Official Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament, 16 people, it was sanctioned, no japenese cards, single elimination, all Upperdeck rules and regulations.
JMC Collectibles
519 McDade Blvd.,
CollingDale PA (Not sure of Zipcode)

The Tourney was at 3:00 PM, the prize was $20 for 1st $10 for second, and of course, everyone got a tournament pack.
Me and my older bro are probably expected for the finals vs. each other, like last week, but i ended up third the last week cuz a kid cheated me wit his 1 magic and 1 trap a turn rule, and i believed him. Foolishly. i read upperdeck's official rules and its not there :(.
Anyways, Entering the tournament, my bro had won last week, so hes tied wit about 30 people for 3rd in the nation, and im tied with about 70 for 6th.
We arrived very late this week thanks to me, but i was ready, we started immediatly, Of course, "Accidently" we get the 1st strike of bad news, unlike last week, we are on the same side, so only 1 would be in the finals, then the second strike of bad news, we "un-purposly" have to play each other 1st round. Now this just aint right, matter of fact this is messed up. We both wanted to split the finals money, too late now.
Woo hoo, me vs. my bro :(.
My Deck: ("The Usual")
Monsters (20):
2x Summoned Skull
3x 7 Colored Fish
2x Dark Elf
2x Wall of Illusion (Tech for vs. Other beatdowns ^_^)
2x Witch of The Black Forest (For SS or MC [you'll see what this is in aminute])
2x Magician of Faith
2x Man-Eater Bug (extra in SB)
2x La Jinn
1x MechanicalChaser (This is the ultra rare [1:108 packs] in the tournament packs you get, it is 1850/800 level 4, it went on Yahoo for $155, so if u email me to trade, you have an idea of what i want :P)
1x Big Eye
1x Jirai Gumo
3x Fissure
2x SoRL
1x Raigeki
1x Heavy Storm
1x Card Destruction (Exodia Tech, Another in SB)
1x Pot of Greed
1x Monster Reborn
1x Change of Heart
1x Dark Hole
3x 7 tools
3x Trap Hole
2x Magic Jammer
1x Mirror Force
1x Robbin Goblin (Exodia Tech, another in SB)
42 Cards in Deck
Side Board (Side Deck)
2x PAralyzing Potion
2x Reinforcements
1x La Jinn
1x Man-Eater Bug
1x Card Destruction
1x Robbin Goblin
1x Sword of Deep Seated
1x Muka Muka
1x White Magical Hats
1x horn of Heaven
1x Solemn Judgement
1x Masked scorceror
1x Mask of Darkness
Round 1 Vs. Myron (my bro)
Game 1:
Me and Myron are both sittin here lookin stupid, sweaty, and nervous. He comments, "We'll This is the Championship" Whoever wins this is the winner, he says.
 We are both Pissed off. One of us is not gettin jack, one of us screws his tournament rating to he||.
As I draw my hand, its pretty nice, i go first, my hand is Somethin like Trap Hole, Raigeki, 7 colored, magic jammer, pot of greed.
i start to feel bad as he mades a sick face looking at his hand.
Trap Hole 7 colored are set, pot of greed, i draw robbin goblin and MEB, play magic jammer, and goblin, end turn.
He plays a face town card, most likely MEB. ends turn.I draw Mirror force O_O I play MEB face down, raigeki his MEB (good guess) and play mirror force. I flip robbin goblin and take a la jinn out his hand, and la plays dark hole, my hand had something good, i forgot what ot was, so i didnt play magic jammer. he card destructions me and i draw crap. he plays a 7 fish and does 1800, the score is 1800-1800. i draw a summoned skull. nothin to do wit it. his turn, he plays last la jinn, and informs me his hand was all monsters, first turn with a frown, he attacks me and i mirrr force. I draw 7 colored fish, he has 1 or 2 cards in hand, and fails to draw a monster, i draw monster reborn for summoned skull, GG.
Game 2: He makes another sad face as he looks at hand.
All i remember about this is he couldnt play a monster cuz i drew two trap hole, and also i pulled off a pot of greed, change of heart his MoF for another pot of greed, play my SS, flip my MoF for another pot of greed (triple PoG ownzz all), GG.
As he gets his Tourney pack we both look pretty pissed as the store owners daughter and he apoligize we had to play each other. He bought the other 4 tourne packs (extras) and has 5, he plans to sell them on ebay. The store owners daughter (LOL this was funny) says, when a kid asked what he got, "He wont open thim, he thinks they r worth something", little does she know 5 packs went for $147 on ebay :\. Me and my bro scoffed.
My Stats: 2-0
Round 2: Vs. Kid [quarters] (forgot everyones name)
As we sit down he says "im gonna lose," everyone @ this tourney knows i have every card :P. I like this kid alot, hes a good kid, and we helped him wit his deck, although he made a new one this week. I remember me and my summoned skull, and my double Monster reborn (MoF) trick in the second game, he lost 2-0
My stats: 4-0.
As we take a break, cuz this game is pretty quick, my bro helps fix his deck, and we talk a little about tournement cards, and about some ebay autions im doing. We look @ his tourney cards, and as i check everyone else's out this kid had his cards in a rubber band. I say, "Hey what did u get?" he keeps the cards in the band, and bends the tops back to show me the names, Corroded shark, Wodan the resident..., annd........ OMG NO! PATROL ROBO! the super rare i need to complete my super rare set! me and my bro cringe, and push the cards back so they are straight again (took his hand away)im handing him my extra 1st ed. gate guardian for it, my bro says wait, he lifts it up.
a HUGE crease like ive never seen before, i wanted to cry. the kid seems happy
"Hey Guys! i ALMOST got a gate guardian!!" (LOL)
Round 3 Me Vs. (forgot his name too)
We are walking to the table, as he says, "My God Im Dead" I chuckle and say, u cant go into a game scared man, then ur sure to lose. He says, "Yeah but ur bro owned me, and u beat ur bro!" I say he got bad draws, to higher his confidence. He says be right back.
I learned later in the car that he went over and asked my bro "Do You Think I can beat your brother" he smugly replied, "No." I was angry he did this, pretty funny tho.
Game 1: 
He wins toss and he goes 1st, he plays a face down and a trap, my turn. I make a novice move, but at the time, i figured, "what the hell" since the normal opening is MEB, i use a SoRL, right enough, it is, and it kills itself, due to its effect, and SoRL makes you flip your monsters face up
(NOTE: Man eater bug MUST kill A monster, regardless of position, this move was 100% legal)
I play robbin goblin ad attack with 7 colored fish. He plays somethin face down. I figure, "Another MEB?" and i raigeki him (lol i like raigeki'ing face downs ^_^) its wall of illusions, I play mechanicalchaser (w00t) and monster reborn his wall of illusions, i flip robbin goblin and take his whole hand (:x) he draws nothin, and i remove his Wall of illusions for Summoned Skull hes down to a couple thousand. He plays somethin face down. I play La jinn and attack the face down with summoned skull. it was another wall of illus. i take out his life points, GG.
GAme 2:
HE goes 1st and plays a face down. I play SoRL for the flip trick i love, and i have another SoRL in hand, hes pretty much scr00ed. its a wall of illus. (again). i fissure it and play 7 colored and 7 tools. 1800 dmg. He goes and plays a trap and a face down. I play la jjinn and he trap holes and i 7 tool it. i attk wit la jinn and he kills 7 colored wit meb. he draws dark elf and kills la jinn. I fissure it and play MoF face down. he draws no monster. my turn. i discard SoRL and draw....... PoG! w00t, i double Pot of greed, using magician of faith and draw sumoned skull. gg from here.
My Rec: 6-0
Finals Me Vs. Matt (im matt too)
Game 1:
Its pretty evened match, im up about 5000-4500 and he is using sangans alot. he gets an exodia piece and i found out he plays an exodia/beatdown, Wow. Im killing his 7 colored with my la jinns, and my la jinnsare dying too. I use mechanical chaser, when he kills my witch with his MEB, i get chaser. He has another face down, and next turn i attack it, its a Prevent rat (wow.....) he kills my stuff with his dark elf. i raigeki and im winning like 2000-2100. This game is mine. He says "wow this is incredibly lucky!" i think "..." and lay my face on the table as he shows me his exodia pieces. all 5.
jirai gumo
1x ja jinn
robbin goblin
Card destruction.
Game 2: Im on the brink of destruction, and i remember us both playing a SoRL, after they die i have like 2 la jinns out, 1 might have been 7 colored. he plays Neo th MS, its his last turn for SoRL, and he also uses soul exchange, he says "Only thing i can do" i bury la jinn, waiting for his BEWD, he doesnt do anything. so i inform him he can do it  only for a tribute. like a jackass i also say "somethin like summoned skull" he says. "ok then" and plays SS, we all laugh, even me. Then i realize he already played neo, and he takes back. i fissure neo and hes down to 500 LP, im done for, when he plays summoned skull, i got nothin to counter and about 3000 LP, he FORGETS to soul exchange and i win (OMG....) anywas i had draws fissure, so it didnt matter,
Game 3: Its very close and i have about 4850 he has about 3500, i eventually get out MC and 2 la jinns, very GG matt.
I got 20 bux and i bought 2 sodas, for me and my bro, and 2 1st ed. Tribute to the doomed. i got 2 bux left.
My Deck:
1 fissure
1 jirai gumo
(my deck is complete!!)
Props and Slops:
To Everyone I Played for not being sore losers, Especally my bro.
To Matt for makin it to the finals
To My moms friend for takin us
To My Moms friend for driving fast, and hes a slow driver, cuz we were late
To Pojo
To Me for Getting Mad money for all of my cards on ebay: (
To my Tribute to the doomeds!
To me for Being #4 in the US when upperdeck updates
To me for not being tied with anyone else for my rank (being the only 1 with my rating... for now), unlike all the people tied top 3 in the US  (42 of em') ^_^
To Pojo for putting this up
To the store owner for putting me in the same match 1st round with my bro
To the kid who bent his Patrol Robo Right in my face (dammit boy)
To The Kid who cheated me last week
To Upperdeck for not updating my tournament rating
To Upperdeck for having my username not work with my duelest ID, so i cant see my rank in reigion, store, etc.
Hey Everyone, This Is MAstaYoDa from the pojo trading board and my name is                 -WhiteLightning- from the ladder , and if you seen my have/want list there you'd know i have every card in english (1st edition too), if you didnt, and wanna trade, Email me, my email address is at the bottom, i have 10 refs on the board (good trades) to prove im truthful.
My contact info:
Matt Turner,
-WhiteLightning- on mIRC on the ladder
MastaYoDa/Scorcha/IXoXIPimpJuiceIXoXI on the pojo trading board

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