deckname:3heads are better than1
name:nick                         1ragiki
aol:skateb26                    need more room                       semi and final
                                    2 pot of greed
Monsters                            magic/trap   1 mach:me v.s. a kid with dragon deck.he        
3 blue eyes white dragon      dark hole    went first he played komuni then he played
2 blue eyes ultimate dragon  yami           a card was my turn i put down
3 7coleredfish                       2 trap holes   face-down fake trap then i used cherful
1 gate gurdion                3 de-spell            coffin to discard gate gurdion then played
1 harpie lady sisters     2 stim-pack         reborn monster to get out gate gurdion then           
2 mystic elf               3 monster reborn   played battle ox bam bam his turn he
3 dark elf                  2 gream enfation    played a card to take half lp away from both
1 mask of darkness   3 parliyz potion  then he played a monster in def my turn a atk
2 ma. of faith             2 just desret                   it was man eater bug so no more  gg
1 red eyes black dragon  1 fake trap (real card)  but i won   2-1
1 summend skull                     2 cherful coffin       2match:mev.s.jake he usle wins 
1 black skull dragon (japenes)        2polymeriztion        in 2 turns i went first i played
1 red eyes metal dragon (japenes)  1 ultimate offering  battle ox his turn he played
3 amrored lizarid                          3 diano soul courer   defmonster my turn i got the
3 battle ox                                                               ultimate offering sow then i got 
2 cocoun of evoulitoin                                              to play more monsters and
1 dark magion                                              then i played pot of greed and then
1 dark magion girl                     i played intell i had 5 to discard then his turn he
2 yadu                      played sogen g.elefants he said he will give me a chane then 
3 lava battleguard           used my offering to have 5 like me my turn i played to 2blue 
1 swamp battleguard    eyes then used ultimate offering to play 1 more monster then
3 dragon zombie                  played 3 diano to +3000lp got one out mag. of faith for
3 castle of dark ilustions    4000+ instead then played 1 more blue then played
2 aromerd zombie                     pot of greed then got the fusion magic card and play
2 pumpking the king of ghoust         the ultimate dragon to win.   1-1-1
3 great white                                                                           w l  d
1 time wizaid                                  won 1box me and him if we did not draw i would    
                                              i would have 2