My Name: Nick K.
My decks name: The BlueEyes Elimenator deck
Age: 12
tournament name: The NY yu-gi-oh turnament
Monsters: Total- 22
BlueEyes White dragon (2)
Tri-Horned Dragon (2) *won the second one*
RedEyes Black Dragon (1)
Ultmate BlueEyes white dragon (1)  *japanese*
Black skull Dragon (1)
Skull Night (3)
Darkmagician (1)
Thousand Dragon(1)
BabyDragon (2)
TimeWizard (2)
Curse Of Dragon (1)
gate guardian (1)
battle ox (1)
BikuraBox (1)
Summond Skull (2)
Winged Dragon Guardian of the fortress#1 (1)
Kamouri dragon (1)
Battle ox (1)

Macic & Traps: Total-21
Swords of Reveling Light (2)
Castle walls of darkness (1)
dark hole (1)
Trap hole (2)
Block attack (2)
Dragon Capture Jar (2)
Fusion (1)
card Destruction (1)
DarkneFinal flame (1)
Monster reborn (2)
Mirrior force (1)
SlotMachineAM7 (1)
Horn of Light (1)
Final Battle (1)
Aggressive guard (1)
Sheald and sword (1)

My battles:
Nick v.s. Alex  *BATTLE 1*
      Alex was tricky but i knew he had mostly meatal raiders cards. So i expected the worst. he had good cards no less attack and defenseve cards less than 1,900. He made the first move and played a RedEyes. i thought  why would he play such  a good card so early? so i played one of my Skull nights . In the end i won with a total of 200 points.
   RECORD: 1/0

Nick v.s Kevin    *BATTLE 2*

    Kevin was like alex tricky but not as tough.....kevin played with force rather than combining his magic and trap cards to his monsters . At first i went easy on him and played one of my BabyDragons he wiped him out and i lost 300 life points so i played my second Babydragon and the time Wizard to make...........the Thousand Dragon!!!! he  kept hitting my thousand dragon again and again until it fell. . I beat the rest of his monsters with cmbos tocreate ultamate monsters. and i won with 700 life points.
          RECCORD: 2/0
Nick v.s Scott     *BATTLE 3*
    Scott was hard with a record of 4/1. I was a beginer with a record of 2/0 and I hoped not to lose so I tried my best. I played the B. Skull Dragon in defense mode and he tor him up with one of the best cards in the whole deck the Ultmate BlueEyes white dragon. but my best wasnt enough i lost and he won by 200 life points.
           RECORD: 2/1

Nick v.s joe    *BATTLE 4*

I heard Joe was undefeated with a record of 5/0.  I won because as I drew my first card It was my Black skull dragon and he is almost unbeatable. he defeated him after a while and then i played my Tri- Hrned Dragon and won!!!
Then the tournement was over after 4 battles.

Nick   v.s  matt   *BATTLE 5*

          Matt was good with a record of 3/1 just like me. To begin he played a battle ox while i played my Bickura box that wiped the floor clean. after 2 turns my bickura box was finished and I picked up the my 5thbest card in my deck my Darkmagician. i wiped all of his monsters from there after i drew another card the BlueEyes white dragon and I had to great cards on the field. I won that duel!!
             FINAL RECORD: 4/1

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