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Subject: Tournement at excalibur comics with Offense deck.
 Tournement Location: Excalibur Comics,Toronto, Ontario
 Tournement Date:August 4th 2002
 Paricipnats: 8-10 people
 Japenese cards rules: none that are not printed in english and  DDS cards are allowed.
  Name: Dave
  Deck Name: Offense deck( Couldn't really think of a good name)
 Entry Fee: $5
 Placed: 2cnd
 Prize: First: $60 in store credit, Second: $25 in store credit and all the other people had their names in a draw for a metal raiders Booster.
  Monsters: 28
  2x shadow Ghoul
  2x Neo the magic swordsman
  2x Bistro Butcher
 2x Hane
 1x Dark Elf
  2x Big Eye
  2x Summoned Skull
 2x Witch of the Black forest
 2x Battle Oxe
 3x La Jin the Mystical Jenie of the Lamp
 1x White Magical Hat
 2x Man eater Bug
 2x Jirai Gumo
 3x Magician of Faith
Magic: 16
1x Monster Reborn
 1x Swords of Reaviling Light
 1x Heavy Storm
 1x dark Hole
 2x Soul exchange
 1x Change of Heart
 1x Stim Pack
 2x Fissure
 2x Sword of Deep Seated
 2x Last will
 1x Pot of Greed
 1x Tribute to the dooomed
  1x Woboku
  3x Reinforcements
  1x Seven tools of the Bandit
  1x Solem JudgeMent
 Side deck: This was a defensive side Deck and Jirai Jumo is there because I decided to switch him for a magician of faith before the tournemnt and he could act as a stat wall.
x2 Aqua Madoor 
x2 Giant Soilder of Stone
x1 Mystical Elf
1x Catapult Turtle
1x Jirai Jumo
1x Sangan
 1x White Magical Hat
2x Sheiled And Sword
2x Castle Walls
1x Ultimate Offering
1x Robbin Goblin
Round 1 Me v.s Store owners kid with offensive exodia deck.
Duel 1: well he started with two Dian Keto's and a Neo or something all I remember was he had Like 10 000 life points when I had 1050 but I quickly made a come back and luckily he didn't draw an exodia piece and his Jirai Gumo help bring his life points down and it was really good because after this duel he showed me his next five cards and the were the exodia Pieces ( Cheap!) but I won anyway.
Duel 2: It started out with him and two deffense monsters after two turns I had a witch of the black forest and Face Down and I Dark holed him and I got a seven coulored fish out as my summon and used last will to get a White magical hat out and attacked him when I did I discarded a Man Eater bug but unfortunaly he had drawn a Exodia piece at the start and the monsters I dark Holed were The Witch of the Black Forest and Sanagan so he had three exodia pieces and the reason I knew was because alot of people were done their matches and were watching ours and were excited to see Exodia also he told me he was close to winning. Next Turn he played a montser face down I swords of Reviling Light and swa it was Sangan and played La Jin.But I didn't know how many exodia pieces he had so I hoped he had three wich he did and attacked Sangan with 7 colored fish he got a pice put he didn't say he won so I used whit magical hat to attack his life points and I discarded a exodia piece then he played defensive and I got summoned skull out and with white magical hat I got another pice into the grave yard and his chances of getting exodia kept on shrinking and I slaughtered him the rest of the way.
I got 3 points for wining.
Round 2 me. v.s a guy called Damian and a deck that I could really find a strategy to.
Duel 1: I get controll early with La Jin Aand my other offense monsters and he is forced to play defense wich I always crush. I win.
Duel 2: Same as last duel.
So I get 3 points for victory
I'm at six points
Round 3: me v.s  another one of the store managers kids with F/s beatdown
Duel 1: We were basicly doing the same thing all duel except with different monsters same attack stats but I got Jirai Gumo out and he couldn't beat it  so I got Summoned Skull out next turn and I gained control and won the duel
Duel 2: This duel I got complete control from turn 1 and enilate him with a full force attack.
I got another 3 points and my total is 9 points.
Semi Finalists: Me , a kid called Micheal ,Damian and Boris( the eventual winner), all of us except for Damian had nine points ( he had six) and  this was if you lose your out so we faced Micheal and Damaian faced Boris.
Semi- Finals: Me v.s Micheal and a deck with a bunch of strategys in one ( he wasn't that good he just faced the worst kids in the tournement and to get here also I think he got a bye)
Duel 1: Well I started and got Jirai Gumo( he could beat it because I killed his monsters before the can be tributed), he played defense alot and well I eventually won.
Duel 2: My offense was to much for him and he lost badly.
I go on to the finals.
Final match: Me v.s Boris with F/s  deck(He olny lost 100 life points to Damian and 200 in total for the whole tournement wich made me nervous)
Duel 1: This was so fast and embarassing I don't know exactly how it happend I went first played Lajin
then he did Tributed to the doomed reborned Summoned skull and played a seven colored fish  and then I played a monster but he raigekied it and played another summoned skull wich wiped me out. I couldn't belive I lost in two turns.
 Duel 2: I switched to my deffense side deck but I couldn't make a big change  because of all my offense monsters it really didn't turn out good but i actually gaind control for a few turns but he stole it with his swords of Reaviling Light wich he use three times( thanks to Magician of faith) and I eventually lost.
But I did get $25 in store credit.