot of good cards like tri-horned dragon, BEWD, REBD, and mostly dragons. I wish I had a dragon capture jar...But, . I won the match, 2/3. Then I played a kid who was around 12. I beat him once, then he beat me. I realized he liked to use monsters to get his exodia pieces, so I tried hard not to attack monsters in defense (I was afraid they would be witch of the black forest or sanagan.) Then, after a long duel, I beat him again. The third round was the second toughest in the tournament. The guy was Japanese, and was in Japan when the cards came out, so he had a lot of good cards I didn't that were still llegal in the tournament. Alot of zombie cards, tho. All I had to do was destroy Pumking and Castle of Dark Illusions and I was set. I was so amazed when I won the match, 2-0. The day kept going like that until i was 6-0, undefeated. There was 1 other undefeated guy named Elvis. He had won the tournament the past 7 times it was on. He was the hardest I dueled. It went to the third duel, when I did a great combo. He had a Blue Eyes White Dragon, A Summoned Skull, and La Jinn out. So, I used Change of Heart on his BEWD, then raigeki-ed his other monsters. I used heavy storm, got rid of his mirror force and trap hole (by lucky chance...), attacked his life points with BEWD, so he had 5000 left. I used BEWD as a tribute, then put in summoned skull, attacked him again so he had 2500 left. I used monster reborn on his BEWD and attacked again to win the first tournament I ever entered!

Name: Gavin Corey
E-Mail: XxLiL