Deck Name: Obliteration!
My Name: Andrew
Place: Comic Field
Location: Corona, CA, USA
Number of Contenders: 40-50

The rules were only Jap cards already printed in english, and it was one duel falls.

This was my first tournament at this place, then again, my first tourney ever. Here's my deck. (It may lean a little on the big side, but it plays well)


2 Summoned Skull
2 Seven Colored Fish
1 La Jinn
1 Dark Elf
1 White Magical Hat
2 Kuriboh
1 King of Yamimakai
2 Sangans
1 Time Wizard
1 Suijin of Water
1 Barrel Dragon
1 Mask of Darkness
3 Witch of the Black Forest
1 Shadow Ghoul
1 Big Eye
1 Petit Moth
2 Man-Eater Bugs
1 Hane-Hane
1 Judge Man
1 Cocoon of Ev.
1 Catapult Turtle
1 Witches Apprentice
1 Battle Ox
1 Flame Cerebrus
2 Magician of Faith


1 Despell
1 Soul Exchange
2 Card Destruction
2 Paralyzing Potion
1 Pot of Greed
1 Germ Infection
1 Fissure
1 Shield and Sword
1 Dark Hole
2 Block Attack
1 Reborn the Monster
1 Change of Heart
1 Tribute to the Doomed


1 Robbin Goblin
1 Magic Jammer
2 Trap Hole
1 Seven Tools
1 Waboku
1 Dragon Capture Jar
1 Mirror Force
1 Horn of Heaven
1 Fake Trap
1 Just Desserts

Now my deck has no real theme, it's comprised of a flurry of monsters who seem goon enough to be played. Although, my deck relies on my Magic/Trap/Effects, while i have 3-4 plain ole' strong attackers.

Round 1.

Andrew A. (Me) vs Andrew H (same deck/strat as myself)

Me - 8000 - 7100 -
Him - 8000 - 5500 - 3400 - 1600 - 800 - 0

Before this duel, me and this kid were talking about cards and stuff and discussing each others decks, and strategies. Then the owner came around and had us draw our numbers. I drew the number 9. I looked at the bracketts and I challenged #13. So my future opponent draws his number...and sure enough hes 13. So we are ordered to sit down at a table and start. We each are amazed as we sit down at the table and begin.

He wins the toss so he goes first. We draw our hands, I draw a... Summoned Skull, Magician of Faith, 7 Colored Fish, Dragon Cap. Jar, and Soul Exchange. He sets 1 face-down defense monster, and 2 magic/trap cards. My turn, I play my Fish in face-up attack and place down my soul exchange and my dragon capture jar. And I draw a mysterious pupeteer. His turn he lays down another monster in face down defense my turn. I draw a kuriboh, and I activate soul exchange on his face down saggi the dark clown for my summoned skull. Then, i flip over my magician of faith to get my soul exchange back. My battle phase dies...his turn. He draws his card, and sets down a face down magic/trap. My turn. I attack his face down monster (with my SS) and kill his mystic elf. His turn...he draws then plays change of heart on my SS. Then raigeki..eliminating my magician. So he then attacks me directly..Nah-Ah-Ah. Kuriboh takes the hits for me. My turn I draw flame cerebrus. I attack his LP directly with my Summoned Skull i got back. (HIM-5500). I place down soul exchange again. He draws then plays dark hole. There goes my skull. He then attacks with a freshly played mask of darkness. i go down 900 (ME-7100). My turn I draw a pot of greed. I activate that and draw two more... a shield and sword and la jinn. I then play my Ja Ginn in attack mode. Then i realize it.. and use soul exchange on his mask for my flame cerebrus. Battle phase done. His turn. He plays a face down magic card. Then, activates paralyzing potion on my flame cerebrus. I then attack for 1800 with my la ginn (HIM-3400). I then put down my shield and sword. His turn. He plays Jirai Gumo in attack mode equipped with the sword of the deap seated. He flips his coin to attack my flame cerebrus, but loses (HIM-1700). Its my turn I draw a De-Spell (YESSS). I despell the potion, then still cant attack the gumo. His turn..he tries to flip again..but loses(HIM-850). My turn.. I activate shield and sword. (Flame Cerebrus ATK - 1800) (Jirai ATK - 600) I attack and win.

Round 2

Me (Andrew) vs Anthony (Former Champion)

Me- 8000 - 5500 - 1700 - 0
Him - 8000 - 7000

I don't remember this 1 that much but he raped me up pretty bad. I know I had a Summoned Skull, and a Shadow Ghoul that I couldn't tribute for. He also had a Summoned Skull, and Battle Ox (equppied with Sword of Deap Seated) in attack. He got 2-3 Summoned Skull LP assaults, and 1-2 upgraded Ox attacks. Then he pulled out a white magical hat and was discarding my monsters left and right. So I was knocked out of my short winning streak.

I did some trading after words and walked off 1 Soul Exchange, 1 Dark Elf, and 1 Mask of Darkness richer. Ow Well, stay tuned for next weeks tourney update. Same bat time, same bat channel. Keep on duelin....