Deck Name: Super Beatdown
My Name: Alexei Yegorov
Location: Amazing Heroes in Union NJ
Date: Sunday, 08/11/02
# of Duelists-22

Presenting (Drumroll...) My Super Beatdown Deck
22 Monsters
3-Summoned Skulls
3-7 Colored Fish
2-Jirai Gumo
2-Big Eye
2-Witch of The Black Forest
1-Dark Elf
1-Wall Of Illusion

13 Magic Cards
1-Tribute to the Doomed
1-change of Heart
1-Dark Hole
1-Stim Pack
2-Sword of the Deep Seated
1-Monster Reborn
3-Soul Exchange

8 Trap Cards
3-Trap Hole
1-7 Tools of the Bandit
1-Robbin' Goblin
1-Mirror Force

It was my first ever tourney and I was really anxious to duel. After getting my deck checked, I had to draw a number to determine the order in which we duel. I was number 19, meaning that I would have to wait a while to begin my first duel. During the waiting period I got to exchange some rare doubles that i had for awesome rare cards like Polymerization and Garnicia Elefantis. We were playing sinle round eliminations. My first duel I finished off some 12 year old really quick. He was a noob who didn't know any rules, and I had to teach him as we dueled. I won that duel 8000-0. My second duel was interesting. I was facing a litlle kid who knew no rules at all, and he kept drawing out of turn and using fake cards. The judge made us duel 2 more times, and I sent hi home packing, sweeping him easily, (8000-0) (Using dark elf (5000-0). Next I went against a 16 year old who had a rare Tri Horn Dragon. I beat him way too fast cuz he couldn't get any mostrers out. (4500-0). Then I encountered this decked out 23 year old. he had all american yu-gi-oh cards at his desposal, and he was loaded with awesome cards.  He was the favorite to win it all, as he knocked out some of the better duelists there. At first I thought I was done for, but then i remembered how good my deck was. He had ike 63 cards in his deck, compared to my 43, taht's a lot. I got a great first hand, and whenever he played a tri horned or a summoned skull, I iether played a trap hole, Mirror Force, and even fissure. I won by a close margin of 2200-0. That was my favoprite duel of all time. Lastly in the finals I had to face a kid my age, 15, and he was a very good duelist, but not as good as the 23 year old. Anyway, He couldnt defend with any of his monsters once I played my suped up Summoned Skull. This was my combo for the finish, my sommuned skull equipped with a stim-pack and a sword of the deep seated, attack 3700, plus I used change of Heart to attack his life points with his Garnecia Elefantis. The damage from that attak tottaled 6100. With that combo, I won my first tourney. I can't wait to go next week..... No Japaneese Cards were allowed by the way...

Alexei Yegorov